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Things in my life right now:

- I have started eating porridge for breakfast*. It is YUMMY.

- We went to a different church this week, which was awesome. Our regular church is quiet, solemn, and rather lifeless - as well as being quite challenging to meet people. This church is friendly, enthusiastic, and SINGS WITH GUSTO, which we've missed a great deal. (Not a comment on worship style, precisely. But when your church service feels more like a funeral, it becomes rather wearying.)

- The internet went down yesterday, taking away half my possible activities. *pines* Thankfully, it has now returned.

- Brought a huge amount of wool to Germany with me, with the intention of making a huge blanket that would
a) keep me warm
b) occupy my crocheting time for several months, in case I couldn't find more wool here.
I am now utterly sick of my half-finished blanket, and am plotting trips to wool shops to buy supplies for making baby things. It would be rather ludicrous to teach myself to crochet and not make my baby crocheted things, after all.

- Have finished Veronica Mars (except the movie). It's rather fun.

- Am getting kicked awake at 3am every morning, and thus missing out on a proper night's sleep. Can't wait until this kid is born, so that it can actually be put down away from my internal organs once in a while.

* My appetite being somewhat increased by pregnancy, it's actually my third breakfast of the day, following yoghurt and cereal.
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Had my kitchen tea today.

For those non-Aussies in our audience:
A "kitchen tea" is broadly similar to a bridal shower. It involves people such as grandmothers, aunts, and female friends of the family having a party, playing light-hearted games, eating afternoon tea, and possibly giving gifts – usually of the kitchenish variety (such as measuring cups, recipes, or tea towels).

Mine was lovely.

some photos under here )

In summary? I have the loveliest bridesmaids in the universe. And I am so very tired...
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Last night, the fiance took me to see Swan Lake. Beautiful production, with excellent dancers. And then, on the way home, I looked up the ballet's synopsis online, and discovered that it bore no resemblance whatsoever to the performance I'd just seen - except for the characters' names, and there being a lake full of swans.

Which, I guess you can do with ballet, since you don't need to deal with any lyrics.

It did make for a rather confusing Wikipedia experience for me, though. Kind of like looking up the BtVS season 2 finale and seeing this:
In Whedon's original draft, the battle at the airport was less prominent than it became in the finished episode. Also, originally Buffy attempted to follow Emily's plan, and failed - rather than dismissing the plan outright.

Confusing, no?

Wonderfully fun evening, despite Wikipedia lying to me. Very tired today. Must sleep some more.
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If anyone would like to buy a cat with a sweet, gentle disposition, who purrs placidly, never makes demands, and absolutely does not wake you up with incessant wailing at 2am, pleading, demanding, and howling at the top of his lungs until he's woken you up from what was a restful sleep... then honesty compels me to admit that this is not my cat.

But please, feel free to believe that he is, and take him away.
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Am awake bright and early this morning, despite my plans to sleep in.

Why? Because my wonderful cat, delight of my life, peed on my bed while I was in it.


He is now in deep disgrace, my sheets have been swiftly deposited in the bath, and I am bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and contemplating dim-sims for dinner.
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My cat is snoring.


I'm not married. I'm not living with anyone. Nor do I have small children. There is no reason I should be getting kept awake by a loud companion. AND YET.

My lovely cat is snuggled up next to me, contentedly snoring as loudly as his teeny nose can manage. And it is so, SO LOUD.
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In retrospect, I really should have bought the butter-menthols.

My night so far consists of waking up every half-hour or so to vomit. Then trying to find yet another butter-menthol substitute around my house...

(Does the rest of the world have butter-menthols? They're cough drops - containing butter and menthol - and are really good for soothing sore throats.)

The interesting bit? I'm not actually sick.

I was sick, a couple of days ago, with a cold. In which, courtesy of a stuffy nose, I ended up with post-nasal drip - which is where you have snot dripping down the back of your throat and irritating you into coughing.

I also (if you recall) have had whooping cough in recent memory. Which means my throat is slightly more sensitive than it should be. So, slight cough became bigger cough, which has now progressed to REALLY HORRIBLE cough that wakes me up every half-hour... originally just to cough and feel lousy, but now I'm actually throwing up from coughing too much.

I need butter-menthols, or similar (used up the cough syrup this morning). I don't have any - but I've already explored the full range of stuff available in my house, from lemsip, to asthma puffers, to soothing drinks, to, most recently, just big spoonfuls of honey. Hopefully it'll calm my throat down enough to last until 7am, when the shops open.

I'd considered buying butter-menthols yesterday, actually, but shrugged and decided I could always get them when I needed them. Hah.

*is miserable*
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I feel the urge to do a poll.

