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Kidlet Primus has picked up on the fact that you "hammer" with a hammer, and "mop" with a mop, and so forth.

He keeps picking lemons and asking if we can go to the kitchen and "lemon the lemon" (juice it, in fact). And this morning he told me we should go outside and "frisbee the frisbee".

He's rather adorable.
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Have kept my unbroken streak of seeing Star Wars movies for the first time in the cinema. In this case, that means Kidlet Secunda has also been to her very first Star Wars movie. She slept through most of it, but watched a couple of scenes in fascination while I changed her nappy.

On that subject... HELL YES was that a Star Wars movie! WOO!

Life has been an endless series of Christmas events (including five different present opening occassions for Kidlet Primus). BUSY. We're now about to go away for a week with my family. Not sure if this will be relaxing, or extra busy. We shall see.

I have downgraded my phone (to a paper diary, an iPod, and a old-style mobile that actually makes phone calls as its primary function), and upgraded my car (to a hatchback with parking assistance, bluetooth, cruise control, and, oh yes, the ability to fit two children - kind of important, that). Very happy with both decisions.

Having so much fun dressing Kidlet Secunda up in pretty outfits. Girls clothes are fun! Plus, dresses are so much easier for nappy changing. I can see why boys used to wear them pre-toilet training.

The entire world has given me chocolate for Christmas. It's yummy, but not terribly good for me... Oh well... *munches*

new baby

Nov. 15th, 2016 07:08 am
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Rachel Melinda Christopher was born on 8th November, 2016. She is rather lovely.

Kidlet Primus is thoroughly besotted with Kidlet Secunda. He keeps running over to cuddle her.

*exhausted but happy*
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Am currently sitting in my son's room (he won't lie down if I can't see him, today), as he lies in bed, loudly counting his toes and talking about stars and wiggly lines.


On the other hand: he's so CUTE!

cute kid

Jul. 13th, 2016 09:37 am
deird1: the kidlet, looking oh so cute (kidlet with hat)
The kidlet has reached the stage of repeatedly mentioning things he's happy about. Yesterday, it was half an hour of "dinosaur socks! dinosaur socks!", and now he's munching a fruit bar (with a blue wrapper) and saying "blue bar" over and over.

It's rather adorable.
deird1: the kidlet, looking oh so cute (kidlet with hat)
The kidlet now has three different types of "no".

I find it interesting that, ever since the kidlet started saying "no" at all, everyone has assumed that he's yelling "No! I won't do it!" at me. Which he still hasn't done, even at all. What he has been doing is this:

1) "Do you want a biscuit?" "No."

This is a very short, definite no. It's invariably a simple answer to a question of the "do you want..." variety. Very informative. SO helpful when he started doing this - suddenly our interactions involved a lot less guesswork.

2) "Do you have a wet nappy?" "Nooooo..."

Stretched out no - pretty much used as a response to nappy questions or other quests for information. This has been happening for about a month now.

3) "No, you can't play with the knives." "No, no! No, no!"

This is often accompanied by a wail of upset disbelief. The "no!" here isn't him saying no to me - it's him expressing his displeasure that I have said no to him. And it's very cute.
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Don't you hate it when you have an excellent idea for a blog post, but by the time you actually sit down to post it, you've forgotten what it was? *sighs*

So, random life update:
- Am almost finished with Latin book 5, at which point I will be a (self-described) Advanced Latin Student, ready for such majestic heights as fairytales-in-Latin, Harry-Potter-in-Latin, and short-excerpts-from-classic-Latin-texts-with-the-translation-right-there-in-case-I-get-confused. Very awesome.

- Am feeling very organised, because all my Christmas presents are wrapped.

- The boy is now walking all day, and getting rather adventurous. Fun, but slightly exhausting.

- We are between heatwaves, so having nice sunny weather. Most of my plants have survived so far.

- The husband is now halfway through season 3 of Farscape. He's enjoying it, most of the time.


Dec. 8th, 2015 07:38 pm
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Just turned down a really nice job opportunity because it would make my son too parent-deprived.

