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For this year's remix, I got [ profile] aadler. Which makes my job easier - lots of good fic to choose from - but also harder - because it's so well written that I don't really like to change anything.

As it was, I've remixed for [ profile] aadler before, three years ago, so I limited myself to his more recent fic.

fic spoilers ahead )


May. 6th, 2014 12:30 pm
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This is the story of how a young fanficcer, taking her first steps into a new world of fandom, eagerly decided to do lots of research to make her fic extra-awesome, and did just enough research to totally screw up the whole thing.

Here's the thing. I'm not really a Star Trek fan, but I know the vague outline. These days, having looked at much of TV Tropes, I'm a bit more conversant than I was 6 years ago. Which... brings us to our story.

You see, I was writing a teeny ficlet starring Andrew. Nothing major - just 300 words or so. But I was trying hard to write him well, and keep it in character, and I threw in a Trek reference, because, why not?

The joke was that Andrew had gone to a convention, very eager to get a signature from an actor. An actor who'd only been in a single episode, but of course, Andrew being Andrew, he knew exactly what the guy's name was and which episode he'd been in, and was very eager to line up for a signature., I went on IMDB and Wikipedia, and looked at Voyager episodes, trying to find a one-episode character I could use. None of that making up names for me, oh no. I was going to do it properly. Sure enough, I found a character who'd only appeared once, put him in my fic, and thought no more about it.

Until a few weeks ago. When I was re-reading some of my old fic.

And I got to the one with Andrew, and was reading it happily when I got to the Star Trek bit and thought "...hang on. That sounds familiar."

Because, yes, I've been hanging round fandom for several years now. No matter how much Trek you don't watch, there's a few facts you're bound to pick up.

It took me less than a minute to check. And then several minutes more to stop headdesking, because, you see, what I'd done...

Well, what I'd done was have Andrew line up at a convention to get a signature from Commander Riker, that's what. Mister Growing-The-Beard Himself.

Which totally changes the line, and also makes Andrew look slightly moronic for talking about Riker coming from Voyager when he's actually from Next Gen.

Yes, I'm an idiot. Feel free to mock me. *grins*


Jan. 29th, 2014 07:20 pm
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Okay. Having not written much fic lately (or... you know... any), emergency action is called for.

So, I'm doing a bingo card.

What Lies BeneathIronApocalypseFamilyWin
Idle ChatterThe PlanetsDispossessedWaste DisposalPrestige
VelvetFateWild CardEverything ChangesSpring
FeelRedFive Things FicDoctorJigsaw

Watch this space, guys. It'll be epic. (Either that, or it'll fail horribly. Still worth watching.)


May. 15th, 2013 10:39 am
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For those who would like to remix things...

[community profile] buffy_remix is now taking sign-ups for Buffyverse remix fics.
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Is anyone interested in a Buffyverse remix ficathon?

Since the Remix doesn't appear to be happening this year, I'm missing my remix-ness. That one was huge, though, so I can see why no-one wants to take it over.

So – if we held a smaller remix, of Buffyverse fics, would anyone come?

Show of hands?


Apr. 23rd, 2012 06:10 am
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The Remix is live! And someone has written a rather fun remix of Fair Dinkum: She'll Be Right (the No Worries remix). Go read!

(My story is buried somewhere in there too. As are plenty of other fascinating new remixes. Have fun.)
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Quietly panicking...

- I've agreed to be a Sunday School teacher, owing to my crazy delusions of being good at stuff.

- I'm trying to decide what on earth I'm going to remix and how on earth I can possibly do it.

- Somewhere in there I'm also supposed to be writing a Dawn/Andrew mpreg which has been stalled for weeks.

- My tea supply is getting low.

- I've decided to try doing a workshop for high-school students on writing lab reports - because I am a CRAZY PERSON.

- People keep shoving badly written documents at me and asking me to edit them, and I KEEP SAYING YES. Why can't I be content with doing one thing at a time?
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So, after spending last week immersed in a debate about whether fanfic is ethical or at all legitimate, I'm spending this week... in another debate about whether fanfic is ethical or at all legitimate.


This time, it's a discussion on reworked fanfic being published as original fiction. An interesting topic - but the anti-fanficcers are mainly arguing that "you're taking someone else's plot/characters/setting rather than putting in the effort of coming up with your own!"

...using someone else's PLOT. By reworking my own fanfic.

*sighs again*

My dear arguers,

It may have escaped your notice, but fanfic does not consist purely of finding a transcript of a tv episode, and putting "she said" in between all the dialogue.

Supposing I go crazy and decide, for some reason, to rework a fanfic as original fiction. Say... hmm... this one here.

I change some names, alter a few words, and I have... an epistolary short story about two roommates getting on each other's nerves and an escalating prank war.

Or what about this one? I'd end up with a short story about a ghost and his friendship with two women.

