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Going to the Astor is rather like going back in time. It has balconies, and chandeliers, and lots of wonderful things designed to make patrons think of going to the cinema as a real night on the town.

It also has a weird colour scheme from about the sixties, but that adds to the charm.

The boyfriend and I went to the Astor last night, to see two anime features. I've been hearing about this place for years: a standard back-of-the-toilet-door accessory in share houses is the Astor's poster of upcoming features. But I've never been before.

One thing I enjoyed was the previews. I'm used to the LATEST 21ST CENTURY MOVIES!!! previews, but because of the Astor's unusual movie preferences, you're more likely to get previews for
a) foreign subtitled movies you've never heard of
b) really really old movies with corny STARRING THE RADIANT AUDREY HEPBURN announcements
c) really really old foreign subtitled movies you've never heard of
All very fascinating.

So - among other things, I have now seen Spirited Away, and my uni friends can stop bugging me to watch it.

nice day

Jan. 9th, 2011 09:01 pm
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The boyfriend and I went to the city today, to see an exhibition on Disney animation through the ages, and then to walk through the Botanical Gardens and look at pretty vegetation.

It was... fun. And pretty.

He's rather wonderful. :D
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- The locust plague is out in full force, happily suiciding into car windscreens all the way along the freeway. The latest trend in conversations among people who own cars: "How many did you hit? I hit at least three hundred this morning..."

- Spent several days in Mildura meeting the boyfriend's rellies. I have now met 6 aunts and uncles, 7 cousins, 4 significant others of cousins, and 3 kids of cousins. *is exhausted*

- Remembered to take my camera, but forgot to take any photos. I'm thinking of doing Project 365 next year, so I get back into the swing of photoing.

- One of the aforementioned cousins has a cook book (Womens' Weekly) that I really wanted to steal and smuggle home with me. Her mother has a cook book (home made) that I almost did steal and smuggle home with me. It's awesome! She gave me the "custard" page to try out...

- I'm sure I remember (and my family can back me up on this) being very outspoken about foods I simply could not eat because they were gross. Somewhere along the line I seem to have turned into someone who will eat everything that's put on her plate without complaining, will decide to at least seem to enjoy it, and then will actually enjoy it. Even the beetroot! Not quite sure how this transformation happened.

- Am very sunburnt from riding on the back of a ute. Still enjoyed the ute ride.

- Also enjoyed getting to ride on a humungous piece of machinery as it harvested lots of wheat. Hurrah!

- Melbourne has hills. I don't ever remember how many until I go to somewhere flat (like Mildura) and miss all my lovely hills.

- I also missed my cat! He's so wonderful! I came back and patted him, rang Mum, patted him, treated sunburn, patted him...

How was everyone's Christmas?
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As of today, the boyfriend and I have been going out for six months.



Dec. 5th, 2010 06:46 am
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Bought a carseat. I can now drive nephews around! Hurrah!

Left Chadstone (big shopping centre) at 11, when all the parking spaces had filled up and people were starting to be willing to fight to the death over the chance to park their car. Three people converged on my parking spot the moment I left it - and a huge beeping of car horns erupted behind me...

Did gardening, in a vain attempt to make it possible to walk through my garden without getting smacked in the face by branches. I now have a massive stack of greenery on my lawn, and nowhere to put it for two weeks until the green bin gets emptied (and instantly filled again). It's an endless cycle.

Went to an afternoon of fruit platters, pink champagne, and buying jewellery for charity. Fun!

Went to a Carols by Candlelight in Knox, with the boyfriend. Arrived on the tail-end of the kids part: with Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends singing manic songs about Santa and dancing frenetically. Stayed for lots of carols, Kate Ceberano, and pretty fireworks.
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1) Walked down to election booth to vote. Voting seems to be quite civilised in these parts: lots of polite people holding out "how to vote for my party!" forms, and when you say "sorry, not voting for you" they smile and go over to someone else.

2) Had my traditional post-voting breakfast at Maccas, with Mum.

3) Did HUGE amounts of gardening. Garden is suddenly much less weedy and much less overflowing with plants.

4) Mourned sudden loss of flute-playing ability. Considered selling it, or giving it away. Mentioned this to Mum - who asked if she could borrow it and have a go...

5) Watched lots of AtLA.

6) Saw boyfriend - briefly - who came over to borrow dice.

7) Had dinner with sister, brother-in-law, Caleb, and Nathan. Lots of crying and general bedtime chaos.

8) Went to church. Advent has begun! Lots of purple candles and tinsel.

9) Saw boyfriend - less briefly - who was very tired and trying nobly not to fall asleep on my couch.

10) Had dinner with other sister, brother-in-law, Alex, and Josh. Lots of card games with Alex, who is very enthusiastic but not quite aware of all the rules.

11) Came home and watched House.

12) Wrote blog post.
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1) Bathed my cat this morning, then helped my housemate bath hers. Elf shrieked and wailed like a mad thing; Smudge started to freak out, and then realised that the water was comfy and warm, and tried to get as wet as possible.

2) Last night, I made scotch eggs - which are yummy and delicious, but far too complicated to make more than once every three years. We have leftovers in the fridge, and I'm trying to devise a way to reheat them without putting them in the microwave (which would make the eggy centre explode).

3) Got introduced to about 30 people today, all of whom have known the boyfriend for many years, and all of whom wanted lots of details on how we got together...

4) The church had its AGM this evening, which was rather fun. (My old church had AGMs in boring businessy style, that went on forever. My current church has a big dinner, and carries out the official business in between courses.)


Oct. 3rd, 2010 09:19 pm
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- Intended to do housework. Instead, went to an unexpected birthday breakfast with my boyfriend's family (for the boyfriend, whose birthday is next week). Didn't get my house all tidy... but much more fun.

- Intended to make apple muffins. Instead, took nephew to a birthday party, as his mother was unable to take him (given that she was in labour at the time, and I thought that was probably a reasonable excuse). Didn't get muffins; did get birthday cake, for the second time that day.

- Intended to watch footy Grand re-Final with friends in St Kilda. Did in fact do just that. (So at least one thing went according to plan.) The boyfriend came too, and managed to put up with our smug barracking for a footy team he doesn't like.

- Intended to go home and sleep. Instead, got a phonecall from my Dad, to let me know that nephew number 4 had arrived. Took a detour to the hospital, and met a teeny, slightly sleepy baby. Didn't quite get enough sleep... but so unbelievably lovely that I didn't mind in the slightest.
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Last night, the boyfriend and I went to an improvisational theatre performance.

For the first half, we listened to Jane Austen, Jackie Collins, HP Lovecraft, and... some other guy... as they told each other stories. (Yes, this was more exciting than it sounds.)

Jane Austen's tale involved Fanny Smithson and Harold Jones falling in love over mathematics and telescopes, while Lovecraft told a very creepy tale involving four masks - and only managed to get to three of them before the performance ran out of time, thus handily giving me nightmares about what the fourth mask would do.

Then, for the second half, we watched a court case.

They asked for suggestions from the audience of random objects that could be submitted into evidence. We suggested a rubber mallet - and they promptly decided that the defendant was a clown who had killed her fellow clown by substituting a metal mallet for the standard rubber mallet, thus causing a weight imbalance that made the clown fall to her death during the high-wire unicycle act.

So we listened to lots of circusy witnesses, telling us exciting tales of clown love, affairs with the ringmaster, the props master being seduced by the bearded lady, and malicious rubber mallet substitutions by all sorts of people.

It was wonderful fun.


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