On the positive side, I was just offered a really nice job. People think I'm hireable!

...still. Right now, this somewhat sucks.


Dec. 5th, 2015 07:19 am
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The problem with not posting regularly is that I then feel like I can't post anything until it's the BEST POST EVER I don't post at all.

- I swear, the scene in Half Blood Prince where the vampire comes to Slughorn's party - Rowling clearly wrote it purely so that she could have her Italian vampire called "Sanguini" and giggle at her awesome Latin pun.

- My son is now walking and talking - for a given definition thereof. He is, as always, extremely cute.

- Despite being halfway through Murdoch Mysteries, Elementary, Newsroom, and Despicable Me, I am eagerly rewatching Heroes - which I haven't seen in its entirety (ie: the first season, which is ALL THAT EXISTS) since it was first broadcast. It's kind of awesome.

- Finally finished the blanket that took me two damn years, and can move on to other crochet projects that interest me a bit more. (Steadfastly ignoring the cross-stitch project that's been half-complete for four years now.)

- Will put Christmas tree up today. Will then spend three weeks keeping one-year-old from destroying Christmas tree.

(Excuse me. The kidlet is demanding that I read him a story.)
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The kidlet is 1!

And highly awesome. And very cute. And many other things.

He's on the verge of walking, and is currently experimenting with how many different ways he can get down the stairs (three so far). He loves the cat, the piano, the garden, and anything car-shaped that he can "vrrrm" across the floor. He can say "Mum", "Dad", "hi", "yeah", "Grandma", and "round and round". He is patient, sociable, curious, and listens well. He likes looking at birds, listening to stories, and grabbing random parts of my face.

And the rest is photos:

far too many photos )

I love him dearly. He is my favourite little boy in the world, and I have enjoyed this year beyond anything - sleep deprivation and all.
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Last night, after half an hour of trying to get a shrieking child to sleep, I grabbed his soft toy lion, and informed the kidlet that Lion needed to go to sleep.

Lion then snuggled down on the kidlet's chest, made a few snuffly noises, and then started snoring. I pointed out that Lion snored just like Daddy, but in lionese ("RAA-pheeeeew... RAA-pheeeeew..."), and asked the kidlet to stay very quiet, so we didn't wake him up again.

A few minutes later, Lion wanted to lie down in bed, but was a bit worried about lying there alone, so the kidlet was very friendly and lay down with him so that he wouldn't feel lonely...
deird1: the kidlet, looking oh so cute (kidlet with hat)
The kidlet has just outgrown his size 0s and moved into his far-too-large size 1s.

Being the 90s teen that I am, I looked at him wearing his oversized baggy tshirt with fake wearing-long-sleeve-shirt-under-this sleeves and thought "Damn! My kid is cool!" Then he coughed and grabbed my nose and I remembered that it's no longer the 90s, and he's probably not that cool - but, my word, he's CUTE.

oh dear

May. 4th, 2015 08:21 pm
deird1: Fred looking nervous (Fred nervous)
Part of my necklace fell off today, and is missing. Now I get to spend the evening paranoid that the baby has swallowed it. Fun fun fun.



Apr. 29th, 2015 08:06 am
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My old computer having finally died, I've bought a new one. Behold, my ability to type a paragraph in less than half an hour!

The kidlet is doing well, and is semi-mobile. He's not crawling yet, but is moving enough to grab random objects before I've realised that he's now two metres away from where I left him.

I've decided that Elementary is the best show of all the shows - at least this week. Miles better than most Sherlock Holmes incarnations, at least, due to his wonderful ability to not be a total arse to everyone he encounters.

We're about to start a weekly, parent-friendly roleplaying group at our house. Haven't done this in nearly a decade, and now I suddenly have to create a session-long Firefly campaign out of thin air! Help!

I've ditched book 5 of my Latin course, and have raced back to book 1 to revise. Am now no longer feeling like a dunce, but instead marvelling at my ability to speak extremely basic Latin with such finesse.

