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In Australia, the gyno will happily take care of all your prenatal and delivery needs. Except for any blood tests or ultrasounds. For those, you'll have to go off site.

In Germany, your blood tests and ultrasounds will all be done right at the gyno's office.
...attend your delivery? Why on earth would he do that?

In Germany, you remove all clothing from the lower half of your body, walk across the room, hoick yourself up into the stirrups, and wait for large, cold objects to be shoved into you.

In Australia, you are given a hospital gown, and then the ultrasound technician, very discreetly, says "I'll just give you some privacy to change." After which, presumably, she comes back into the room and sticks large, cold objects into all the body parts she's carefully not noticing yet. least, I assume so, if I hadn't snorted, told her about Germany, and stripped off right in front of her.

(Yep. You are correct in your wonderings.)
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The kidlet has now been around for one week (minus a few hours). So far, he's pretty cute.

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an update

Nov. 7th, 2014 08:36 am
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Contractions (MILD AS ANYTHING contractions) have hung around for two days without really doing much.

If I'm not in proper full-on labour tomorrow, they're probably going to induce.

Standing by...
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This baby will soon have more luggage to take back to Australia than I do.

His nappies just arrived. They're wooly and colourful and SO TINY! I spent at least half an hour squeeing over the teeny cuteness before I could bear to put them down.

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Went to the doctor this morning, and had a twenty-minute session of trying to monitor the kidlet's heartbeat. In theory, fairly simple: the nurse found his heartbeat, and all I had to do was lie there and hold the monitor in place while the machine took readings.

In practice, the kidlet was not happy about being squashed by this thing pressing into my stomach, and kept wriggling around trying to avoid it. So I spent quite a while chasing heartbeats round my stomach, settling into place, then feeling a massive KICK and we were off again...

(Pregnancy appears to be going well. My body doesn't like it, but I appear to be ultra-good at the gestating thing.)


Jul. 25th, 2014 02:16 pm
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Try this on for size.

- I used to have bad acne.
- Because of this, I went on the pill.
- The pill works (contraception-wise) by tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant, hence not releasing ova.
- The pill took away my acne issues.

And yet...

- I am now actually pregnant.
- I now have lots of bad acne.

How can fake-pregnancy decrease acne, while actual-pregnancy increases it? Has logic decided not to exist, or something?
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Things in my life right now:

- I have started eating porridge for breakfast*. It is YUMMY.

- We went to a different church this week, which was awesome. Our regular church is quiet, solemn, and rather lifeless - as well as being quite challenging to meet people. This church is friendly, enthusiastic, and SINGS WITH GUSTO, which we've missed a great deal. (Not a comment on worship style, precisely. But when your church service feels more like a funeral, it becomes rather wearying.)

- The internet went down yesterday, taking away half my possible activities. *pines* Thankfully, it has now returned.

- Brought a huge amount of wool to Germany with me, with the intention of making a huge blanket that would
a) keep me warm
b) occupy my crocheting time for several months, in case I couldn't find more wool here.
I am now utterly sick of my half-finished blanket, and am plotting trips to wool shops to buy supplies for making baby things. It would be rather ludicrous to teach myself to crochet and not make my baby crocheted things, after all.

- Have finished Veronica Mars (except the movie). It's rather fun.

- Am getting kicked awake at 3am every morning, and thus missing out on a proper night's sleep. Can't wait until this kid is born, so that it can actually be put down away from my internal organs once in a while.

* My appetite being somewhat increased by pregnancy, it's actually my third breakfast of the day, following yoghurt and cereal.
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Something I've been curious about for years, and never been able to get a satisfactory answer to? What it feels like when a baby is kicking you. So, now I'm here to enlighten those of you who've also wondered this for years.

I'm only at 22 weeks, so, for the record, we're not talking the standard movie kicking, where the pregnant lady grimaces, holds her side, and mentions how much they're kicking again. This is... slightly less dramatic, and slightly weirder.

There are currently three kicking stages.

Stage 1: Wizz-Fiz

Aussies will be familiar with Wizz Fizz. For the rest of you: it's a really fine sherbety powder that's insanely fizzy and makes your whole mouth feel like it's full of tingly foam.

Picture that, but in your intestines.

Stage 2: Random heavy heartbeats

You know how, sometimes, your heart will start thumping really dramatically and you can feel it pounding in your chest?

A couple of beats of that, but again - somewhere south of your navel.

Stage 3: Shifting body parts

I am currently sitting on a couch. A few minutes ago, my belly suddenly moved a good inch to the right, without warning me about it. I just... felt things decide to move and settle in a different location.

