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I asked one of the team engineers to check whether a technical term was written correctly. He huffed, rolled his eyes slightly, and demanded "Who's questioning it?"

Why, good sir, I am questioning it. It is my bounden duty, as company editor, to question every half-formed piece of drivel that crosses my desk; to tear it to shreds and reconstruct it in a way that makes sense; to challenge every fact, every phrasing; to correct, to change, to disrupt - so that when your document reaches its final destination, and your now-flowing prose delights their every sense, our clients will not, even for a moment, question it.
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Life is about to drastically change.

This week, the husband will be in Japan - so the kidlet and I will be home by ourselves. The next week, I will start working three days a week, while the husband drops down to three days too.

I am simultaneously excited and terrified. What if my son doesn't remember me after a whole nine hours apart? What if I forget how to read and totally fail at my job? What if aliens land?

...hopefully it will all be fine.
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Met some of my new coworkers this morning.

Our desks are arranged into groups (or "pods"). My pod has apparently been christened "Rivendell". We are preparing for a pod-decorating competition against the other pods, including the nearest: "King's Landing".

...I think I'm going to like these people.


Dec. 8th, 2015 07:38 pm
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Just turned down a really nice job opportunity because it would make my son too parent-deprived.

On the positive side, I was just offered a really nice job. People think I'm hireable!

...still. Right now, this somewhat sucks.
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...I'm seriously stuck.

I've had a lot of work suddenly due all at once, which is a problem because I'm not good at tight schedules at the best of times, let alone when I suddenly need to throw up or lie down at random intervals. But I've been tackling it valiently.

I have three things due by next week. Last night, I finished number 1! Go me!

Sent number 1 off with a triumphant "finished!" email, and felt very relieved that I only had to cram 2 and 3 into next week.

Just woke up to an email of "you can't be finished, because there's more to part 1 and it's not due to reach you until tomorrow".


...why on earth didn't they send me that bit with the rest of it? And what the heck do I do now?

Not sure what to do about letting them know my scheduling issues. Especially since 2 and 3 both go to different people (1 and 2 are to the same person), and neither of them really values the other person's project. Hence the freaking out.
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People who don't use much technology seem to think it's magic.

Current client is putting written work online, which involves coding. In particular, coding which makes pretty maths equations look like actual maths equations. Because the things that make equations look good in Word make online equations totally incomprehensible – if, in fact, they appear at all.

Thankfully, there is a button they can press that's magic. It goes like this:
1) Pretty Word equations
3) Pretty online equations

I am now attempting to break it gently to my client that they cannot get these files checked by someone who doesn't know coding. And that I have, in fact, spent most of my week dealing with the coding, because magic buttons, while helpful, are not a panacea. Despite the magic buttons, I still have to
- check every line of equation coding
- fix all the errors that crept in during the conversion
- code all the bits that were just part of the normal text, and hence weren't converted

It's surprisingly hard to explain. Much as I imagine it'd be hard for the local wizard to explain why invisibility cloaks just don't work that way.


Jan. 29th, 2014 01:11 pm
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My editorial style guide's list of punctuation does not include the interrobang.

For this, I am judging it. Hard.


Feb. 11th, 2013 04:00 pm
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After my original contract was extended by one month, and then another, and then yet another, I was kinda hoping it would be extended ad infinitum for the rest of time. Unfortunately, their budget has finally run out, and my boss has finally run out of excuses for keeping me around, so this will be my last month. Unemployment here I come!

Any millionaire superheroes out there searching for a sidekick to aid them in their undercover ops, do bear me in mind...
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You know, answering anatomy quizzes is much easier once you've learnt enough Latin to realise that ovaduct means "egg tube" and thermoreceptors are "heat getters".


Dec. 17th, 2012 08:10 pm
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*clears throat*

Henceforth, I am able to put the letters "AE" after my name. For "accredited editor". Because I am one.

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The problem with having a job that involves editing online stuff is that you start thinking the whole internet works that way.

I keep on noticing typos on different sites, and thinking "Hmm... I'll just log in and fix that..." and then realising that I can't.

Silly internet. It should let me edit everything. (Yeah, I basically want to be Neo.)
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Currently dealing with textbooks that used to say this:
List several features of dogs.
(Answer: they are fluffy, and often pets)

But now, being adapted for an activity, the author has decided to turn it into a true/false question, like this:
True or false: Dogs are fluffy, and often pets.
(Answer: true)

Which... okay.

But then, having done this twenty-odd times in a row, the author has realised that there's a few too many "true" questions, and has decided to make some of them "false". So, they've thought long and hard about how to turn a true statement into a false one, and have finally realised "Aha! Word substitution!"

Which led to things like this:
True or false: Cats are fluffy, and often pets.
(Answer: false)

I keep going through and finding lots of statements they've labelled as false that aren't actually false, and I just... *destroys things*


Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:49 am
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My new work is very into freebies and almost-freebies.

In the month and a half that I've been working there, we've moved buildings, had a best-selling novel, and had... rain. Which means that I am now the proud owner of:
- a Penguin mug
- a Penguin notebook
- a canvas Penguin bag
- a huge Penguin umbrella
- a best-selling novel
...which cost me, in total, five dollars.

