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Agatha Christie used to have her novels adapted into plays by other people – and then, one day, she sighed, picked herself up, and started adapting them herself. Because everyone else was doing it wrong. They were, you see, sticking too closely to her original novel-like plot, rather than changing it to a play-type plot.

This bit of trivia is not unrelated to why I think the AtLA movie and the Harry Potter movies suck.

Okay – so there are many reasons why The Last Airbender sucks*, but this is the one that is related to the Harry Potter movies also sucking.

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Apr. 29th, 2012 07:43 am
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Over the last three days I have seen:

- Ruddigore (Gilbert & Sullivan), with [personal profile] vass. She was my first internet meeting, and was very nice.
Not my favourite G&S, but it was performed very well. The man playing Despard was wonderful.

- The Avengers! Extremely Avengery - and Joss clearly had a lot of fun with Iron Man's dialogue.

- Episode four of ALoK. In which Korra wears formal clothing, and looks gorgeous.
I am yet to decide whether my favourite character is Tenzin or Bolin. (But then, last week it was Mako - so it's possible I'm just indecisive and Naga will be my favourite by the next episode...)

Yay for new things to watch!
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So, I went a little overboard.

My sister challenged me to find the perfect vid for expressing what I liked about my main ship. And... I've got quite a few of those.

Here are nine fanvids of my ships.

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Questions? Comments?
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This will probably be of very little interest to anyone who isn't into tabletop roleplaying...

I've been trying to figure out how the heck to turn AtLA into an RPG. The big thing getting in my way is the element-bending.

So, here's what I've come up with.

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That's what I've come up with so far.

Questions? Comments?
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There should be an AtLA RPG. (A tabletop RPG, I mean. I don't care about the other kind.)

Seriously - it would be so interesting! And fun!

You could have pre-series campaigns with a couple of Air Nomad refugees fleeing the Fire Nation and meeting up with an earthbender.

Or a post-series campaign with border clashes between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation colonies, with the party having to work out the solution.

Or a pre-war campaign with some firebenders teaming up with some airbenders to explore some exciting archaeological caverns.

Or try to get around the Dai Li.

Or do a dungeon crawl through King Bumi's exciting maze of wonders, in which every single wonder wants to kill you.

Or almost anything.

Wouldn't it be fun?


Mar. 22nd, 2011 09:14 pm
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Just rewatched The Day of Black Sun, from AtLA.

My goodness that episode is brilliant.

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So… Avatar.

I’d like to devote a post to telling you all about it, and why it’s so brilliant. And naturally, the first question that springs to mind is: What Show Am I Watching?

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I kind of want to do a whole post of just endless quotes by (or about) Zuko.

Like him wanting to defeat the Fatherlord... uh... Firelord.

Or being really bad at being good.

Or trying to figure out what Iroh would say, and rambling senselessly about clouds.

Or Katara giving him the not-as-much-of-a-jerk-as-he-could-have-been award.

Or just "You're so beautiful when you hate the world."

...but I'm probably boring everyone who isn't me, so I'm going to stop now.

*still needs icons*
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Zuko trying to be villainous? Fun.

Zuko trying to be a jolly good chap and get along with people? Really REALLY fun.

*loves this show*


Oct. 4th, 2010 09:18 pm
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A high-quality tv show, with a strong character-driven arc... which someone picks up the koalasheep they've been using as a pillow and screams into its wool?

Heh. Cool.
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TV shows that I love beyond reason: Buffy, Farscape, Frasier, Doctor Who, Tru Calling, Castle, Sarah Connor Chronicles

Shows from that list that I actually have stuff to say about: Buffy

The thing is, I love a lot of shows. But that doesn't actually translate into fic, meta, polls, vids, or anything else - except with Buffy, for some reason.

Now, though, I'm getting slightly weirded out: because for the first time in years, I seem to have discovered a show I might end up getting fannish about in the same way I am fannish over Buffy.

That being Avatar: the Last Airbender.

I love it. I haven't even finished watching it yet (dumb Aussie dvd releases *grumble*), but I love it.

And I predict that, if Avatar: Legend of Korra is anything like it looks like being, I'm going to end up with fic. And much meta.
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I have Avatar the Last Airbender season 2! It's finally out in Australia! Now I can watch it!


Of course, the problem here is that it's been so long since I got season 1 that I'm going to have to rewatch that first...


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