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So, f'list of mine: where would one find wonderfully shippy moments for Angel/Cordelia?

I'm trying to create a vid, but am being delayed by the fact that I can't rely on my memory as much as I normally do. My general process is
1) think of some theme I'm wanting to go with
2) remember a moment on BtVS that really fits
3) take a few seconds to search my brain, and go "Aha! It's from season 5, episode 19, 2 minutes 33 seconds in, when Tara has just said 'caramel' in a really cute way!"
4) load up the scene, and rip the moment I want.

In this case, though, I am hindered by a few things...

Firstly, I don't know AtS nearly as well as BtVS.
Secondly, I'm not an Angel/Cordy shipper, so I don't have a mental database of every second they're on screen together (in the way I would for Willow/Kennedy or Angel/Darla).

It's all making it a bit difficult to find the scenes I need.

So, for anyone who's ever shipped Angel/Cordy and doesn't mind me making a slightly tongue-in-cheek vid: where are the shippy scenes? where are the nice moments?


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