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Staying late at work (ie - 5pm) is a really good way to remind myself of why I usually leave on time (ie - 4pm).

Am currently trapped on a train crammed full of people. It's a good thing my station is the last one on the train line, because I have no idea how I'd maneuver out through the crowd before they all have to get off...

Thanks heavens for the internet and its manifold delights.
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I have acquired spectators.

On the morning commute, there are three options:
a) fall asleep
b) read, knit, etc
c) stare aimlessly at whatever is in your field of vision

Since taking up crochet, I have apparently become the most interesting thing in everyone's field of vision. Every time I look up from my wool, there are three or four people watching me...

It's slightly weird - but I'm getting used to the attention.
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...the train driver suddenly stops the train and announces "Sorry folks, we'll be stuck here until they've put out the fire on the track ahead", and everyone shrugs and goes back to their newspapers, paying little attention to the smell of smoke wafting through the carriage.

(This is all happening right near the city centre, mind.)
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Isn't it nice when you find something you really want and ALSO NEED so you can justify buying it?

I just got myself a SwitchStick:

(Mine is a different colour and style, but still the same sort of thing.)

There are three reasons I wanted this.

1) It's adjustable.

This is wonderful. I have been using a walking stick that's two inches longer than it should be - which ends up really hurting my wrist after a while. Now I have one that's the right height!

2) It's foldable.

A definite plus. You see, the problem with needing a walking stick occasionally and catching the train daily is that there are all these people who know that I don't normally need a stick - and might decide that I'm only carrying one so I can nab a disabled seat on the train when it's crowded.

If I'm seen carrying a stick when I don't need it, they're even more likely to decide this, even on those occasions when I really do need it and also desperately need a disabled seat.

Funnily enough, I will often need a stick for my morning, and not need it by the afternoon. But I still have to carry it home.

...which leads to the ludicrous situation in which I walk around the train station pretending I need the stick more than I do, so that people won't think I'm just pretending. Because I might not need it now - but I will need it later, and it's imperative that the passengers give me that disabled seat on the day that I really need it.
(Please note: no, I am not getting given the disabled seat when I'm just pretending. I'm not that selfishly dishonest.)

The good thing about this foldable stick is that I can just unpack it when I actually need it, and hide it on the journey home when I don't.

3) It's pretty and sparkly!



Mar. 1st, 2011 09:23 am
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Dear self,

You may recall that you have chronic back pain. And also that you have a bad memory.

In future, try not to combine the two.

Dear Metro lady, nurse, and random train passengers,

Thank you. You all rock.

Thanks for getting me water and a croissant without asking for money. Thanks for noticing that I was feeling ill. Thanks for giving me somewhere to sit for an hour. Thanks for making sure I got off the train without fainting. Thanks to the nurse, especially, for not pointing and laughing when you realised I'd taken extra-strength painkillers on an empty stomach. Thanks for sharing your own forgot-to-have-breakfast-first stories. Thanks for being so understanding and awesome.

This morning has been a little more interesting than I was expecting...


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