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I asked one of the team engineers to check whether a technical term was written correctly. He huffed, rolled his eyes slightly, and demanded "Who's questioning it?"

Why, good sir, I am questioning it. It is my bounden duty, as company editor, to question every half-formed piece of drivel that crosses my desk; to tear it to shreds and reconstruct it in a way that makes sense; to challenge every fact, every phrasing; to correct, to change, to disrupt - so that when your document reaches its final destination, and your now-flowing prose delights their every sense, our clients will not, even for a moment, question it.
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The thing about dragons being fictional is that every author gets their own chance to decide what dragons are really like (see also: vampires and werewolves). As far as I can remember, the order I encountered them was as follows:

a short list )
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Okay. This has stumped me.

We have:
- one Surgeon General
- two Surgeons General
- one cup of tea
- two cups of tea
- The Surgeon General's cup of tea.
- The Surgeon General's cups of tea.

...when you have multiple Surgeons General, how do you do the possessive?

Is it:
- The Surgeons' General cups of tea?
- The Surgeons General's cups of tea?
- The Surgeons' Generals cups of tea?
...or what?
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Life is about to drastically change.

This week, the husband will be in Japan - so the kidlet and I will be home by ourselves. The next week, I will start working three days a week, while the husband drops down to three days too.

I am simultaneously excited and terrified. What if my son doesn't remember me after a whole nine hours apart? What if I forget how to read and totally fail at my job? What if aliens land?

...hopefully it will all be fine.


Jan. 23rd, 2016 07:37 am
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My husband just stopped vacuuming, and said (let me see if I can get this down accurately...) :

Farscape for vacuum cleaners. The broom from the Sorceror's Apprentice looks into the wrong cupboard, finds a Cyberman, and gets turned into a vacuum cleaner. "It's a broom! A living broom!" Hence, Talyn.

Deducting a few points for grammar and general coherence, but... he's awesome. And wonderfully geeky.
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I've just been watching Branagh's Much Ado and Whedon's Much Ado back to back. I find it quite fascinating which lines get used or left out in each. Scenes start and finish in totally different places, and it really affects the tone.

- Branagh's Benedick is a very comic character, whereas Denisoff's is far darker.
- Fillion is the only person I've ever seen manage Dogberry - largely because he's playing him as a fool, but not as weird.
- The choice to turn Conrad into a woman was inspired.
- Kenneth Branagh is really good looking with a beard.
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Am currently sitting out on my deck, watching my son terrorise the mint plant. (Alternating between pulling off leaves and dropping more gravel into the top of the pot.)

I have been rewatching The West Wing of late, and am once again dismayed to realise that I'm a decade too late to be part of the fandom. I want fervent discussion of plotlines! Why oh why am I so behind the times?

But seriously:
- I have OPINIONS on CJ's rise to Chief of Staff, Toby's leak, the Santos campaign, Will Bailey's very existence, the sad lack of Ainsley Hayes, and pretty much the whole of the post-Sorkin seasons.

- I want very much to see some post-series snippets of CJ (new job, new life with Danny, and Charlie tagging along to be her right-hand man), as well as a spin-off show with the new administration.

- Why oh why is there not someone West-Wing-ising the current US campaign with many brilliant layers of satire?

...and I had more thoughts, but my son has just realised he can fit underneath the car, so I have to go.
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So, I knew that ASL had a different alphabet to Auslan. (Our alphabet is two-handed; ASL is one-handed.)

What I hadn't realised until today was that they have different numbers as well.

I looked up the ASL alphabet today, and found this:

As an Auslan person, that bottom row looks to me like:
0, 1, 2, 8, 4, 5, 3 ...followed by words I don't know.

No larger point. I just find it interesting that counting can be so different in different countries.
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Met some of my new coworkers this morning.

Our desks are arranged into groups (or "pods"). My pod has apparently been christened "Rivendell". We are preparing for a pod-decorating competition against the other pods, including the nearest: "King's Landing".

...I think I'm going to like these people.
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Does everyone in non-Australia seriously call them twin beds?

Twin? Really?

Single/double works so well. Twin/double is more... aren't they the same? It sounds weird.

I'm rather confused.

Star Wars

Dec. 30th, 2015 05:19 pm
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Well. That's pretty much what I was hoping to see 16 years ago.

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A few weeks ago I was musing about Hogwarts houses, and which one I'd be sorted into. Mentioned this to the husband, who responded with "Duh. Of course you'd be in Ravenclaw. Isn't it obvious?"

He is, of course, correct. When I thought about it, I realised that, if I was not sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, I'd be sad, but also think "yeah, I suppose that's reasonable". If I failed to be sorted into Ravenclaw, on the other hand, I would be horrified that they didn't think I was intellectual enough.

I think, in fact, that's probably a good way of confirming someone's house. Someone who doesn't get into Hufflepuff, and says "But... you don't think I'm loyal and hardworking enough? I am SO loyal and hardworking! Let me show you how hard I can work at being loyal!" - or who doesn't get into Slytherin and is highly indignant about her resourcefulness being disparaged.

...and now, I will do what countless others have doubtless done before me, and sort the Buffy characters into Hogwarts houses. Because I couldn't get to sleep last night and this is what my brain does.

- Buffy. Because duh.
- Spike. He's gutsy, and tends to put everything on the line just for the heck of it.

- Giles. (Bookish polyglot.)
- Dawn. (Ditto.)
- Angel. He knows his history, his languages, and his literature. And tends to research everything.

