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After three ridiculously hot days, the storm has finally broken. We have every window in the house open, and I am sitting here in the cool, refreshing air, listening to the lovely sound of Aussie rain.

It sounds different here. Rain, I mean.

You see, we have this thing called corrugated iron, which makes up a rather large percentage of the roofs in this country. If you're standing anywhere near any kind of building, you are standing somewhere where you will hear rain falling on corrugation, every time it rains. It's a lovely sound. And not one I got to hear last year.

Tourism websites might talk up the landscapes and the marsupials, but my vote for Best Part of Australia is the sound of the storms.
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Today I'm getting to witness Germans at their most wimpy.

It is, you see, a terribly hot day, and they're all worried about surviving the awful heat.

...of 30 degrees. *faints dramatically at such dreadfully warm weather*

(Americans: this is 86 Fahrenheit)

I'm just going to sit here in my non-air-conditioned house, happily lettting the wonderfully cool breeze waft fresh summer air through every room. Later, I might go for a walk.

(Note my lack of blocking up every door and window, blasting air-conditioned coolness into every corner, stocking up on icecubes, realising some rooms are a lost cause and blocking them off so the air-con can cope with a smaller space, wishing I could remove several layers of skin, sleeping naked on the floor of the living room, and cowering from the horrible skin-searing sun. Because this is not Australia.)

Remember the knife scene from Crocodile Dundee? Right now, I feel kinda like that. "You call that summer? THIS is summer."
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Haven't posted about the weather, because otherwise, every day this week, I would have felt compelled to log on and write HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT all over the internet.

But now that it's over, let me tell you about the weather.

- My air conditioner was on, all day every day, all week. It was set at 23 degrees (73F).

- By keeping my air conditioner constantly set at 23 degrees, it managed to ensure that, by the end of the day, the room it was air conditioning wouldn't get higher than 30 degrees (86F).

- This seven-degrees-higher-than-I-want temperature was close enough that everyone who doesn't have an air conditioner has been walking in my front door and exclaiming at how cool it is.

- Unlike the rest of the house, which is more than 2 metres away from the air conditioner. By the end of each day, it would be just as hot inside my bedroom as it was outside the house.

- That being: 44 degrees (111F).

No, wait, that's not big enough.

44 DEGREES (111F)


- It has been boiling out there. The water bottle I keep in the car? This week, it's been hotter than I drink my tea. I kid you not.

- I have been sleeping next to the air conditioner, and I have still been too hot to sleep.

This was the state of affairs until late last night (oh blessed late-last-night, how we love thee). At which point a storm finally broke, and the brief, thunderous drops of rain cooled the place down no end.

It's now cool enough to sleep on top of my bed, naked and with no sheets (ie - a standard summer).

Here endeth the lesson.

this week

May. 11th, 2012 01:07 pm
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1) I have a cold, which is making me sneezy and disinclined to blog. Hence the lack of updates.

2) My work tends to be either non-existent, or boundless and overflowing. Right now, it's just gone from almost nothing to do, to suddenly having eight really massive and interesting things to get done. Which would be great... if it wasn't right at the end of the week, so I somehow have to cram huge amounts into the next few hours and then hope I still remember everything next Wednesday.

3) Going out to a Croatian restaurant this evening, with some uni friends. Ages since we've been able to catch up, so it'll be nice to see everyone.

4) Alex is about to turn 6. I have been enlisted for his superhero party tomorrow, to take green-screen photos of boys flying through the sky...

5) [personal profile] dr_carrot has now been away for over three weeks, and her cat is missing her dreadfully. He keeps trying to come and snuggle up to me - usually when I'm having a shower, trying to cook something, or on the loo. MOST inconvenient.

6) Scarf number two is finished (except for the tassles) and I'm now trying to crochet a cushion. My life is turning into Nothing But Crochet! right now, but I really have to put in lots of time while I'm still enthusiastic, so that when that dies down I'm skilled enough to still find it all interesting.

7) Winter has taken over (even though it technically isn't here yet), and I am rugging up enormously every morning. It's too cold for me to go outside with wet hair! What on earth is that about?!
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...the train driver suddenly stops the train and announces "Sorry folks, we'll be stuck here until they've put out the fire on the track ahead", and everyone shrugs and goes back to their newspapers, paying little attention to the smell of smoke wafting through the carriage.

