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Shakespeare should always be performed rather than read.

Saw some friends perform As You Like It this evening. I can guarantee you - if I'd tried sitting down and reading that play, I wouldn't have got more than two pages in. But watching it? Fantastic! It's so hilarious!

Especially when the actors get the fact that Shakespeare's comedies were more "low burlesque" than "high opera".* They're silly, and should be treated as such. Whereas when people think "Shakespeare=formal" and try treating it solemnly and giving the most serious and staid performances of their lives... it just doesn't work.

* I have an entirely different rant ready about how opera is more low burlesque than high opera - but that would go against the point I'm trying to make in this paragraph, so I'll leave it for now.
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Last night, the boyfriend and I went to an improvisational theatre performance.

For the first half, we listened to Jane Austen, Jackie Collins, HP Lovecraft, and... some other guy... as they told each other stories. (Yes, this was more exciting than it sounds.)

Jane Austen's tale involved Fanny Smithson and Harold Jones falling in love over mathematics and telescopes, while Lovecraft told a very creepy tale involving four masks - and only managed to get to three of them before the performance ran out of time, thus handily giving me nightmares about what the fourth mask would do.

Then, for the second half, we watched a court case.

They asked for suggestions from the audience of random objects that could be submitted into evidence. We suggested a rubber mallet - and they promptly decided that the defendant was a clown who had killed her fellow clown by substituting a metal mallet for the standard rubber mallet, thus causing a weight imbalance that made the clown fall to her death during the high-wire unicycle act.

So we listened to lots of circusy witnesses, telling us exciting tales of clown love, affairs with the ringmaster, the props master being seduced by the bearded lady, and malicious rubber mallet substitutions by all sorts of people.

It was wonderful fun.


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