Mar. 31st, 2015 07:48 pm
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The dvd-makers, in their infinite wisdom, have given me the option of watching the final episode with the "alternate ending", thereby ensuring that I will not hate them for the rest of eternity. In my reality, Ted and the mother lived happily ever after, and that whole Ted/Robin endgame thing was just a horrible dream.

On the other hand, even though I heard about the broadcast ending, and even though I'm still annoyed by Barney and Robin splitting up, it was never really going to ruin the show for me, because it wasn't at all why I was watching. Emotional arcs weren't the point; the point was the most spectacular use of unreliable narrator I've ever seen.

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Elf is sick of being overlooked in favour of the baby. He just meowed me indignantly to the couch, where he proceeded to grab my hand with both paws and smugly purr all over me. Every time I try to move, this whole cycle starts all over again.

In other news, I'm enjoying a fun activity I call "parenting through peer pressure". It involves the kidlet sitting in his highchair with his plastic cutlery (no solids yet) while we eat dinner, and using his gumbrush while I use my toothbrush. The idea is that he thinks this is just What We Do, so that I can avoid having to introduce him to Scary New Things and instead just slide him effortlessly into our everyday lives. (Those of you who are parents, this is where you get to laugh hysterically at me using "effortlessly" in a sentence about parenting.)

So far, it's working well.
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Please note my icon. RIP, Pterry. You will forever be remembered as "that guy with all the footnotes" and "wasn't there one chap who wrote fantasy, only funny?"

In other news:
- We have successfully changed continents, and are now happily ensconced in our messy Melburnian home. Visitors welcome.

- The kidlet is four months old, and growing like a weed. He can roll over, fiddle with things, play the piano, and throw almost all of Daddy's food onto the floor.

- I am back in the land of physios, and my back is thrilled. Hurrah for people who can stop me being in pain!


Mar. 7th, 2015 03:56 am
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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your application for more bikkies. We are unable to oblige you at this time.

You will notice that your roaming space has been reduced from the whole living area to the close confinement of the laundry. This is due to a noise complaint filed by your nearest neighbour ("The Baby"). Please note that excessive noise during the nighttime hours is NOT acceptable, and will affect the sleep of The Baby. Your meowing, while cute, falls under this noise ordinance.

We hope you understand our actions at this time. The members of the Home Owners Association (HOA) would like to emphasise that, while we love your cute and fluffy self, we must consider the welfare of ALL tenants, and any further noise complaints by The Baby will likely lead to your permanent nighttime laundry confinement.

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If I take a yellow crayon, draw a circle, surround it with lines, and put a smiley face on the circle, you'll probably recognise it as the sun.

Even though the sun looks nothing like that.

Supposing, though, that you see these smiley-face-on-a-circle suns in books for years, and then one day you travel to the country of Storybookia, and you suddenly look up in the sky and realise that the reason the sun is always drawn that way in picture books is because, in Storybookia, the sun really looks like that.

...That's kind of what it's like going from Australia to Europe.

In my head, there's "what things look like", and "what things look like in picture books". These two things are rarely the same.

In Europe? Ducks look like picture book ducks, with the green heads and the neck stripe. Forests look like picture book forests. Houses have chimneys. Grass is green. Flowers grow out of the ground like it's nothing special. Squirrels exist! So do flamingos! Churches have church bells that actually ring on the hour. Birds say tweet (except for cuckoos, which really do say cuckoo). Christmas has snow and twinkly lights.

And no - the sun is not a big yellow smiley face. But it wouldn't have surprised me.
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I mostly don't have a problem with Australia's customs regulations. Annoying, yes, but they've managed to keep the country rabies-free, for one thing, so... *shrugs*

So I put up with not being able to buy ornamental daggers (weapons), fun puzzles (wood), or medieval drinking horns (animal products), with a minimum of complaining.


I've just finished my supply of black tea. And we're only here for two more weeks. So I can't really finish another box of tea leaves before we go home... And I can't take them home with me... So I really shouldn't buy more tea... And...


How on earth am I supposed to be utterly tealess for a whole fortnight???
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[personal profile] frayadjacent gave me R.

