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Watched Disney's Tarzan (the one from the 90s). It was excellent.

Then googled the original book.

...I am never, ever touching the original book. It is horrifyingly racist.

I told my husband that the book was racist. He said "Yeah, probably", thinking I meant racist-because-it's-from-the-Victoria-era-so-of-course-it-is. I said "No, REALLY..." and explained that:
1) The book was about the nature/nurture debate.
2) The author deliberately took Tarzan away from his parents as a baby, so that "nurture" wouldn't apply.
3) The author deliberately made Tarzan an English noble because he "selected an infant child of a race strongly marked by hereditary characteristics of the finer and nobler sort". So that his "nature" would be as good as possible.
4) The point was to show how Tarzan would be superior to everyone because his nature was so wonderful, even though his nurture was horrible.

SO HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY RACIST, GUYS. Like, worse-than-Lovecraft racist. *boggles*
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I'm doing a pottery course this evening!

Really looking forward to it. I haven't done pottery since school art classes when I was 10 – but I've been wanting to try it ever since.

This has all come about in the following way:

Mez: "I think I'm going to quit choir for a while. My voice just isn't coping, and it's no fun going every week when I keep on being unable to sing."

Hubbie: "But you need to do some sort of evening activity! It's not good for you to be home with the kids all week long."

Mez: "...could I do some art classes?"

If pottery doesn't hit the spot, I have many other backup options. Including calligraphy, life drawing, book binding, glass blowing, blacksmithing, weaving, spinning, and pencil sketching.
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Having had quite a few people subscribe to me lately, I need to let you know something that most of my olds will be aware of.

That is:

1) I live in Melbourne, Australia.

2) I have a couch you can crash on, and a dinner invite to any of you who are willing to fly this far.

Just so you know.
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Tried White Collar. Got 1.5 episodes in, and decided, meh, I didn't care about the characters. So I turned it off.

Thing is, I love Leverage. And quite enjoyed Hustle. White Collar should, in theory, be right up my alley. And it's certainly a perfectly decent show. But unless I'm interested in the characters, I can never make it past the second episode of anything.

This also happened with Babylon 5, and Psych, and Wonderfalls. They're interesting, and high quality – but I just don't CARE.

icon meme

Jan. 30th, 2019 11:27 am
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How it works: reply with "Oh! Shiny" and I'll choose three of your icons. Tell me about them: where they came from, what they mean to you, and/or when you deploy them. Drop a link here to your post in your own journal. Spread it around.

[personal profile] rydra_wong asked me about:
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Why is it that the most fun and interesting jobs are always the shortest?

Just got hired to write some Diary Entries Full of Hidden Clues for an escape room. SO VERY FUN. And it took me a grand total of three hours.

Punctuation-checking a textbook for the third time? Takes days. An awesome job that I'd do for free if I didn't need to eat occasionally? Three hours.

...I clearly need to develop a friendship with every escape room designer in the world, so that I can snag all the fun writing work.
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"Help me with this, Mummy!"

"Okay. I'll get in my time machine, go back two years, spend weeks teaching you, painstakingly, how to do the task, and make absolutely sure you can do it yourself. ... Okay, done. Now do it yourself."
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...using D&D classes and alignments

For reference, see this post where I allocated classes and alignments to every character.

because I was bored )

Questions? Comments?
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One day I will have my female cat called Minerva, dammit.

But for now, he's very cute, very purry, and his name is Felix because I am a total Latin nerd.
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I don't use Facebook very much, but one thing that has been helpful is that I could get group notifications from them.

- my choir updates their group page with regular info on rehearsals/concerts/etc
- my roleplaying group regularly post to figure out when we can meet next
...and so on.

This is great, but only because it means I'm guaranteed to get a notification whenever anything happens.

So, what did Facebook just do?


"You were receiving all notifications from these groups, but we've updated this to only show highlights!"

...with an air of "Isn't this convenient? Aren't I helpful, to figure this out for you?"

Facebook, no. You are never helpful, and every time you try to be, you only make things worse.

Not wanting to miss out on unimportant updates like, for instance, my friends wanting to know if they can roleplay at my house this evening, I changed it back. Which took FOUR DIFFERENT WEBPAGES before I could change them all.

Not. Happy. Jan.
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So, if perchance you've been on Tumblr for the last few years, you might be wondering if I'm at all up to the same fannish stuff that I used to be.

Not so much. Because:
- I have children taking up my fic-writing time.
- I am much happier with my work, so I'm not ficcing just to stay sane.
- No-one's really been writing much meta here.
- The fandoms I'm interested in aren't the ones that my flist wandered off to.


I'm still interested in fannishness. And I'll happily participate in any discussions on the subject.

I've watched quite a few shows lately - some new, some old, some my perpetual obsessions that I will never quite stop watching. The obsessions are BtVS (obviously), Farscape, Leverage, and The West Wing. The new ones that I'd be somewhat interested in discussing are Newsroom and Elementary (although I'm two seasons behind on that one).
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Currently stuck in bed fighting off a virus, so I thought I'd pass the time by telling you all about Australian Christmas.

