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Sep. 26th, 2017 12:44 pm
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I'm not complaining, I'm really not. Because the truth is, that on a weekend when I was horribly sick, my husband took over all the housework and all the kids, without complaining, and did 90% of it perfectly.

It's just...

This morning I got a baffled complaint of "Where are Kidlet Primus's tshirts?" The husband wasn't sure why on earth the wardrobe was completely tshirt-less.

The reason?

Because the husband did all the clothes washing for the last five days. He washed it. He dried it. He folded it beautifully. And then he kinda... left it there. In a basket full of an increasing amount of beautifully folded clean washing, destined to reach to the ceiling before it ever occurs to him to go put the damn stuff away in the cupboards.

I did rather roll my eyes at that question.
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Title: Where No Vampire Has Gone Before (the Dear Diary remix)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1970

Original Story: Beaming Down to a Hellmouth, by M Scott Eiland.

Summary: The crew of the Enterprise meet the Scooby Gang.

Captain's Log... )
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Round 7 of the Circle of Friends Remix is now open for reading at [community profile] circle_of_friends. Here's my entry. You should be at least somewhat familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pride and Prejudice in order to understand it.

Title: Dreadful Duty (the Second Impressions remix)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2890

Original Story: Papered Over, by [personal profile] jedibuttercup. (This is a drabble, which gives away the ending of my remix. Pre-read at your own risk.)

Summary: A history of George Wickham.

a very tiresome speech about responsibility and sacrifice )
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(I have no wider point at the end of this. I'm just wanting to get it out of my head and into writing so I stop kicking things and growling.)

I have spent quite a while this week arguing with Jack about marriage equality.

Who is Jack? Jack is a collective noun – or a personification – representing the many and varied people on my Facebook friends page who are trying to convince Australia that marriage equality is a bad idea.

inside Jack's head )
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(This will be of limited interest to those who aren't fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The West Wing.)

So, the husband and I were talking, yet again, about the fact that he likes Sam Seaborn and I don't. And I referred to Sam as "the Riley Finn of West Wing".

He pointed out that Sam's character was supposed to be the interesting one, until the interesting role got taken over by Josh - and that "Josh is probably the Spike". To which my instant reaction was "Of course not! CJ Cregg is the Spike!"

...much discussion ensued.

a summary )

I would be interested to hear how very wrong I am, and why clearly it should be arranged in a different order...
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I reckon we'll have two companions this year - a man and a woman.

(Honestly, I don't even watch the show anymore, but this news has me wondering if I should start again. She just looks so... Doctorly.)
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I am learning how to make bread and it is AWESOME.

For many years now, I have bought supermarket bread, occasionally been indulgent and bought bakery bread, and every few weeks made a loaf in my bread maker. The bread maker is awesome, mainly because I hate kneading.

However, last year, I got sick of the bread maker taking up space on my kitchen bench, and sick of wistfully glancing at my KitchenAid dough hook, and decided to find out how to make bread in the KitchenAid. A year in, and I can produce a fairly reliable white loaf. (And, once again, awesome, because the Kitchen Aid did the kneading, which I hate.)

Then came my birthday (two weeks ago, for those of you playing at home). For which I was given the book Flour Water Salt Yeast (Google is your friend) and the requisite supplies.

I am now MAKING BREAD BY HAND. Huzzah!

...and I am still not kneading. Because kneading sucks, and because my new book doesn't want me to knead anything. I am very thrilled about this.

My first loaf was made last Saturday, while my husband was available for kid watching. My current loaf is being made during the day, while he's at work, because I am a crazy person and enjoy making my life chaotic.

In a few hours, I will have either newly baked whole-wheat loaves baked to perfection in a dutch oven, or some hilarious photos.

Wish me luck!
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When I was about 11, my mum had a birthday. And when I asked her what she wanted for a present, she said "Oooh... I'd really like a new kettle." (Or something of that nature. Grown up, kitcheny, and boring, that's the main thing I remember.)

I rolled my eyes, and said "No, Mum, something you want, not just something practical.", I was rather clueless.

I turned 35 today, and my presents included two cooking thermometers, a bunch of flowers, a CD for my kids to listen to, a casserole for my family to eat for dinner sometime this week, and a dutch oven. And they are ALL AWESOME. A decade ago, I would not have realised how boring my future presents would be - or how much I would consider them superb and wonderful and not boring at all...


May. 18th, 2017 11:52 am
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Seriously considering sending my kids to the school with no easy transport options.

Because I'd like to send my kids to a school where we can walk together (when they're young), and then they can ride their bikes (when they're older), and on wet days they can catch the bus (from literally across the road), and when I'm not home I can tell them to walk to Grandma's house instead, because it's on the way.


There's this school which is none of those things. They couldn't walk there. They couldn't ride there. They couldn't catch a bus there. It would involve me driving them every single day until they turned 12.

...and it's a bilingual school. A bilingual English/German school, where all the grade 6 kids are legitimately fluent in German, and they have maths classes in German, and art classes in German, and science lessons in German, and literally half their schooling is in German.