...I totally have time to sign up for this year's Remix, right? Right?
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"Nephew, the Kidlet needs some quiet so he can eat. Can you please find something to play with that isn't noisy?"
"Sure!" Runs to toy box, pulls out first toy. "Is this noisy?"
"No, that's fine."
"How about this one?" Rattles toy, loudly. "Is this noisy?"
"Yes, that is. Please play with something else."
"How about this?" Proceeds to pull every single toy out of the box, one by one, asking (loudly) for my opinion on whether it's noisy or not, experimenting (loudly) to check how much noise they can make, and placing all the noisy ones (loudly) in a pile so he'll know not to use them.

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Elf is sick of being overlooked in favour of the baby. He just meowed me indignantly to the couch, where he proceeded to grab my hand with both paws and smugly purr all over me. Every time I try to move, this whole cycle starts all over again.

In other news, I'm enjoying a fun activity I call "parenting through peer pressure". It involves the kidlet sitting in his highchair with his plastic cutlery (no solids yet) while we eat dinner, and using his gumbrush while I use my toothbrush. The idea is that he thinks this is just What We Do, so that I can avoid having to introduce him to Scary New Things and instead just slide him effortlessly into our everyday lives. (Those of you who are parents, this is where you get to laugh hysterically at me using "effortlessly" in a sentence about parenting.)

So far, it's working well.
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Please note my icon. RIP, Pterry. You will forever be remembered as "that guy with all the footnotes" and "wasn't there one chap who wrote fantasy, only funny?"

In other news:
- We have successfully changed continents, and are now happily ensconced in our messy Melburnian home. Visitors welcome.

- The kidlet is four months old, and growing like a weed. He can roll over, fiddle with things, play the piano, and throw almost all of Daddy's food onto the floor.

- I am back in the land of physios, and my back is thrilled. Hurrah for people who can stop me being in pain!
deird1: Sokka, with the picture he painted (Sokka picture)
I have a very cute kid.

He's started trying things out - like pushing into a standing position, sitting up, and experimenting to see just what it sounds like when he hiccups in the middle of making a noise (and then laughing at the result).

I am rather squeeful. And desperate to take him home so that everyone else can finally meet him.

Gorgeous boy:

deird1: Anya looking stern (Anya glasses)
Never realised, pre-kidlet, just how much "sleep" is unconnected to "tired" in the mind of a baby.

He's tired. He's VERY tired. And yet he refuses to go to sleep, because he's TOO TIRED. WHY ARE YOU HARRASSING ME WITH DIFFICULT TASKS, MUMMY? CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TIRED?!!!

Have spent much of today
a) leaving him to cry in his cot (and hopefully fall asleep) while I do things around the house
b) leaving him to cry in his pram (and hopefully fall asleep) while I go grocery shopping
c) leaving him to cry in his carseat (and hopefully fall asleep) while I drive
d) leaving him to cry in his sling (and hopefully fall asleep) while I carry him around the house
...because there's only so much I can do to get him to sleep when he flatly refuses. Which, from his perspective, probably makes me a terribly mean mummy who's ignoring him - but, screw it. Mean mummy it is. GO TO SLEEP, KID.

Currently, sheer exhaustion is making him finally fall asleep in his sling. I'm trying to remain quiet and peaceful, in the hopes that he doesn't wake up again EVER until the husband gets home.
deird1: the kidlet, looking oh so cute (kidlet with hat)
It's rather interesting getting to see what raw emotion looks like.

I thought I had seen people acting genuine, pure misery before - but really, if you think about it, most actors* are actually trying to convey the concealment of misery. Genuine emotion, in adults, most often looks like someone trying to restrain that emotion.

With babies, on the other hand...

When the kidlet is miserable, he is MISERABLE. No holds barred unhappy, with the facial expressions to show the world. Being within ten metres of him at all times means that I am getting an excellent education in the actual, unrestrained versions of emotions like misery, happiness, worry, tired grumpiness, and contentment.

It is extremely fascinating.

* with the exception of James Van Der Beek in that hilarious Dawson's Creek gif

I will now leave you with a display of genuine happiness, for your edification:


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