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Oct. 26th, 2011 10:22 am
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Step 1: the IT guys, still baffled by my computer continually having problems they've never seen before, spend another hour playing around with it, pressing random keys, and hoping their Magical IT Powaas!!! will somehow fix it.

Step 2: the IT guys decide that my browser, being several centuries out of date, should be updated. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Step 3: they go on the internet, find the website for upgrading Internet Explorer, and discover that, due to my weird computer issues, none of Microsoft's links are working - they all lead to gifs of blank nothingness.

In other words: my browser is SO old, that it is no longer possible to upgrade it.

IT are getting back to me...
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Today I acquired an instant disability!

I became incapable of walking, travelled from my workplace to Footscray, and was suddenly, miraculously, cured - while one of my colleagues was afflicted with the same instant-onset disability, and staggered into the scooter I'd just got out of...

Yes, folks, it's DISABILITY AWARENESS time at work, and we had a session learning about disability access issues on public transport. We divided into groups (scooters, wheelchairs, blindness) and travelled round the city. And it's really tricky.

There were no signs near the lifts, no turning space on some of the trains, no way to validate our tram tickets... The whole experience was very fascinating, and made me even more enthused about fixing accessibility issues.

Hurrah for legs! *walks anywhere and everywhere*
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It would be nice, even occasionally, if someone would actually give me something to do...

Screw it. As of tomorrow, I'm bringing in my laptop and using my work hours to look for a new job. At least that will be more productive than just sitting here.
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My dear workplace,

When my computer is using software that is ten years old - so old, in fact, that half the Word documents I open say "oh, we'll have to change half the document for you because your software's out of date", and half the internet now shrugs when it sees me coming and says "eh, nothing we can do"...

...and particularly when my JOB is supposed to be concerned with the very formatting of documents I can't see the formatting of...

...when, in fact, Space Invaders and Pacman would feel quite justified in jeering and calling my software "old timer"...

...why, dear workplace, when I politely request that you upgrade at least the Word part of my computer, do you stare at me blankly and respond "Huh? Why?"

*is frustrated*
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It should not be THIS HARD to find something to do.

I am sitting in an office surrounded by engineers who can't write (as very clearly evidenced by the documents they're producing), who are all producing more and more paperwork by the day.

I have been walking around to anyone and everyone, offering to do editing, wordsmithing, or anything else language-related. I have pointed out that I have NOTHING to do, and am perfectly happy to look at just about anything.

...and no-one will give me anything to do.

So far, it looks like my afternoon will consist of studying Latin, and drinking tea. Fun, but not really that productive...

*is bored*
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After having nearly driven myself into a nervous breakdown with my previous job, I am now on day 2 of my new job in the Department of Transport.


I am editing documents! I get to read documents, tear them to shreds, and reconstruct them from the ground up. I just spent a few hours red-pencilling page after page, and grinning.

This is definitely a good change.
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You know how you ring up a government department to complain about something, and you get shuffled from phone to phone by guys who have no idea what you're talking about and just want you to go away and keep forwarding your calls to the wrong people? And by the end of the fifth phonecall you just want to punch something and SCREAM but you're still being sort of polite in the hopes that they'll be more helpful if you are, but then you also gave up on being helped about ten minutes into phonecall three when the guy asked you your name AGAIN and then said "And you're wanting to talk to someone about traffic congestion, right?" when your problem is parking tickets and they're STILL NOT GETTING IT, and any minute now you're going to have to start your explanation over AGAIN, and you HATE THE WORLD?

I love dealing with people who are having a day like this.

Mainly because I usually am the person they need to talk to. And because, normally, my phonecalls go something like this:

conversation #1 )

Whereas, with these poor people I described above, it's more like this:

conversation #2 )

They're so pathetically grateful not to have their call forwarded on again, that you instantly become their best friend in the whole universe, and they'll do anything just to make you happy.

And that makes me feel so nice.
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IT guy: "Hi, what can I do for you?"

Me: "Yeah, hi. My browser needs to be upgraded."

IT guy: "Huh? What do you mean?"

Me: "My... browser? It... um... needs upgrading. I need a better browser."

IT guy: "Really? Why?"

Me: "Because this one is old and doesn't work?" *is getting confused*

IT guy: "Oh, so you want a new one?"

Me: "Yes please! ...any chance I could get Firefox instead of Internet Explorer?"

IT guy: "Hmm. I'll have to get approval from your manager."

1) Why else would I want a new browser? ("Because I'm trying to collect all ten so I can win a prize!" ???)
2) You're working in IT, and you don't know what I mean by "upgrading a browser"? Really?
3) My manager has to approve me using Firefox? WTF?

These people confuse me.
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A letter just landed on my desk that... well...

(Obviously I can't go into details - so instead I'll make some up.

Basically, what's happened is that The Manager of Pod Number 4 (G15 Division) is in charge of regulating all cyborg minions that are owned by citizens in G15 Division.

Now, we Loyal Enforcers of The Grand Programmer (special ops licence to kill) occasionally pass through G15 Division on our way to other Enforcement Activities, and nod hello to the cyborg minions on our way past.

Lo and behold, The Manager of Pod Number 4 (G15 Division) has seen some random cyborgs that don't seem to belong to anyone, and has decided they are clearly our responsibility.

He has also noticed that the cyborgs in question are a bit rusty.

So he's given us a NOTICE TO COMPLY.

The insignificant manager of teeny tiny Pod Number 4 has given the GRAND PROGRAMMER'S ENFORCERS a notice to comply.


I took this down to our legal team - who promptly cracked up laughing.

(Now I want the cyborg job. It sounds way cooler than mine.)


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