A serious poll from me right now would go something like this:
Given that I am sick, and awake at 12:47am with no possibility of getting back to sleep even though I'm tired should I:
a) go to work tomorrow and suffer through a long day, thus demonstrating commitment to new job?
b) stay home tomorrow, and watch huge amounts of tv?
c) decide I'm way too sick to get on a plane on Friday, and give up on Adelaide trip?
d) dose myself up on all the anti-cold pills I can find, and hope the world retreats behind a fuzzy cloud of numbness?

That would be depressing. Have a silly poll, instead:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 20

I have to marry a supervillain. Should it be:

View Answers

Lex Luthor
10 (50.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Andrew Wells
8 (40.0%)

Norman Osborn
0 (0.0%)

Firelord Ozai
2 (10.0%)

I am out of money, and have to kidnap a Plucky Heroine to hold a superhero to ransom. Should it be:

View Answers

Lois Lane
5 (25.0%)

Willow Rosenberg
5 (25.0%)

Sophie Devereaux
3 (15.0%)

1 (5.0%)

Tuppence Beresford
6 (30.0%)

Given that I have just kidnapped the aforementioned Plucky Heroine, how screwed am I?

View Answers

Very, very screwed.
2 (10.0%)

Not at all. She's very nice, and will probably take pity on your inept villainy.
9 (45.0%)

Enjoy your lovely ransom money. You won't have long to enjoy it.
2 (10.0%)

You really didn't think this through, did you?
9 (45.0%)

Run. Just run.
4 (20.0%)

For tax reasons, I have to give up one of my many superpowers. The one I should STOP having is:

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

1 (5.0%)

entropy reversal
1 (5.0%)

controlling all birds
13 (65.0%)

spider sense
5 (25.0%)

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Smudge has a security blanket, in the form of one of his favourite toys: a piece of cord from [personal profile] nimthiriel's pyjamas.

[personal profile] nimthiriel (the housemate) and her husband moved out this weekend, and Smudge spent the whole day walking around looking lost and bewildered, carrying the pyjama cord for comfort. He's spending another week with me, and then moving across to their new place. Elf will miss him... and so will I...

Far too many late nights in a row. I keep falling asleep in odd locations.

On [personal profile] dr_carrot's recommendation, I have started using exciting new shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face cleaner, from MooGoo! So far, I'm enjoying it.

It's apparently called MooGoo because it was invented by dairy farmers using an adapted form of the lotion they put on cow udders to keep them healthy...

This weekend, the boyfriend has helped me nephew-sit, lent me his car to get me home early, started a jigsaw with me, moved furniture for my housemates, eaten my cooking and made yummy noises, held my hand, watched ridiculous tv with me, whispered silly comments during church, listened to all my ridiculous blathering, and patted my cat.

He's terrific.

I really will get all those photos up soon, I promise...
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Cats don't just get annoyed.

And they don't just get revenge. Oh, no.

Cats stand around and watch, eagerly, waiting for that final triumphant moment when you will discover their revenge and TRULY KNOW THE POWER OF THEIR FELINE WRATH. MWAHAHAHA.

(I can't be certain that it was Elf who peed all over my bed this evening - but from the way he hung around my bedroom innocently, observed my full grossed-out reaction, and then sprinted for cover once I began to recover from the shock... I'm pretty sure it was.)
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I'm so sick of being randomly tired.

Silly anti-anxiety meds - very helpful in getting over near-breakdown, but have the side-effect of making me drowsy all the time. I keep needing afternoon naps and early nights. Hence the disappointing lack of interesting posts here lately.

However, to summarise my Interesting TV thoughts of late:
- Downton Abbey!
- Warehouse 13!!
- Zombieland!!!
- Leverage!!!!

It's rather nice discovering new things that are worth watching.

Anyone have any thoughts on any of those?
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How easy do you think it'll be to bluff being good at basketball?

I've never played before - my basic understanding of the game comes from seeing random snippets on tv. (And not broadcast games on tv; I'm talking about characters in other tv shows who happen to be watching basketball.)

I have, however, played netball. Badly. And I figure "playing netball badly" is pretty much the definition of playing basketball, so...

I went along to watch a game this evening - for the team I will be playing with next week. It looked fairly easy, but I still haven't figured out all the different fouls or how they work. Hopefully Wikipedia will have some answers for me.

*is tired*

Jul. 10th, 2011 08:19 pm
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My cat really does love me.

I occasionally go "Nah, he's a cat. He'd like anyone who fed him." But I'd be wrong about that. My cat is, in fact, very much obsessed with me, personally.

I just got home from a weekend away with my family - a whole day-and-a-half. And my cat has not left my side since I walked through the door.

