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Anyone who likes modern instrumental music should check out "The Piano Guys". I am currently listening to their Christmas album, and desperately wanting to see them in concert.

(They also do rather fun YouTube videos.)
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When people asked me my taste in music, I used to say "everything except heavy metal and country and western".

Then... I became a country fan. So it became "everything except heavy metal".

Now... I think it's become "everything except heavy metal and Frank Sinatra". Because seriously - listening to a few minutes of Sinatra from outside the MRI room was enough to make me snap and ask them to give me anything else to listen to during my MRI, because all the Sinatra would drive me crazy.

Oh yeah. And I had an MRI.

It was exciting and weird, and did sound just as much like a jackhammer as everyone had told me. It was on my knee - so I only had to be in the machine up to my shoulders, rather than full-on claustrophobic nightmare conditions. Which sounds like a good thing, but in practice, instead of being in a high-tech coffin getting cool sci-fi effects as I was transformed into a super-soldier, I kept opening my eyes to see this machine eating me! and it had almost reached my head! Very stressful.

So... Frank Sinatra. Does that music suck, or is it just me?
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My iPhone now has its own "geeks" playlist, featuring such songs as "Re: Your Brains", "Let's Go To The Mall", "Do You Want To Date My Avatar", "Mandelbrot Set", "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit", and "I'm The One That's Cool".

*hums happily*
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1) Spring is here! Along with lovely spring weather.

2) The boyfriend brought me flowers. Because he's great.

3) Funky country music on my phone. (Yes, that's a GOOD thing.)

4) My hair is getting long!

5) Elf purred at me this morning, and looked happy.

6) Spring! Hurrah for spring!
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- Bought a saxophone, second-hand.
- Tried to remember how to play...

- Went to a high-school production of Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat, directed by my sister. 350 kids in total, so they barely managed to fit on the stage.
- Cheered, applauded, and generally fangirled.

- Played piano at church, with a full band, for once. (Hooray for drummers! They rock!)

- Went to parents' house for Father's Day.
- Ate baked potatoes, and discussed high-school production with sister, in enthusiastic detail.

- Tried to play saxophone some more. One day, I will get it to stop squeaking horribly...


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