Christmas in Australia is like Christmas in Britain, but hot. The end.

okay, there's more to it than that )
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I'm so impressed by the way John/Aeryn is written. In every way, really, but right now specifically the way it's done in Look At The Princess.

You see, there's sex, and then there's romance.

John has no problem with sex. And no problem with romance.

Aeryn has no problem with sex. And HUGE ISSUES with romance.

Sex isn't really an issue for them at the moment. (They've already had sex - months ago.) But now their relationship is starting to get seriously romantic. And Aeryn is freaking out.

So, what does she do? She accuses John of being too hormonal, and only after sex.

What does John do? He retaliates by going after Chiana (in front of Aeryn, purely to annoy her) and then kissing every woman he can find.


Aeryn is yelling "You only care about sex!" And John is yelling straight back "You're right! I only care about sex!" AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE JOHN WANTS THINGS TO BE ROMANTIC.

It's beautifully written. And superbly acted. Because it's quite apparent what's going on, but it's never said. If you took their relationship at face value, you'd think the problem was that John was only interested in sex...

cute book

Nov. 13th, 2018 09:21 am
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So, my daughter was given a Buffy picture book for her birthday:

My first thought: AWESOME.

My second thought: Clearly not canon-compliant. Like, at ALL. Grrr.

My third thought: This illustrator clearly knows the show very, very well.

what I mean )
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So, we've decided to go low-key with the kidlets' birthdays this year. No big party.

- We will have a special dessert on Kidlet Secunda's birthday on Thursday.
- We will have a special dessert on Kidlet Primus's birthday on Friday.
- We will make and decorate gingerbread stars for Kidlet Primus to take to kinder and hand out to his class.
- We will go to the zoo on Saturday, taking one friend each.
- We will take fairy cakes to the zoo, to have a picnic party.
- We will have family over on Sunday, for pizza and birthday cake. I will make and decorate a cake from the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book, to have at the party.

I am beginning to suspect that I don't quite get how "low-key" works.
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We celebrated Halloween last night.
This is actually pretty unusual for me; I was raised thinking of Halloween as that evil, creepy, sinister day that we don't talk about. But, having changed into a very different adult, who loves creepy things, and also loves liturgy, I thought it was time. Plus, I'm trying to construct a year of Christian traditions for my kids - including rituals for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Halloween needed to be in there somewhere as well.

- made soul cakes (biscuits with currants)
- decorated our letterbox with orange balloons, so that trick-or-treaters would stop by
- distributed chocolate to 26 trick-or-treaters who saw our letterbox
- dressed up (not me, the kidlets) and gave out chocolate for cool dress-ups (me, to the kidlets)
- lit candles in honour of "the saints who have died and the saints still with us"
- lit candles in remembrance of this year's people who died (our cat, our nanny's dog, and my mum's best friend)
- read "Death Be Not Proud", by John Donne

Twas very enjoyable.
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So, you want to introduce your friend to the magic that is Farscape. And your friend says "Eh... I don't really have time to watch the whole thing. Can you just show me one episode?"

And you think "One episode? Farscape is so... weird. I'm not sure one episode can possibly give someone an accurate impression." And, being very persuasive, you manage to talk your friend into watching eight episodes. (Very persuasive of you. Well done.)

But which eight episodes? Here comes Mez to the rescue!

the perfect 8 episodes to show off Farscape )

Questions? Comments?
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Recently been refreshing my knowledge of Watergate AND rewatching the West Wing.

Just hit the episode where White House Counsel Oliver Babbage finds out about Barlet having MS. And he goes "Right. Well, tell your staff, tell the public, and appoint a Special Prosecutor who hates you, with an unlimited budget and a gigantic staff. If you ever withhold evidence from him or plead Executive Privilege, I will walk."

I've seen it before. But this time, my immediate thought was "So... you've clearly been to John Dean's course on How Not To End Up Like John Dean, then."
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“Please don’t use clippers on him.”
“Have you tried clippers before?”
“Yes, we have. He hates them. Don’t use clippers on him.”
“So, he’ll be okay with the little clippers for the back, right?”
“No. No clippers.”
“I’ll just use the clippers around his ears.”
“NO. No clippers.”
“It’s not that much. I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.”

Every. Single. Time.

Hairdressers of the world, I realise it sounds like I’m making your job harder, but do you WANT the boy to spend the rest of the haircut screaming with his hands over his ears and frantically trying to escape the chair?
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Aaaand here goes the government being stupid again. Honestly, our politicians change their leadership more often than they change their underwear.

My thoughts over the last few days:

Government says "We keep chasing Labor's [more left-wing] base, and losing people from our own [right-wing] base to One Nation!". Mez thinks "Well... I was pretty solidly in your base, and you lost me to the left wing. You're pretty much losing people from all sides."

Turnbull says "We need to stop focusing on politics! If we don't get back to thinking about important issues, Bill Shorten will win the next election!" Mez thinks "Isn't worrying that 'Shorten will win' pretty much the definition of focusing on politics?"

Dutton lobbies to be PM. Mez screams, and starts stocking up on canned goods.


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