Today I learned that the two bits of schooling that matter to me most are the independent transport options and the languages. And that I can't have both at once.
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Kidlet Primus has picked up on the fact that you "hammer" with a hammer, and "mop" with a mop, and so forth.

He keeps picking lemons and asking if we can go to the kitchen and "lemon the lemon" (juice it, in fact). And this morning he told me we should go outside and "frisbee the frisbee".

He's rather adorable.
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Posting this purely so that it's not lost in a long-forgotten comment thread...

The discussion in question began with someone saying that Christians with tattoos are hypocrites, because they're not "following the Bible".

the Bible, and my thoughts on it )
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So frustrated with Paypal right now.

the saga )
The Moral Of Our Tale?

Paypal are the devil. And less willing to help than Cthulhu.
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Much as I have just started to post a bit more, I'm about to not post for a week. We're going on holiday.

We're going to Macedon, which is only a couple of hours away (and thus achievable with small children not going insane during the car ride). The plan is for lots of walks and board games, and the boy figuring out how to use his balance bike. (That is, if it ever stops raining.) We're also going to explore all the little towns, and have proper bakery pies, and things like that.

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There have been quite a few Sherlock Holmeses in my life.

My very first Holmes was actually Hercule Poirot making a silly joke. He examines a crime scene, then announces to Hastings that the murder was committed by a left-handed redhead who had spent many months at sea (or something - I don't actually remember), and when Hastings cried "Poirot???" he grinned and, basically, told Hastings off for expecting Sherlock Holmes to be real.

My second experience of Holmes was, again, Agatha Christie being silly. Tommy Beresford was doing his best Holmes impression, and playing the violin very badly, while making observations that were slightly off the mark.

I never really got the impression that Christie was very keen on Doyle's stories, somehow.

Since then, I have encountered many, many versions of Sherlock Holmes, including:
- the original novels
- Young Sherlock Holmes
- the black and white movies (or at least one of them)
- Basil the Great Mouse Detective
- Dr House
- RDJ's steampunky Holmes movies
- Sherlock
- Elementary

And, oh boy, do I have opinions.

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It really is depressing when almost an entire year's worth of entries fit onto the front page of my DW.

I haven't posted much lately, for several reasons:
1) The kidlets leave little time for posting things.
2) The kidlets leave little time for tv watching, which used to be the main thing I posted about.
3) DW has been relatively quiet, which was depressing.
4) I've been camping out over at Reddit.
5) My fanfic brain has been eaten up by playing RPGs. I can't usually be creative in two directions at once.

I will hereby resolve to post more, and never again to end up with less than 20 entries in a single year (for crying out loud, what was I doing?).

In lieu of new content, I am at least reposting very old meta over at [community profile] buffyversemeta.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested, here's a random life update:
what I've been up to )


Apr. 4th, 2017 07:58 pm
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No way am I signing the new TOS. No more crossposting for me. :(
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I've been rewatching Castle. Towards the end of each season, they break up Castle and Beckett's friendship in some new way, and send them off to do their own thing. Then, the next season, they repair their friendship, and resume the status quo. Eventually, you get very cynical about the latest kerfuffle: "Oh noes, they're broken up for real this time!!! ...wonder how many minutes this one will last."

I think I've decided it's a problem of having a show that's both character-based and team-based.

Veronica Mars, for instance, is a character-based show. The narrative follows Veronica, and other characters appear or disappear as they become relevant or irrelevant to Veronica. If Veronica had a nasty argument with her best friend, we could be genuinely uncertain as to whether the friendship was over or not.

(But clearly, Veronica won't actually die, or the show would be over.)

NCIS, on the other hand, is a team-based show. The narrative follows the team, and various characters appear or disappear as they join or leave the team. If a character is in danger, we can be genuinely worried as to whether they'll survive or not - because the show will keep going with or without them.

(But clearly, NCIS won't completely disband, or the show would be over.)

And then there's Castle. Which is not only character-based - and about TWO characters rather than one - but also team-based.

So, Castle can't die, or the show would end. And Beckett can't die, or the show would end. And Castle can't leave the crime-fighting foursome, or the show would end. And Beckett can't leave it either, or the show would end.

It removes far too much uncertainty. And the show is the poorer for it.
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Suspect is interviewed by the police, speaking with a perfect American accent.

Suspect is revealed to be French criminal in disguise.

Their disguise revealed, suspect now smugly starts declaring that they're going to get away with the crime - in French-accented English.

It's just...


My German accent is very good. And rather Bavarian. I don't go around talking in more Aussie sounding German just so I can tip off all the Germans that I'm a foreigner. Someone who can speak in another language with a good accent isn't going to switch to a clumsy foreign accent just for funsies.*

* Unless you are Hercule Poirot, who does just that.
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Yes, I am okay. No, I do not go to the city centre very often. Yes, my nearest and dearest are okay too.

Hugging my kids very tight today.


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