He has varied from
a) sitting next to me
b) sitting at the other end of the bed
c) purring at me
d) sniffing my nose
e) sitting on top of me
f) walking over to check that I'm really still here.

*feels very loved*
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At about 2 o'clock this afternoon, drowning in punctuation, right before my brain melted and started draining out my ears, it occured to me:

What I really need is two jobs.

For the first I've got editing (with the aforementioned punctuation swarms and brain liquidising), but to balance it out I really need to find another job that is about as opposite as I can get.






It's the perfect solution, really.
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Just got home from being a bridesmaid.

Fun day (LONG day), involving lots of photos, lots of champagne, and getting to catch up with friends I haven't seen in quite a while.

I am now home, and rather exhausted...

Random points:
- My housemate is now on her honeymoon for a week, so I have the house to myself. WOO! *starts meth lab* *also organises terrorism cell HQ in living room* *crazed dance party*
- Still need to write most of my Remix fic. In a single week. *panics*
- Two weddings in two days is a bit much, really. *collapses*
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I just bought a Wii-Fit! And a Wii!


Ironically, I've given up "unnecessary spending" for Lent. But despite it being shiny and exciting, I decided this was definitely necessary spending: I've been considering it for months, and am making a Long Term Investment In My Fitness. Or some sort of thing like that.

The way I figure it, I'm
1) ultra-competitive
2) way too lazy to go outside if it's cold, or raining, or dark, or if I just don't feel like it.

Thus I get no exercise. But this is right there, not in the cold dark rainyness, only takes ten minutes at a time (unless I feel excited), and also records my high scores. And since my high scores are currently... well, rather low... my competitive instincts kick in every time I look at them, thus motivating me to keep on exercising! I will get really fit!

See? Necessary spending.

(I did, however, pass up the opportunity to buy many exciting console games, as well as a Wii-Party, on the grounds that they were clearly unnecessary spending. And I'm doing my whole Lent thing, despite not being Catholic.)

But anyway - Wii-Fit! Woo!

I've created a little "Mii", who looks just like me, and has already improved her tennis scores...
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Watch in awe, young sewers, for I have scaled the heights of fabric, battled the flaming monsters of unpicking, and conquered the realm of completed products!

WOOOOOO! *does excited victory lap around the house*

It probably would have been less frustrating to get things right the first time, but when you've unpicked and then unpicked again, thrown the whole thing across the room, screamed in annoyance at the one millionth mistake... it really is so satisfying to finish the damn thing.

And this? This is incredibly satisfying. :D

(The object in question is a pillowcase. A big triangular one with a ruffle along the edge - so slightly more complex than "pillowcase" would tend to mean. And really hard to actually sew from scratch.

But my big triangly pillow is finally covered and back in service! I get to sit up in bed again! Yay!)

*is terribly accomplished and oh so pleased*

*is also slightly smug*
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I want to DIIIIE.

...well, no, I don't. But I'm stuck in bed with a virus - and honestly, right now I feel less like I want to die and more like I already have.

I have:
- a headache
- a blocked nose
- a sore throat
- an upset stomach
- lots of dizziness
- post-nasal drip
- a fever
- a doctor's guarantee that this thing is going to get worse before it gets better

Meanwhile, I am coming up on 15 hours in bed, and I am bored. Entertain me, if you please!
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Going to the Astor is rather like going back in time. It has balconies, and chandeliers, and lots of wonderful things designed to make patrons think of going to the cinema as a real night on the town.

It also has a weird colour scheme from about the sixties, but that adds to the charm.

The boyfriend and I went to the Astor last night, to see two anime features. I've been hearing about this place for years: a standard back-of-the-toilet-door accessory in share houses is the Astor's poster of upcoming features. But I've never been before.

One thing I enjoyed was the previews. I'm used to the LATEST 21ST CENTURY MOVIES!!! previews, but because of the Astor's unusual movie preferences, you're more likely to get previews for
a) foreign subtitled movies you've never heard of
b) really really old movies with corny STARRING THE RADIANT AUDREY HEPBURN announcements
c) really really old foreign subtitled movies you've never heard of
All very fascinating.

So - among other things, I have now seen Spirited Away, and my uni friends can stop bugging me to watch it.
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Once again I am left with far too many flist entries to catch up on...

Just got back from a weekend at Philip Island, with my family. Possibly I'll talk about this later, but right now I'm too tired.

In other news, I just plugged my iPhone into my computer to sync things, and got a "new update!" message - so I said "Yes! I'll update my software!"

...and my phone promptly decided it didn't like the update, and it was going to freeze and stop working.

Now I have to restore the whole thing - which erases all my info - and then put all the info back on my phone from my computer. *wibbles* What if it doesn't put my contacts back on? Or my calendar? Or all my lovely music... *wibbles some more*


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