Five dollars. For the single item on that list that I paid for rather than having it foist upon me by enthusiastic freebie-givers.

By this time next year, I'm hoping for a full range of Penguin-themed sportswear.
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There are dictionaries everywhere.

We get free mugs! With book titles on them!

Everyone thinks that using correct punctuation is actually important.

Instead of sending things to a specific printer, you set them to print, generally, and then go and find a printer you want to use. No remembering printer codes and then accidentally picking the wrong one!

The lunch tables have a half-completed jigsaw puzzle and an ongoing Scrabble game on them, among other things.

Because this is a workplace full of editors, said Scrabble game is epic and intimidating.

I can get extra days of leave if I'm volunteering for charity.

They have Secret Projects That Must Not Be Talked About. With code names.

No-one thinks it's weird that I have spaceships on my desk. In fact, I am not the strangest person here.


Sep. 21st, 2012 06:02 pm
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My job this week has mostly involved dealing with already published history textbooks. Which was interesting! I spent most of yesterday thinking "Ooh! Polynesian navigation!" and "Ooh! Vikings!" and "Ooh! Mongol golf tournaments!" and wishing I had time to just read.

Today, though...

Today I was dealing with Columbus discovering America. So I spent an hour growling at Columbus for slaughtering people.

Then... I moved on to the people he'd been slaughtering. Specifically - the Aztecs. And after a couple of hours editing stuff on human sacrifice, I was very squicked out and starting to be on Columbus's side.

But eventually I stopped having to read about Aztec sacrifices! ...and started reading about the Black Death. In excruciating detail. *sighs*

(Poor Black Death people. I kinda want to build a time machine just so I can go back and teach them hygiene. They were all so baffled about them dying!)
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My new job is at a publishing house, in a building which is a converted railway shed.

Perfect metaphor for my career, really.
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Okay, so it's only a three-month contract, and I'm getting paid peanuts, but YAY!

(The boyfriend, bless his socks, is currently on a plane - so I can't tell him for hours. *frets*)
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So, here's what happened:

Mr Businessman emails me (months after our last contact) to ask:
"Hey, are you still in the technical writing biz? Wanna do some technical writing for me?"

I am poor and in need of work, and say:
"Sure thing."

Mr Businessman says:
"Great! Now, we'll just need you to complete one user manual for our Coke Bottles And Lids Machine, as a test. Here's all the background materials you'll need..."

And he sends me 20 documents - most of them barely comprehensible diagrams - and a template to follow for the finished user manual.

*time passes*

I spend several days looking through these documents, trying to figure out how the Coke Bottles And Lids Machine works. I take copious notes, and figure out a lot - but there are still some things I can't figure out:
- The diagrams are, as I've said, barely comprehensible. How do I tell which bit makes the bottles and which bit makes the lids?
- The template has headings for "Basic Operation", "Maintenance", "Valve Positions", "Emergency Shutdown", and "Start-Up Procedure", among others. None of these can be completed without me having lots of additional info about the Coke Bottles And Lids Machine. Info that hasn't be provided.
- This is a "test", sure, but am I getting paid for it?
- No, seriously. I've got 3 full days of work coming up, followed by two days of freelancing that I definitely will be paid for. And this template is rather large and going to take up heaps of free time. Am I getting paid for this? Or do they only pay me once I've "passed"?
- Is this really worth a week of my free time if I'm not getting paid?
- How the hell am I going to complete this without the extra info, even if they do pay me?

*time passes, and Mez pulls her hair out*

So, eventually, I email Mr Businessman:
"Hi, Businessman. If you really want me to do this, it'll take me a week. And also, I'll need lots of extra info about your Coke Bottles And Lids Machine. Can you give it to me, please?"

And he emails back:
"You FAIL the test!!!! Here's the correct answer sheet. What you should have done is:
1) Copy and paste the first document into the template's first page.
2) Delete all the template's other pages, as we really don't need to know about maintenance, emergency shutdown, basic operation, or any of that crap.
3) Put all the diagrams at the end. Incomprehensible? Meh. The factory workers can deal.

You suck. Too bad. If you want to try another test, let me know.
Oh, also - the user manual was only about the Coke Lids, not the Coke Bottles. You weren't misled by me mentioning bottles, were you?"

...does the fact that I want to burn down his house and chop him into tiny pieces make me a bad person?
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Have just applied for three jobs.

REALLY want one of them.

Really DON'T want one of the others.

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Today, my job works like this:

1) Open up a long Word document.

2) Get the first ten pages, and copy-paste them into Notepad - so that it strips ALL the formatting.

3) Copy-paste from Notepad back into a non-formatted Word document. Fix all the issues that are still there.

4) Copy-paste from the non-formatted Word document, into a Word document that's formatted in a different way to the original Word document. Hurrah! Now it looks like it's supposed to!

5) Go back to the original Word document, grab the next ten pages, and start the whole process again.

This is going to take me hours...


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