Something I hate: Raisins. (By which I mean raisins, and not sultanas. I like sultanas.) Also rubber gloves. I see the point of them, but they're uncomfortable and inconvenient, and I wear them as little as possible.

Something I love: Reeboks. I have never owned any, but I grew up in the 80s, and it's still one of my life's ambitions to own a pair of high-top Reeboks.

Somewhere I've been: The Residenz, in Munich. I was taken to see lots of different tourist attractions when I lived in Munich, but we stumbled across the Residenz accidentally - and it was one of my favourite palaces, mainly because of its size. Go to one of Ludwig's castles, and you'll get a half-hour tour of six or seven rooms; at the Residenz, you walk through at your own pace, and it'll take you hours because there are dozens of rooms to look at.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Rome. The kidlet's appearance unfortunately prevented us getting to Italy on this trip, so the Forum will have to wait for now.

Someone I know: A friend from uni, whose name I'm not going to use here, so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you her name starts with an R. She just had a baby (like me), and I'm very excited to go home and compare the two of them. (The kidlet is going to win the comparison, obviously...)

A film I like: Romeo+Juliet. It came out just when my class was studying the play, and will always be one of my favourite examples of ways to do Shakespeare.

A book I like: You didn't half pick a hard letter, [personal profile] frayadjacent! It took me hours to even think of a book I'd read beginning with R! There are no Agatha Christie's, even! In the end, I could think of four I've read: Return of the King, Rowan of Rin, The Renegades of Pern, and Runaways. Of these, RotK is boring (I've never been a fan of Tolkien's prose), Rowan of Rin is an excellent kids book, but harder to get into as an adult, The Renegades of Pern is one of the best Pern books - but that's not really saying much, and Runaways is awesome. As long as you stop reading when Brian K Vaughn stopped writing, that is.
For those who haven't heard of it: Runaways is a Marvel comic book, about a bunch of teenagers whose parents are supervillains. The kids themselves are a superhero team, and are rather awesome. If you are in any way a comic book reader, I suggest you get hold of this one.
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I have a very cute kid.

He's started trying things out - like pushing into a standing position, sitting up, and experimenting to see just what it sounds like when he hiccups in the middle of making a noise (and then laughing at the result).

I am rather squeeful. And desperate to take him home so that everyone else can finally meet him.

Gorgeous boy:

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Never realised, pre-kidlet, just how much "sleep" is unconnected to "tired" in the mind of a baby.

He's tired. He's VERY tired. And yet he refuses to go to sleep, because he's TOO TIRED. WHY ARE YOU HARRASSING ME WITH DIFFICULT TASKS, MUMMY? CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TIRED?!!!

Have spent much of today
a) leaving him to cry in his cot (and hopefully fall asleep) while I do things around the house
b) leaving him to cry in his pram (and hopefully fall asleep) while I go grocery shopping
c) leaving him to cry in his carseat (and hopefully fall asleep) while I drive
d) leaving him to cry in his sling (and hopefully fall asleep) while I carry him around the house
...because there's only so much I can do to get him to sleep when he flatly refuses. Which, from his perspective, probably makes me a terribly mean mummy who's ignoring him - but, screw it. Mean mummy it is. GO TO SLEEP, KID.

Currently, sheer exhaustion is making him finally fall asleep in his sling. I'm trying to remain quiet and peaceful, in the hopes that he doesn't wake up again EVER until the husband gets home.
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Here are three drabbles starring Anya, and two starring Xander.

Alternate Realities Are Neat )

Memorial )

Brave New World )

Stuck In Place )

Best Laid Plans )
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Going slightly different on this one. While I can (and will) mention my favourite romance, I thought I'd mention all my favourite romances. Or, in fact, pretty much pair off as many characters as possible.

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Five weeks to go before we're back in Australia.

I'm rather keen to go home (and show off the kidlet), but there are some things I will miss here.