It may have escaped your notice, ranting people, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer never featured stories about a woman falling in love with a coat-rack, or someone deliberately sabotaging dinner with his girlfriend's sister, or a vengeful army of trained drop-bears. And, tragically, Angel and Illyria never got it on.

Heck, half the time my fanfic doesn't even include anyone else's characters, let alone plot.

And yes, I can see you opening your mouths, about to say "Ah, but I didn't mean that kind of fanfic..." Yeah, but - you kinda did. You said "fanfic", and then promptly showed the whole world that you had no idea what "fanfic" tends to involve. Hence I will go forth and ignore your opinion.

(Actually - first I'll post a short rant on the subject. But then I'm going to ignore your opinion. Just you watch me.)


Feb. 24th, 2012 08:21 am
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Why fan fiction? Why, for example, does one have to write a Lord of the Rings around Gandalf's daughter or whomever, for whatever reason? Why not use that as a spring board and do something like Jacqualine Carey's Godslayer books. When you read them, you can TELL she was inspired to write these based on how she viewed LOTRs, but I felt that took that inspiration and ran with it. To me, at least, writing a story where Gandalf has a daughter or Harry and Hermione get together does not mean you're writing a LOTRs story or a Harry Potter story.

Because I want to write a short poem on heroic death, and I don't want to spend seven years writing and publishing a tv show so that I have the right quotes to use.

Because I want to do a character study of someone from this story, and I'd rather do it in fiction than in essay form.

Because I want to write around the main events of the story, and if I do that to a story I've created in my own head, no-one will have a clue what the main events are.

Because I want to tell a joke.

Because I want to explore the mindset of a particular person mid-way through a particular scene, and if I wrote a story with exactly that character and exactly that scene just so I could, you would rightly accuse me of copying from my favourite tv series even if I changed the names.

Because I want to write a story by cleverly leaving out the important part, and seeing if it still makes sense.

Because I want to capture a single moment in exactly 100 words.

Because I want to argue for a particular theory concerning a fictional universe, and if you think I'm going to create an entire original universe featuring One Monster Killer In Every Generation and have my main Monster Killer killed and then revived with CPR and then accidentally activate the new Monster Killer so that suddenly there are two of them just so I can discuss my funky theory without stepping on any copyright rules, you're insane.

Because I want to be obscure.

Because I like capturing moments in fiction more than I like constructing universes.

Because it's fun.

Because I like exploring alternate universes, and I don't want to spend my free time creating one universe so that I can then create an alternate universe of my first universe, just so I can do a vague job of discussing the actual alternate universes I wanted to discuss in the first place.

I feel like you're writing your own story, but using someone else's characters, and . . well, at the moment, I feel like that's lacking in effort.

I'm sorry, do you mind repeating that?
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Because I have gone crazy, I told Snick I'd write a Dawn/Andrew mpreg.

Hence I found myself, last night, trying to explain to the boyfriend exactly what "het mpreg" is. He now thinks I'm very weird.

Truthfully? I have no idea why taking a male/female pairing and getting the man pregnant should be such a source of delight to me. (Nor can I explain the brilliance of wingfic, body-swaps, sex pollen, penguin AUs, genderswaps, self-inserts, or curtain-fic - no matter how cool they are.) But the first fic I ever read was het mpreg, and I'll always have a soft spot for it.

*goes back to planning ways to use the Key in dimension-bendingy mpreg weirdness*
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So, I've been coming up with superheroes.

I have the tentative beginnings of a superhero story brewing, in a world which
a) has to be somewhat similar to the Marvel and DC universes, in that it features masked/caped superheroes flying around the place defending the innocent
b) can't actually be the Marvel or DC universe, for plot related reasons.

Hence, I've been coming up with backstory - including the world's very first superheroes, both from London in the 20s.

And here is my shallow, ridiculous, first-world dilemma: I don't have a last name for my first-ever superhero.

His superhero name? Got that: Black Arrow.
Powers? All figured out?
Personal life? Done.
Costume? Easy.
First name? It's Leonard.
But his last name? clue.

I should be moving on and continuing to come up with an actual story, but instead I am sitting here, headdesking, and growling "Dammit, Leonard, just give yourself a last name! WHAT IS IT???"

So - any suggestions?

I'm wanting something British and mildly upperclass, probably a trade-ish name. Like Weaver, Tanner, Wright, or something.

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For the Remix this year, I ended up with the same remixee I had last year. Which meant looking through the same set of fics, trying to find something I'd rejected already...

In the end I found this.

thoughts on the remix )

So - I had fun writing this! Yay!
...and that's about all I have to say.
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*tears hair out over Remix* THIS SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD.

I am currently rewatching bits of Buffy. This is to get the characterisation right, and in no way procrastinating.

*tears hair out some more*
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So, last year when I posted my first piece of writing, my sister asked to see "Lithuania stories".

This may have confused people who weren't me.

Here, for your interest and amusement, is the long story of my biggest imaginary world ever...

Lithuania (no, not that one, the other one) )

...Questions? Comments?


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