Dec. 5th, 2015 07:19 am
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The problem with not posting regularly is that I then feel like I can't post anything until it's the BEST POST EVER ...so I don't post at all.

- I swear, the scene in Half Blood Prince where the vampire comes to Slughorn's party - Rowling clearly wrote it purely so that she could have her Italian vampire called "Sanguini" and giggle at her awesome Latin pun.

- My son is now walking and talking - for a given definition thereof. He is, as always, extremely cute.

- Despite being halfway through Murdoch Mysteries, Elementary, Newsroom, and Despicable Me, I am eagerly rewatching Heroes - which I haven't seen in its entirety (ie: the first season, which is ALL THAT EXISTS) since it was first broadcast. It's kind of awesome.

- Finally finished the blanket that took me two damn years, and can move on to other crochet projects that interest me a bit more. (Steadfastly ignoring the cross-stitch project that's been half-complete for four years now.)

- Will put Christmas tree up today. Will then spend three weeks keeping one-year-old from destroying Christmas tree.

(Excuse me. The kidlet is demanding that I read him a story.)


May. 11th, 2013 09:19 am
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Crafter's Paralysis: the inability to start a new project because, by choosing one to do, you'll be simultaneously not choosing all the others, and they're all so nice!

Just finished my blanket. Am now trying to choose between crocheting three different headwear things, crocheting slippers, sewing a cloak, sewing a quilt cover, or finishing my cross-stitch...
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I am utterly awesome.

Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you: I have just crocheted myself my very own alpaca jumper.

I have crocheted. Crocheted. A jumper. Just like I taught myself to this year.


*dances awesomely*
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I am making a jumper. It will be seamless.

That is all.
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Here are a few items of recent yarning...

photos under here )

Now I need to decide on the next thing...
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Been rather MIA lately. This is because I've been busy...

...watching Leverage seasons 3 and 4. Which means, for the first time in living memory, I'm up to date with American tv and can read websites without worrying about spoilers. For at least the next week or so.

...cuddling nephews. Gotta say, even though it was annoying having Nathan so upset that I had to sit there and cuddle him for two straight hours, it was also kinda lovely. I've had to deal with wailing, tears, and fretting from each of my nephews - and it's something I treasure even if it's a pain.

...trying to find a job. My current one is almost certainly going to disappear soon (widespread redundancies, and my role's expendable), and despite my limited experience I'm pretty good at this whole editing thing, so there's got to be someone out there who'll hire me. Right?

...making fun things from wool. Crochet is ADDICTIVE. I've finished my beginners book - and am now trying out some of the trickier patterns. (The easy tricky patterns, though. I'm not confident enough to try the truly diabolical ones.)

...missing the boyfriend, who is still in Europe. *pines*

...teaching Sunday School. With lots of seven year olds who can run riot quite effectively. This week, I have to tell the story of Ruth. Which will be difficult.

...reading books I've read before. Murder mysteries are my comfort food.
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Because I'm currently all enthusiastic about crocheting, I've been lurking in a whole lot of knitting/crochet discussions. And I keep seeing people talk about doing yarn-crafts during uni lectures.

There is a large contingent of people out there who think it is appalling to knit during lectures. Their reasoning is basically:
1) You need to pay attention to the lecture.
2) You can't pay attention if you're also knitting.

There's also a slightly smaller group, who think that:
1) Sure, you might be able to knit and pay attention at the same time.
2) But it looks ruder, so you should put your knitting down - thereby both paying attention and looking like you're paying attention.



Dear anti-craft people,

Strange as it may seem, my options are not
a) pay attention while knitting
b) pay attention while gazing rapturously at my lecturer's every utterance

Instead, I'll be doing one of the following:
a) pay attention while knitting
b) stare blankly at the lecturer while my brain drifts off to lala land and starts planning the colonization of Alpha Centauri

I can either pay attention, OR look like I'm paying attention. I can't do both! Stop assuming that I can!

a distractable person.
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The Good:

I finished crocheting my blue wrap! Go me!

Here it is:
photo )

The Bad:

My mother bought me wonderfully lovely earrings from Europe, that were beautiful blue glass and perfect for me. And I got to wear them for a whole half hour before one of them dropped off my ear somewhere between home and work.

That's three railway stations, two trains, and quite a bit of footpath. I'm not getting it back.

And yes, I know it's just an earring, and children starving in Africa etc, but part of me wants to just sit here and burst into tears for a while...
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My adventures in crochet continue...

1) Finally gave in and joined Ravelry, like all the cool kids.

2) Have done two scarfs, and most of a cushion. Which sounds utterly awesome, until I realise that my entire crocheting accomplishments are basically making rectangles. Very neat and even rectangles, to be sure, but still - rectangles. In my latest rectangles I have started changing colours...

