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Met some of my new coworkers this morning.

Our desks are arranged into groups (or "pods"). My pod has apparently been christened "Rivendell". We are preparing for a pod-decorating competition against the other pods, including the nearest: "King's Landing".

...I think I'm going to like these people.


Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:49 am
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My new work is very into freebies and almost-freebies.

In the month and a half that I've been working there, we've moved buildings, had a best-selling novel, and had... rain. Which means that I am now the proud owner of:
- a Penguin mug
- a Penguin notebook
- a canvas Penguin bag
- a huge Penguin umbrella
- a best-selling novel
...which cost me, in total, five dollars.

Five dollars. For the single item on that list that I paid for rather than having it foist upon me by enthusiastic freebie-givers.

By this time next year, I'm hoping for a full range of Penguin-themed sportswear.
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I've been going for lots of job interviews lately, and not talking about it - so that I don't jinx anything - but one thing I did want to briefly touch on was the names of their meeting rooms.

The firms I've been having interviews with all have themed meeting room names, which are quite fun. (I work for the government. Fun is not applicable here. We work in a non-themed environment, and it is extremely boring.)

My favourites so far:

- a font theme, with "The Helvetica Room" and "The Arial Room" and so on, all given signs in their respective fonts

- a sci-fi locations theme, with "Tardis", "Roswell", and probably many others that I didn't get a chance to see

One day, when I own my own business, I'm going to name the meeting rooms after characters - "the Esme Weatherwax room", "the Tuppence Cowley room", "the Amelia Pond room" - and see how many people notice.
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Am currently looking for jobs, since mine will be ending soon.

Just had a coworker helpfully point out that there's an engineering job in the department that hasn't been filled yet, and I should totally apply for it! Being a fairly new guy, he was, sadly, unaware that this job he was enthusing about was exactly the job I used to do. You know - the one that drove me into a total breakdown complete with bursting into floods of tears every time I mentioned work? Yeah...

Calmly explained why this was never, ever, under any circumstances EVER going to happen - and he looked horribly embarrassed and scurried back to his desk. Now I feel kinda bad for him. But honestly...
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The big boss has just moved out of his office, and is now sitting among us plebs. Apparently, he's been sequestered away from us for so long that he's forgotten what it's like out here. Which led to the not-so-big boss sending us a memo:

Big Boss is now sitting in the open office area and has noticed people around him spending a lot of time
1. on the internet
2. chatting loudly about non-related work topics for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours...
3. conducting other business
4. not being in the office*
5. swearing

Please keep an eye out for this and if you see it happening kindly ask those involved to stop.

*I ask that if you are going out of the office for a meeting, lunch, fresh air, smoke, coffee, run, jog, gym or home you edit your status in Sametime.

Which... just...


1) The person he's noticed on the internet is probably me. Reason being, my manager was away last week and left me with no work. So, in between getting up every half an hour and walking round the building trying to find stuff to do, I checked my flist and email.

2) The people chatting about non-work topics (who are not me) are doing what people in offices do. They're still getting their work done - so what's the issue?

3) Given that the list of approved reasons to leave the office include fresh air, smoking, and coffee, what on earth would be wrong with having a mental break for a few minutes and making a personal phonecall, rather than getting up from your desk, going elsewhere, and making exactly the same personal phonecall? (Also not something I've done this week - but the people I've seen doing so have been calling people who won't be available outside of working hours. And no-one's ever had a problem with this before.)

4) "Sametime" is the office IM system. I don't use it, because having IMs (never anything important - usually just "Hey!") interrupt me actually distracts me from my work. I'm not going to log in purely so I can leave a message letting people know I won't be available to IM until I... get back to my desk and turn IM off so I can work.

5) Swearing? Seriously?
From what I've heard, the people around here are swearing, on average, to about the same extent that I do right here on my blog. THAT'S NOT MUCH.

I really wish high-up executives would calm down and get used to the real world.
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Act One - Malicious Gremlins

Gremlins: Hmm, what mischief can we manage today...

Computer Files: *sit on computer, humming happily, and feeling neatly sorted*

Gremlins: A-ha! *pounce*


Gremlins: *drag hapless computer files off to their dungeon, cackling maniacally*

two more acts )
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* Yes, I'm aware this is incorrect. That's kinda my point.

First day of Job #2, and guess which of my skills are being used the most?

Editing? Nope. So far, it's just made me wince several times while reading through dreadful powerplant documents.

Engineering? Not really. It's helping me to understand the powerplant documents, but they're not all that tricky, so it's not like I'm having to delve deeply into my memory of uni lectures.

My self-taught French?

...yes. The language I am hopeless at, didn't mention on my CV, can't understand on tv shows, and have completely ignored for the last year or two is, right now, my number one MOST USEFUL SKILL in the workplace.

