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(This will be of limited interest to those who aren't fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The West Wing.)

So, the husband and I were talking, yet again, about the fact that he likes Sam Seaborn and I don't. And I referred to Sam as "the Riley Finn of West Wing".

He pointed out that Sam's character was supposed to be the interesting one, until the interesting role got taken over by Josh - and that "Josh is probably the Spike". To which my instant reaction was "Of course not! CJ Cregg is the Spike!"

...much discussion ensued.

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I would be interested to hear how very wrong I am, and why clearly it should be arranged in a different order...
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Am currently sitting out on my deck, watching my son terrorise the mint plant. (Alternating between pulling off leaves and dropping more gravel into the top of the pot.)

I have been rewatching The West Wing of late, and am once again dismayed to realise that I'm a decade too late to be part of the fandom. I want fervent discussion of plotlines! Why oh why am I so behind the times?

But seriously:
- I have OPINIONS on CJ's rise to Chief of Staff, Toby's leak, the Santos campaign, Will Bailey's very existence, the sad lack of Ainsley Hayes, and pretty much the whole of the post-Sorkin seasons.

- I want very much to see some post-series snippets of CJ (new job, new life with Danny, and Charlie tagging along to be her right-hand man), as well as a spin-off show with the new administration.

- Why oh why is there not someone West-Wing-ising the current US campaign with many brilliant layers of satire?

...and I had more thoughts, but my son has just realised he can fit underneath the car, so I have to go.
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Okay. So, serious drama, about serious, dramaticish stuff. In an episode where the Middle East is getting a peace deal. And when a main character is having heart surgery and could horribly die at any time.

It's a serious, dramatic situation. That is being taken seriously by all concerned.

How the HECK did I just spend 45 minutes cracking up laughing at Josh and Toby getting in each other's way, and CJ baiting Josh with baked goods???


Jun. 23rd, 2013 06:24 pm
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I am officially in love with The West Wing.

I've been borrowing it from a friend on a season-by-season basis, and have spent a number of weeks stuck between seasons 4 and 5. And every time I mentioned this to anyone, they'd get a bit of a sad look on their face and say "Yeah, that's where it changes. You know, because Sorkin left..."


I enjoyed seasons 1 to 4. I love beyond all reason season 5.

Please tell me it doesn't stay this good? Because otherwise I just might have to take all my hard-earned money that's supposed to buy me a house (or at least a couple of bricks therein) and use it to buy a dvd boxset.
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I have finally seen that scene from Two Cathedrals in its proper context.


It is, in fact, a stellar episode, rather than just a stellar scene.

Hurrah some more!

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This is going to be one of those shows I end up fangirling over, isn't it?


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