German Things I Will Miss

- the snow
- the lockers everywhere, useable with a 1 Euro coin (which returns to you when you re-insert the key)
- traffic lights that turn orange before they go green
- the road signs saying "Stadtmitte", giving you a handy guide to where the local shops (etc) will be
- the bakeries and their wonderful pastries
- crepe stands in the street
- having France a few hours' drive away
- buskers who really know how to play the piano accordian
- squirrels
- little old ladies who stop me in the street to admonish me to put a hat on my son (yes, this is annoying - but I still find it rather sweet)

German Things I Will Not Miss

- the ice
- having to pay to use the loos
- traffic lights that only sit on one side of the intersection, making it impossible to see them if you're at the front
- freeway exits that seem designed for maximum chaos
- bakeries that DON'T HAVE MEAT PIES (oh the humanity!)
- all the food using pork instead of beef
- driving on the right side of the road

Aussie Things I Really Miss Right Now

- summer!
- cafés and coffee shops
- pies, sausage rolls, dim sims, thai food, hamburgers with the lot, flake, pavlova, lamb, and fruit that doesn't go off within a day
- magpie song
- footpaths that don't have cobblestones (prams are a pain to use in old towns)
- houses without steps up to the front door
- shops that are open on Sundays and in the evenings
- my family
- my cat

...so there's that.
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It's rather interesting getting to see what raw emotion looks like.

I thought I had seen people acting genuine, pure misery before - but really, if you think about it, most actors* are actually trying to convey the concealment of misery. Genuine emotion, in adults, most often looks like someone trying to restrain that emotion.

With babies, on the other hand...

When the kidlet is miserable, he is MISERABLE. No holds barred unhappy, with the facial expressions to show the world. Being within ten metres of him at all times means that I am getting an excellent education in the actual, unrestrained versions of emotions like misery, happiness, worry, tired grumpiness, and contentment.

It is extremely fascinating.

* with the exception of James Van Der Beek in that hilarious Dawson's Creek gif

I will now leave you with a display of genuine happiness, for your edification:

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There's a meme going around (last seen with Barb), and I thought I'd cannibalise it for fic prompts, in an attempt to get my muse back into gear. Here's the first, for the prompt of "sleep".

Title: Come To Bed
Rating: G
Word Count: 500
Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Parker, Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Immortal

Summary: The watching of unconscious men, by Buffy Anne Summers.

sleep, and that sort of thing )
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People have different first names in different countries, for the record. It's like this whole thing.

I have found it very interesting having a son in Germany, for many reasons. But mostly because his name's gone all weird.

In Australia, he has one of the most common names ever to exist. It's been in the top 20 Aussie baby names since before we were even a country. In Australia, everyone already knows the spelling, the pronounciation, and the nickname, without having to ask.

In Germany... it's not just an uncommon name; it's a non-existent name.

Here, I'm getting very used to having the exact same conversation over and over:
"What's his name?"
"...Lach-lan?" (as though I've just presented them with a random mash of syllables that must be carefully tested)
"Yes. Lachlan. It's Scottish."
"...so she's a girl, then?"

They cannot pronounce my son's name. They cannot spell my son's name. The correct spelling convinces them they were wrong about the pronounciation. And they're all sure he's a girl.

It's rather fascinating.
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The kidlet is one month old today!

While he is showing hints of personality, mostly it’s still pretty obscure, expressed only in blinking, crying, and occasional wriggling. So this post will be mostly about the photos.

a few photos, as promised )
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I'm going to finish this meme, dammit, no matter how long it takes me...

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Babies are really portable, guys.

The world seems determined to convince pregnant ladies that they're using up the last vestiges of free time they will ever have. "Go out and enjoy yourself while you can!" it cries. "You will soon have your life swallowed up by a baby!"

I, on the other hand, had a rather difficult pregnancy. And right now I want to track down all the ladies battling through difficult pregnancies filled with nausea and headaches, hug them, and say "You're about to be able to go out for coffee! Without lying down, or anything!"

In the last two weeks, I have repeatedly gone out for coffee, I've caught several trains, I've been to two Christmas markets, I've bought tonnes of groceries, I've been to a carols concert, I've gone out for dinner, and I'm about to take a sightseeing trip to Salzburg. AND ALL I NEED TO DO IS TAKE NAPPIES WITH ME.

Babies are SO PORTABLE. You have no idea.
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The kidlet has now been around for one week (minus a few hours). So far, he's pretty cute.

giving birth )

the boy )


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