Imagine your breasts suddenly arranging themselves in a different position to how your bra normally holds them, and you'll sort of get the idea.

The thing with this is, it's not like you spend a week at stage 1, then a week at stage 2, and so on. A few weeks ago, the most dramatic karate kicks this kid could do were only going to register as stage 1 from my perspective. Now, huge kicks are more of a stage 3 thing, nonchalant poking is stage 2, and the tiniest fidgets are stage 1.

...and occasionally they settle down and I go back to being a totally normal human being who happens to have an enormous tummy.
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Halfway through pregnancy, and starting to enjoy it.

I'm throwing up a lot less, and eating a lot more. Unfortunately, the First Trimester Of DOOM not only made me horribly underweight, but also took away every scrap of muscle I had. (Lying down for a month and a half will do that to you.) So it's been quite challenging trying to get myself capable of highly taxing activities like... walking down the street.

I'm feeling pretty accomplished, though, because yesterday I walked for an hour and didn't need to lie down afterwards. Go me!

The kidlet has apparently decided that kicking me is fun. I keep feeling what, from the squirmy one's perspective, are undoubtedly monster kicks with a great deal of force behind them. In other words, from a normal person, they'd be lightly dabbing at my arm with as much gentleness as they could muster. I can barely feel a thing, unless I'm lying down and completely still. It's getting more noticeable, though, so in a few weeks it'll probably feel as dramatic as anything.

Am quite big, but still fit my clothes.


Apr. 29th, 2014 04:53 pm
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As the suspicious among you might have noticed, I'm rather pregnant.

13 weeks, in fact. Which means I got knocked up just before changing country – thereby managing to hit five of life's most stressful events (job change; marriage; buying a house; getting pregnant; changing country) in a single year.

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So... yeah. There's my news. And the reason I haven't been posting terribly much. Hopefully my blogging frequency will increase as my vomiting frequency lessens.
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I've been reading a rather interesting discussion on thinking that everyone experiences the world the same way that you do – until one day you realise that they don't.

Examples include: not realising you're colourblind, that you have synesthesia, that you don't have a sense of smell, etc; not realising that some people actually are extroverted, actually do like music, or actually can have a favourite colour; not reading body language and/or thinking everyone can.

Most of these I find interesting, but can't really relate to. The only one that's so far made me go "Huh. Me too." was someone asking "Do people really feel emotionally moved by pieces of artwork the way they are by music?" because I've always liked art, but never really been moved by art – whereas music can get me into intense emotions very quickly.

I've experienced various instances of the "doesn't everyone...?" thing throughout my life. Such as:
1) Putting on glasses for the first time, and suddenly discovering that leaves on trees weren't supposed to look blurry.
2) Having ritalin for the first time, and discovering what it's like to have a single train of thought continue without interruption for ten minutes.
3) Slowly realising that texture is the important part of food for me (hence I like pineapple juice, pineapple lollies, and cooked pineapple, but can't eat it raw), and that other people really do think that flavour is this huge component.
4) Having someone ask me how to tell if they were singing "off key", and realising they really didn't know.
5) Realsing that, not only can most people stand flickering lights without leaving the room, but most people don't even register that they're flickering.
6) Discovering my total inability to explain how to make a fake American accent sound good, other than... doing the accent like it sounds.
7) Recently, having my sense of smell go into overdrive, and trying to explain to my mum what this was like – to which she nodded and said "that's normal for me" to every example I gave of intense oversmelling. (We're both freaks, in this case. My sense of smell is normally terrible, whereas hers is superhuman.)

I'm rather fascinated by this concept.
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You might have noticed my lack of internettage.

Last week, I spent most of my time lying on a couch and groaning, wishing I felt well enough to go outside and actually interact with the world. This week, God answered my prayers by landing me in hospital, where I can interact with as many nurses as my heart desires.

(Nothing serious. I'm just having digestive issues, and they want to keep me on a drip for a few days.)

It's rather unnerving being in a foreign-language hospital. For one thing, I've discovered that my language skills plummet whenever I feel dizzy – leading to a lot of baffled nurses wondering why I'm unable to comprehend things I understood five minutes ago. And for another, I'd feel a lot more calm about taking medicine if questions like "Did they actually say this was a suppository, or was that just my imagination?" didn't keep occurring to me.

Anyway, still in hospital, but now with limited internet. Hurrah!
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Am currently experiencing a bout of nausea. Every time that I go to say that I feel nauseous, Josie Gellar frowns at me and says "Nauseated. You feel nauseated." and I hastily amend my grammar.


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