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People have different first names in different countries, for the record. It's like this whole thing.

I have found it very interesting having a son in Germany, for many reasons. But mostly because his name's gone all weird.

In Australia, he has one of the most common names ever to exist. It's been in the top 20 Aussie baby names since before we were even a country. In Australia, everyone already knows the spelling, the pronounciation, and the nickname, without having to ask.

In Germany... it's not just an uncommon name; it's a non-existent name.

Here, I'm getting very used to having the exact same conversation over and over:
"What's his name?"
"...Lach-lan?" (as though I've just presented them with a random mash of syllables that must be carefully tested)
"Yes. Lachlan. It's Scottish."
" she's a girl, then?"

They cannot pronounce my son's name. They cannot spell my son's name. The correct spelling convinces them they were wrong about the pronounciation. And they're all sure he's a girl.

It's rather fascinating.
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The kidlet is one month old today!

While he is showing hints of personality, mostly it’s still pretty obscure, expressed only in blinking, crying, and occasional wriggling. So this post will be mostly about the photos.

a few photos, as promised )
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I'm going to finish this meme, dammit, no matter how long it takes me...

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Babies are really portable, guys.

The world seems determined to convince pregnant ladies that they're using up the last vestiges of free time they will ever have. "Go out and enjoy yourself while you can!" it cries. "You will soon have your life swallowed up by a baby!"

I, on the other hand, had a rather difficult pregnancy. And right now I want to track down all the ladies battling through difficult pregnancies filled with nausea and headaches, hug them, and say "You're about to be able to go out for coffee! Without lying down, or anything!"

In the last two weeks, I have repeatedly gone out for coffee, I've caught several trains, I've been to two Christmas markets, I've bought tonnes of groceries, I've been to a carols concert, I've gone out for dinner, and I'm about to take a sightseeing trip to Salzburg. AND ALL I NEED TO DO IS TAKE NAPPIES WITH ME.

Babies are SO PORTABLE. You have no idea.
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The kidlet has now been around for one week (minus a few hours). So far, he's pretty cute.

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Nov. 10th, 2014 01:58 am
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Lachlan Geoffrey Christopher was born yesterday, and is just beautiful.


an update

Nov. 7th, 2014 08:36 am
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Contractions (MILD AS ANYTHING contractions) have hung around for two days without really doing much.

If I'm not in proper full-on labour tomorrow, they're probably going to induce.

Standing by...
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Being slightly homesick, have spent half an hour on YouTube watching Americans eating vegemite.


Everyone keeps grabbing a spoon, scooping up a big glob of vegemite, and sticking it straight in their mouth. Then gagging and saying they hate it. I'm not surprised. I'd hate it too.

Vegemite is extremely potent stuff. It's supposed to be used to add a hint of flavour to your food, not be eaten as an OVERWHELMING FORCE the way all the YouTube people are doing it. Honestly, you're basically putting a full heaped tablespoon of salt in your mouth, and then complaining about everything tasting salty!

...which is a pretty good analogy, because vegemite is quite salty, and works in a similar way to salt.

To properly eat vegemite:
1) Make a piece of toast.
2) Add copious amounts of butter to the toast.
3) Get a very very small amount of vegemite, scrape it over the toast, and then scrape any and all excess off. You should be left with a light-brownish layer of vegemite, through which you can still see the butter.
4) Now eat it.

Quite simple, really.
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So, I've been enjoying the ridiculously cheap books one can buy through iBooks. And, two days ago, I got the first book in a series.

Today, I went back to get the second book.

...and, sometime during those two days, Apple decided to stop offering that book series to Australians. The whole series; the first book is listed on my laptop as having been purchased, but it informs me sternly that it's "not available in the Australian store". (Thankfully it's still on my iPad.)

This annoys me for a number of reasons:
1) My purchases are being restricted to Australia.
2) I'm not even in Australia.
3) I'm pretty sure this means they're price-fixing so that, once again, Aussies get far more expensive prices than the rest of the world.
4) Why remove a series you were already selling?
5) Why offer me a series in the first place if you're going to remove it?
6) What the hell???

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Took a week of sleep to recover from England - but the trip was definitely worth it!

On an entirely unrelated subject...
- At the end of season 2, Joyce finds out that Buffy is the Slayer.
- At the end of season 2, the American people find out about the President's MS.
- At the end of season 2, Lois finds out that Clark is Superman.
- At the end of the second movie, Mary-Jane finds out that Peter is Spiderman.