3) I keep seeing patterns that are utterly brilliant and absolutely what I want to do... when I'm fifty times as competent as I am right now.

4) Wool is way too expensive. Had to leave my LYS at a run today, to avoid buying lots of pretty wool that I absolutely don't need yet.

5) Four people have come up to me and said "Oh, wow, what are you knitting?" in the last two weeks. I'm getting rather sick of pointing out that I'm holding a crochet hook and not knitting needles.

6) All those people out there who reckon knitting is way cooler than crochet have no idea what they're talking about. Crochet is not just about the granny squares, yo.

7) Someday soon, I'm going to have to learn granny squares. And I will instantly feel uncool and frumpy, and sit there sheepishly hooking my granny squares and hoping no-one notices. But whatcha gonna do - there's no way I can get good at crochet while still stubbornly ignoring granny squares...

8) When I am awesomely skilled and can make cute animals, I'm going to crochet a sheep. With fluffy wool all fluffing out in every direction. Fluffily.

this week

May. 11th, 2012 01:07 pm
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1) I have a cold, which is making me sneezy and disinclined to blog. Hence the lack of updates.

2) My work tends to be either non-existent, or boundless and overflowing. Right now, it's just gone from almost nothing to do, to suddenly having eight really massive and interesting things to get done. Which would be great... if it wasn't right at the end of the week, so I somehow have to cram huge amounts into the next few hours and then hope I still remember everything next Wednesday.

3) Going out to a Croatian restaurant this evening, with some uni friends. Ages since we've been able to catch up, so it'll be nice to see everyone.

4) Alex is about to turn 6. I have been enlisted for his superhero party tomorrow, to take green-screen photos of boys flying through the sky...

5) [personal profile] dr_carrot has now been away for over three weeks, and her cat is missing her dreadfully. He keeps trying to come and snuggle up to me - usually when I'm having a shower, trying to cook something, or on the loo. MOST inconvenient.

6) Scarf number two is finished (except for the tassles) and I'm now trying to crochet a cushion. My life is turning into Nothing But Crochet! right now, but I really have to put in lots of time while I'm still enthusiastic, so that when that dies down I'm skilled enough to still find it all interesting.

7) Winter has taken over (even though it technically isn't here yet), and I am rugging up enormously every morning. It's too cold for me to go outside with wet hair! What on earth is that about?!
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I have acquired spectators.

On the morning commute, there are three options:
a) fall asleep
b) read, knit, etc
c) stare aimlessly at whatever is in your field of vision

Since taking up crochet, I have apparently become the most interesting thing in everyone's field of vision. Every time I look up from my wool, there are three or four people watching me...

It's slightly weird - but I'm getting used to the attention.

showing off

May. 4th, 2012 06:01 pm
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Allow me to exercise my bragging rights.

nephews )

crochet )


Mar. 13th, 2012 06:21 pm
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Herein are a cross-stitch, a homicidal cat, and some cute boys.

photos )
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I hate that final day of cross-stitch. Because... well, it kinda goes like this:

Final Day of Cross-Stitch
"It's arrived! Oh happy day! I will finish my cross-stitch today, and it will be glorious!"

*stitches enthusiastically*

*...doesn't quite finish*

Really Final Day of Cross-Stitch
"Hurrah. Today I will finish my cross-stitch. Clearly. There's only a tiny amount to do!"

*stitches enthusiastically*

*...doesn't finish*
*doesn't seem to have made an impression at all, actually*

Definitely The Final Day of Cross-Stitch
"Okay. TODAY will be the final day of cross-stitch. GONNA FINISH."

*stitches enthusiastically*

*...doesn't finish ...again*

Final Day of Cross-Stitch, and I Really Mean It This Time
"There is so little to do that I absolutely will finish today. No question. I MUST finish. This I swear upon the life of my firstborn."

*stitches enthusiastically*



Tomorrow, I'm going to finish my cross-stitch. Almost definitely this time.
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My new year's resolutions (that I have every intention of posting about now, and then ignoring) are mostly craft related.

- I will finish my cross-stitch.
- I will learn how to do basic crochet.
- I will make a patchwork quilt.
- I will cook a trifle.
- I will find more pretty cross-stitches that I can do at some point in future.

Sound good?
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I've often wondered how those extra-competent quilters managed to cut quilting shapes the right size. Now I know: they cheat!

Discovered a set of plastic quilting-shape forms yesterday - some hexagons, some diamonds, and some weird half-hexagon half-diamond hybrids, for joining them all together. It makes the shapes all simple and un-tricky!

Now I can fake being an expert quilter too, along with the rest of you!

*quilts frantically*


Oct. 4th, 2010 08:07 pm
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That surprising thing I keep going on about?

Here it is.

big photo under the cut )


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