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For some reason, my DW posts have been having issues with OpenID.

I think I've figured out how to fix it - so it should be fine now. Comment away!
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I realise there's a whole week to go, but eventually someone is going to post something for [community profile] buffy_ficcing, right?

I went and checked that people were interested and everything...

(My prompting isn't that horrific, is it?)
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[community profile] buffy_ficcing

A prompt-and-ficathon community for Buffyverse fanficcers.
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There are quite a few (not-very-active) communities for posting fic.

However, I have yet to find any communities for Buffyverse prompts, challenges, or similar.


short poll )
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What am I doing with the whole DW/LJ thing?

1) I'm planning to (mostly) post to DW, and crosspost to LJ.
2) I'll (slowly, oh-so-slowly) be moving all of my fic, commentaries, and meta over here.
3) I'll still be reading LJ, if you're posting over there.
4) I'm occasionally going to have DW-only content. (Like the 30 days far-too-many-days meme.)

If you read my LJ, you might see some fic you've read before. Try to ignore that. (Or comment enthusiastically, whatever.)

Carry on...
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So, after a gap of... erm... seven months, I'm once more uploading my fic onto Dreamwidth.

Because this site rocks. Seriously.

If you're keeping track of my LJ, then don't bother reading: it's all stuff you've seen before. But I'm going to end up crossposting all my fic here, and then some of my more interesting meta, and possibly might end up crossposting all my entries from Dreamwidth.

*hugs this site*
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...but I'm going to crosspost all fic, from now on.

And I'm also going to start (slowly) reposting my older fic here, so that I eventually end up with all of it here, as well as on my LJ.

This will, among other things, give me the chance to actually fix up all my silly Rich-Text formatting issues from early posts, and use wonderful, wonderful html! Woo!

Stay tuned...


May. 2nd, 2009 07:17 am
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So... options...

1) import my LJ in its entirety, and crosspost all future entries

2) import bits of my LJ, mostly so that I don't have to import all my icons again

3) use this account for different purposes, like just slowly re-posting fic and meta for anyone who wants to read it here

4) something else?

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Yep, I'm here!


And yes, it's the same me as was on LJ. Same name and everything!

...still trying to figure out what to do next.


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