Coincidence? Or is it simply that two seasons is as long as a "main character has a secret" plot can run before it has to change?


Sep. 11th, 2014 04:19 pm
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In the last few days, we have:
- gone to St Paul's Cathedral
- gone to The Globe
- seen a performance of The Mousetrap, world's longest running play
- seen the Changing Of The Guard
- walked around Hyde Park
- used the loos at Harrods
- gone to the British Museum

...I am rather Londoned out, and lying on a couch.
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Today I fulfilled one of my lifelong ambitions, by standing outside Downing Street and eating half a Yorkie Bar. (The husband ate the other half.) We then walked to St James' Park, and looked at the ducks.

(We also went on the London Eye, had communion at Westminster Abbey, and went to Madame Tussauds. All very fun.)
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Seriously, Northern Hemispherites, you guys are missing out on all the good fast food. And the sad thing is, you don't even realise it.

KFC, for example. Their chips here are the same as the Maccas chips - ie, thin and kinda dry. Real KFC chips should be fat, moist, and yummily salty. They're awesome.

And Subway! How is it that none of the European Subways have grated carrot? Or chicken fillet? Or sweet chilli sauce?

You people are DEPRIVED.
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1) Stonehenge really exists, and is not an elaborate hoax. (Or else a really well-constructed one.)

2) Winchester Cathedral does indeed have a jigsaw puzzle window. One day I will solve it...

3) Walked on top of Jane Austen's grave without realising. Hope she'll forgive me.

4) The white cliffs of Dover are, in fact, white and cliff-like.

5) Stayed in the most adorable attic room known to man. Want to take it back to Australia with me.

6) Ramsgate does exist, but is slightly more modern than Georgiana Darcy would have found it.

7) London traffic is rather horrendous, as expected.

8) Also - have reached London! So far, have only seen our hostel. (And traffic.)
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English towns have delightful names. Yesterday we drove past a sign pointing right to Wigglesworth, and left to Giggleswick.

They also have ridiculously useful postcodes. British people, do you have any idea of how awesome your postcodes are? I can type a postcode into the GPS, and it'll direct us to within a few houses of our destination. Try that in Australia, and you'd have to spend a week tracking down the right house once you arrived...

And the sheep! They have tails! Real tails! This is seriously strange for me; Aussie lambs are de-tailed while still young, so all the grown sheep I've seen have been tailless. These sheep are new and funky.


Aug. 31st, 2014 06:29 am
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When the Spice Girls first started, my only connections to the word "ginger" were
1) the spice
2) the expression "full of ginger"

So I concluded that Ginger Spice was "full of ginger", and that they'd also gone with a subtle pun because she's a "spice" girl.

It was only last night that my brain finally went "Oh... She's a redhead..."

on holiday

Aug. 31st, 2014 06:22 am
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My sister has been known to grumble about the weird British taps, and now I know why: it seems impossible to select both the water temperature and the water volume, simultaneously. You pick your favourite, and try to endure the other one.

We went to Edinburgh Castle yesterday, which was very cool. It's the first time I've seen a castle that has always (pre-museum) been a fully functioning thing, as opposed to being semi-ornamental, and it shows. Rather fascinating. It also afforded me the chance to drink my very first British cup of tea, which was as yummy as I was hoping.

The streets up to the castle could not be more clearly tourist-centric if they tried. If we wanted, we could have bought tartan (kilts, hats, bags, wellies, towels...) at twenty different shops. I was tempted, but refrained. The other standard souvenirs seem to be shortbread and whiskey. I even saw whiskey flavoured tea... which strikes me as slightly gross.

Today, we're going to Hopetoun House, where we will wander the grounds and have a traditional afternoon tea (scones and all), and then to Hadrian's Wall.
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Another 12 hours, and I will be in my favourite country in the world.

It has been my favourite country ever since I first learned how to read, and I've never ever been there, and this evening I will be!

(The UK being the country in question.)

We're starting in Edinburgh, then driving down past the Lakes, right down to the south coast, and thence to London. After which we'll go to WriterconUK, and hang out with many LJers.

YAY!!! *waves pompoms*
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This baby will soon have more luggage to take back to Australia than I do.

His nappies just arrived. They're wooly and colourful and SO TINY! I spent at least half an hour squeeing over the teeny cuteness before I could bear to put them down.



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