- Willow. I think she's more about knowledge so that she can do things and so that she can feel good about herself than because she actually wants to know for the sake of it. And she'd be upset about people thinking she wasn't prepared and resourceful.
- Anya. Pragmatic as all get-out. And I think she's the one character who would be most likely to shoot someone Indiana-Jones-style to cut the battle short.

- Faith. So ridiculously loyal - and the one way to make her absolutely destroy your life is to make her loyal to you and then (from her perspective) betray her.
- Everyone Willow has ever dated. (Seriously! Xander, Oz, Tara, Kennedy - all total Hufflepuffs...)
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Anyone who likes modern instrumental music should check out "The Piano Guys". I am currently listening to their Christmas album, and desperately wanting to see them in concert.

(They also do rather fun YouTube videos.)
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Don't you hate it when you have an excellent idea for a blog post, but by the time you actually sit down to post it, you've forgotten what it was? *sighs*

So, random life update:
- Am almost finished with Latin book 5, at which point I will be a (self-described) Advanced Latin Student, ready for such majestic heights as fairytales-in-Latin, Harry-Potter-in-Latin, and short-excerpts-from-classic-Latin-texts-with-the-translation-right-there-in-case-I-get-confused. Very awesome.

- Am feeling very organised, because all my Christmas presents are wrapped.

- The boy is now walking all day, and getting rather adventurous. Fun, but slightly exhausting.

- We are between heatwaves, so having nice sunny weather. Most of my plants have survived so far.

- The husband is now halfway through season 3 of Farscape. He's enjoying it, most of the time.
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After three ridiculously hot days, the storm has finally broken. We have every window in the house open, and I am sitting here in the cool, refreshing air, listening to the lovely sound of Aussie rain.

It sounds different here. Rain, I mean.

You see, we have this thing called corrugated iron, which makes up a rather large percentage of the roofs in this country. If you're standing anywhere near any kind of building, you are standing somewhere where you will hear rain falling on corrugation, every time it rains. It's a lovely sound. And not one I got to hear last year.

Tourism websites might talk up the landscapes and the marsupials, but my vote for Best Part of Australia is the sound of the storms.

book rec

Dec. 16th, 2015 07:11 pm
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So, this is a book I've read once. Or, now, one-and-a-half times.

It's not my style. And it's kind of awesome.

I am, as I have previously mentioned, a murder mystery person – preferably of the 1930s variety. I am not a modern thriller fan. Smoke Screen, by Sandra Brown, is emphatically a modern thriller. (Apparently, Sandra Brown – who I've never heard of – is winner of the "Thriller Master Award", which I've also never heard of. She totally deserves it.)

It's a book about corruption, covering up corruption with murder, covering up murder with more murder, and covering up more murder with more corruption. It's also about a woman on the run, and said woman having hot sex with the man whose life she ruined.

It's rather brilliant. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish rereading it, and then somehow persuade my husband that I really need to spend money on more Sandra Brown books.


Dec. 8th, 2015 07:38 pm
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Just turned down a really nice job opportunity because it would make my son too parent-deprived.

On the positive side, I was just offered a really nice job. People think I'm hireable!

...still. Right now, this somewhat sucks.
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Agatha Christie used to have her novels adapted into plays by other people – and then, one day, she sighed, picked herself up, and started adapting them herself. Because everyone else was doing it wrong. They were, you see, sticking too closely to her original novel-like plot, rather than changing it to a play-type plot.

This bit of trivia is not unrelated to why I think the AtLA movie and the Harry Potter movies suck.

Okay – so there are many reasons why The Last Airbender sucks*, but this is the one that is related to the Harry Potter movies also sucking.

in which I have opinions )


Dec. 5th, 2015 07:19 am
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The problem with not posting regularly is that I then feel like I can't post anything until it's the BEST POST EVER I don't post at all.

- I swear, the scene in Half Blood Prince where the vampire comes to Slughorn's party - Rowling clearly wrote it purely so that she could have her Italian vampire called "Sanguini" and giggle at her awesome Latin pun.

- My son is now walking and talking - for a given definition thereof. He is, as always, extremely cute.

- Despite being halfway through Murdoch Mysteries, Elementary, Newsroom, and Despicable Me, I am eagerly rewatching Heroes - which I haven't seen in its entirety (ie: the first season, which is ALL THAT EXISTS) since it was first broadcast. It's kind of awesome.

- Finally finished the blanket that took me two damn years, and can move on to other crochet projects that interest me a bit more. (Steadfastly ignoring the cross-stitch project that's been half-complete for four years now.)

- Will put Christmas tree up today. Will then spend three weeks keeping one-year-old from destroying Christmas tree.

(Excuse me. The kidlet is demanding that I read him a story.)
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From a story perspective, the natural order is "minor character... supporting character... supporting character... MAIN CHARACTER!!!!!"

In-universe, the natural order is "did something kinda cool... did something more cool... did something even cooler... FOUGHT VOLDEMORT!!!!!"

Even mathematically, it'd be "10... 50... 50... 60!!!!!"

But no.

Instead, Dumbledore goes against every natural flow of narrative, and makes the choice to have Harry Potter get them to a tie against Slytherin - so that the realisation that Gryffindor has indeed won the House Cup comes simultaneously with Dumbledore beaming and saying, in his loudest, proudest voice:


...and that's why I love him.


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