(This is all happening right near the city centre, mind.)
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1) Spring is here! Along with lovely spring weather.

2) The boyfriend brought me flowers. Because he's great.

3) Funky country music on my phone. (Yes, that's a GOOD thing.)

4) My hair is getting long!

5) Elf purred at me this morning, and looked happy.

6) Spring! Hurrah for spring!

oh dear

Feb. 2nd, 2011 10:55 am
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Latest news reports are saying this evening's cyclone is likely to be as big or bigger than Katrina. O.O

Poor old Queensland. First floods, now this. I feel like I should be running up there to help, but for both situations the main thing they're wanting people to do is GET OUT OF THERE. Not much I can do apart from send money, and pray hard.



Jan. 30th, 2011 06:20 pm
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The boyfriend has now had conversations with Dad about house renovating, obscure engineering concepts, and ancient history. If he ever decides to take up archery, none of us will get a word in edgewise with Dad ever again...

Fun day, but HOT. Spent quite a bit of it in a swimming pool, wishing I could live there. Came home to my house to discover that my air-conditioning had blown a fuse and not been cooling my house. HOT HOUSE. *whinges*

Josh is now two years old, and enjoyed his party a lot. :)
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For those who are wondering:

- no, I'm not in the flooded areas

- yes, those areas are very flooded and very large

- by "very large", I mean "larger than France and Germany combined" or "twice the size of Texas"

- it still hasn't reached maximum flooding, and won't until (at least) tomorrow

- donations should go to here
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The weather has apparently decided to make up for seven years of drought in a single month. It's rainy, and windy, and thundery, and actually cold enough to have the heater on. In December! Aren't we supposed to be switching to shorts and beach trips and ice-cream?

On Saturday we went to a wedding, up in Healesville, at the RACV Country Club. A place with lots of leather seats, good wine, and polite conversation. If that's what rich people do with their free time, it seems elegant and luxurious, but boring.

The wedding was fun - although the reception music was rather loud. For some reason, sound guys don't ever think the volume is high enough unless it's near-impossible to talk over.

Yesterday evening, my family had a barbecue. (Eaten inside, because of the weather being so bizarrely unseasonal.)

Josh is figuring out how talking works, but still can't pronounce things very well. His "Nan", "Nathan", and "noise" sound almost exactly the same - which leads to difficulties when you think he's talking to Nan about Nathan, but actually is getting excited about the huge noise Nan's blender is making.

He's started saying "WOW!" in a very enthusiastic way. It's cute.

Caleb interrupted me mid-conversation to tell me all about... something exciting. I'm not entirely sure what, because I had to stop him and point out that I was in the middle of talking to someone and could he please wait? I'd be with him in a moment.

Very frustrating, actually, because he does need to learn manners, but I love him spontaneously telling me about his life, and by the time I could conclude the other conversation and listen to him, he'd forgotten all about what he'd been saying...
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You know your country has weather issues when the meteorologists issue severe flood warnings, and everyone responds with:

1) Oh, good, that might help get some water back into the dams for once.

2) Oh, good, that might slow down the locust plague.
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(Because summer is making an appearance, and I'm all thinky.)

Most people who don't live here seem to think that Aussie weather is:
1) hot
2) really, really hot
3) like, way too hot to move
4) HOT

It's a little more complicated than that.

a few points to bear in mind )


Dec. 1st, 2010 08:52 am
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First day of summer - and it's still rainy. *shrugs*

Can't really complain, given the drought. As long as it's nice and hot for Christmas...
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The weather forecast for the next week has thunderstorms.

And just thunderstorms. Every single day.

Any bets on how many times we have a power failure?
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1) My six-monthly nail polish obsession has surfaced: my nails are suddenly dark pink. This will last about a week, and then I'll go back to normal until sometime in March...

2) A teeny person asking to be lifted up and then snuggling into your arms is, in many ways, the ultimate compliment.

3) SO MUCH RAIN. And it's not going away. Everything is getting very soaked.
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Warm weather! Finally!

*is wearing a summery skirt*
*is thrilled about the skirt*
*is also thrilled about the nice weather in general*

It's supposed to reach 28 degrees (82F) today, for the first time in a long time.

Tomorrow it's going to be cold again... but still! Warmth and sunshine! Briefly! Hurrah!


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