(So far, I have chatted to the company's French teacher, translated some job references for the HR department, and given fast-language-learning tips to someone who needs to be semi-fluent by October.)
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Mez working as an engineer:
*stares out the window*
*checks email*
(repeat ad infinitum)

Mez working as an editor:
*starts reading document*
"What on earth?"
*reads some more*
*frantically red-pencils the page*
"ARGH! No! Stupid- Why would- BAD WRITING! SO BAD! Gah!"
*has now reached the end of page 1*

I'm not exactly the most relaxing colleague...
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Conversations that make me feel like an alien:

Coworker: "What did you do this weekend?"
Me: "I went to a wedding."
Coworker: "Ooh, did you get drunk?"*

The whole skirt thing.**

Me: "Yeah, I'm teaching myself Latin."
Coworker: "...why?"***

Random Acquaintance: "Anyone else hungry?"
Me: "Yes! Very!"
R.A.: "Great! Let's have Devonshire tea!"****

*Coworker inspects my window ledge of fictional space things, including Serenity, Starbug, a DRD, and a Skutter*
"Are they... planes or something?"*****

* Seriously, why???
** I have finally tracked some long skirts down, and now have a spiffy winter wardrobe.
*** I keep feeling like staring at them blankly and asking "Why wouldn't I?"
**** Scones with jam and cream. I seem to be the only Aussie in existence who doesn't like this.
***** Yes, these are all different coworkers. They all think I'm very strange.

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My boss is making us do Myers-Briggs tests so that we can understand each other better. An idea I approve of, in theory.

In practice... I kinda hate Myers-Brigss. Mostly because I've never been able to figure out what I am. (Except for the "I-not-E" bit, which has been completely obvious since I was born.)

I really prefer the personality tests with four categories. You know - the ones that are always exactly the same, but try to pretend they're new and different by giving them funky names. (I've seen "earth; air; fire; water", "lions; otters; golden retrievers; beavers", "heart; mind; body; soul", "red; blue; yellow; green", and countless others.)

Me? I'm a phlegmatic, a yellow, an air, a golden retriever, a soul...

Actually, just "phlegmatic" will do. (Come to think of it, the Myers-Briggs one is just four letters long - maybe that'd be preferable.)
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I am not a tea addict.

I do, however, have certain opinions. And supplies.

Disregarding my kitchen at home, which is an entirely separate issue, let's ponder my work tea for a moment.

A year ago I started bringing my own tea in, instead of putting up with the disgusting work tea bags. At the time, my supplies consisted of:
1) a mug
2) tea bags provided by work and not kept at my desk

I now have a drawer containing:
1) a mug
2) a canister of looseleaf New Zealand breakfast tea, with bits of kiwi fruit
3) a canister of looseleaf tropical black tea, with bits of berries
4) a canister of looseleaf chai tea
5) a scoopy thing
6) a mug-sized strainer, to put the tea in
7) a plunger-tea container, for when I'm sick of the strainer
8) my own personal supply of honey, because sugar just isn't good enough

...yes, I'm a little obsessed. When I start bringing in my own porcelain teacups, you might think about staging an intervention.

Sidenote: I was looking for the entry linked above, and discovered just how many times I've talked about tea on this blog. Notable excerpts include:
tea thoughts through the ages )


Jan. 4th, 2011 10:45 am
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First day of work after my holidays, and I had to change my password again.

The work computers want new passwords every month or so, without using any of the previous 12 passwords, please. As you can imagine, this really stretches your imagination.

Especially because I really can't manage to do the same password with a rotating number at the end - ilovefish1, ilovefish2, ilovefish3, etc - so I have to come up with a brand new password every time.

Recent iterations have included:
Peter Parker
Clark Kent
Buffy Summers
Dawn Summers
Fred Burkle
Tara Maclay
Gwen Raiden

(Notice a trend?)

I am now going through Avatar: the Last Airbender with a fine-tooth comb, looking for new password possibilities. Which is fun, because I can imagine Sokka saying things in a sarcastic tone - and somehow that makes them much easier to keep in my head.


Oct. 19th, 2010 09:18 am
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I think I've figured out why so many work presentations bore the entire room to tears.

I'm giving a presentation this evening - on vegetation management. I could summarise the whole thing in 30 seconds, and end with "Also, check your handouts for more info."

I've been given 10 minutes.

Currently, I am desperately trying to lengthen my presentation any way I know how. To get it to the required 10 minutes, I'm probably going to have to:
1) have a rambling and pointless introduction
2) discuss, in great detail, where the handout is from
3) give them lots of information they don't need to know
4) repeat myself a great deal

Yes, I am deliberately trying to bore the room to tears.


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