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Here are three drabbles starring Anya, and two starring Xander.

Alternate Realities Are Neat )

Memorial )

Brave New World )

Stuck In Place )

Best Laid Plans )
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Here's one almost-a-drabble and five drabbles, about minor characters from Angel.

Vigil )

Giving Birth )

Secret Identity )

The Talk )

Festivities )

Utah Bride )
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Here are six drabbles starring minor characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (The last one is actually cheating - it's 170 words - but it fits better here than it does anywhere else. Pretend it's a drabble.)

Anti-hero Worship )

In Costume )

Inspiration )

Babysit )

(Before They're Hatched) )

Tentatively )
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Here’s a ficlet, three drabbles, and two double-drabbles, all starring Andrew.

Outshone )

Perfection )

X4: Apocalypse )

An evil name should be like Lex, or Voldemort, or… )

Beginnings )

All My Worldly Goods )
deird1: Buffy, with text "the Chosen One" (Buffy chosen)
Here are eight drabbles (and one double-drabble) about Buffy…

Deck The Halls )

Responsible Party )

Marked )

Final )

Keep Him Here )

Building )

Remember )

Haircut )

Ciao )
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Here are a whole lot of miscellaneous Buffyverse drabbles, and one double-drabble, mostly featuring OCs.

Do I Like Shrubs? )

The Next Morning )

Funds )

Begin Again )

Concert )

So Much Potential )

Holiday Season )

Misquoted )

Stretching The Truth )

Ruination )
deird1: Spike mock-threatening Joyce, with text "GRR." (Spike grrr)
Here are six drabbles starring Joyce, in all her wonderfulness.

One is new (and inspired by [community profile] dailyprompt). The others are LJ reposts.

Mistakes )

Making Up For It )

No More Denial )

Discovery )

Effort )

Hangover )
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Here are four Dawn drabbles, all Dawnverse-related. One is new, the others are old LJ reposts.

Not Right )

Turning Ten )

I'm dreaming of… )

Not Really Here )
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Here are three different drabbles about Faith.

Random Acts Of Kindness )

New Day )

Dead British Men For All )
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Here are eight different Willow drabbles. Written for many different occasions.

The Blue (Joyce liked it so) )

Teacher )

Force Is Okay )

The End )

Pet Store )

Stole My Barbie )

Connected )

Sticks and Stones )
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This was written for the “songfic” prompt at [ profile] still_grrr. It's based on the Dr Seuss book I Wish That I Had Duck Feet.
Apologies for some of my slightly dodgy attempts at rhyming.

Title: Wishes of the Restless
Rating: G
Word Count: 700

Summary: A poem, regarding the Core Four.

wishes )


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