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Feb. 15th, 2013 09:13 pm
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Read a book today. A whole book - in one day. Not unprecedented, but it only happens with books I'm utterly fascinated by. And this book was, indeed, fascinating.

The book in question was Torn by Justin Lee, who runs the Gay Christian Network. I've read a number of posts, interviews, and articles by Justin over the last few years, and have always been very impressed with him. He is committed to following Jesus no matter what trouble it gets him into - and it shows.

If you're a Christian, I recommend you get a copy of Torn, and read it. If you're not a Christian... get a copy of Torn, and read it. Cause seriously, guys, it's awesome.

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Mar. 23rd, 2012 09:11 am
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And next on the list of Books You Should All Read...

No Proper Lady, by Isabel Cooper.

The back cover describes it as "Terminator meets My Fair Lady", and... well, yeah. That's about it.

- Joan, daughter of Arthur and Leia, is a soldier from a post-apocalyptic future. A magical something-or-other went terribly wrong (think The Gift, for instance) and now humanity is losing ground every day.

- So, being at the end of their ropes, the soldiers decide to send Joan back in time - 200 years back in time - to find the man responsible for the eventual end of the world, and kill him.

- Joan comes back in time to 1888, where she meets Simon Grenville - a gentleman who also realises how terrible the villain is, and is happy to help Joan out.

- And the two of them hatch a plan. In which Joan becomes "Mrs MacArthur", and begins to learn enough upper class etiquette to work undercover...

It's really fun! And well written. And if you're in the mood for sci-fi, paranormal, historical, guerrilla warfare with a side-serve of romance... give it a go. It's worth reading.
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Allow me to recommend a book that I've never actually read...

It's called The Floating Admiral, and it was written in 1931 by "members of the Detection Club" (comprising such people as GK Chesterton, Agatha Christie, and Dorothy L Sayers, among others).

It is an excellent book in every respect. (As far as I can tell - since, you know, I haven't actually read the thing yet.)

But anyway, it works like this:
- Detector 1 writes the first chapter of a murder mystery, sprinkling clues liberally around the crime scene. He also writes down his solution to the mystery that explains everything perfectly, and puts it in a sealed envelope.
- The first chapter (and the sealed envelope) are then passed to Detector 2. She reads the chapter, figures out what clearly happened, and writes the second chapter - along with a sealed envelope containing her solution to the whole thing.
- Those two chapters go to Detector 3, who starts writing the next bit...

According to their rules, every single writer has to have a clear explanation for the mystery in mind, and have everything they write fit with it. And everyone has to take into account every single clue planted by the earlier writers as well.


As Dorothy L Sayers says in the introduction:
Where one writer may have laid down a clue, thinking that it could point only in one obvious direction, succeeding writers have managed to make it point in a direction exactly opposite. ... We are only too much accustomed to let the great detective say airily: "Cannot you see, my dear Watson, that these facts admit of only one interpretation?" After our experience in the matter of The Floating Admiral, our great detectives may have to learn to express themselves more guardedly...
Speaking for myself, I may say that the helpless bewilderment into which I was plunged on receipt of Mr. Milward Kennedy's little bunch of brain-teasers was, apparently, fully equalled by the hideous sensation of bafflement which overcame Father Ronald Knox when, having, as I fondly imagined, cleared up much that was obscure, I handed the problem on to him.

Doesn't it sound brilliant? So very interesting, and YOU SHOULD ALL GO AND READ IT. EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN'T YET.

Reading of strange murder mysteries scheduled for this weekend, during which I expect to squeal with delight at least six times...
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Herman Schultz is having a bad week.

All he wants is to commit enough crime to give him a comfortable lifestyle as a supervillain. But the world seems to have other plans: in the last few days, he’s resisted arrest, fought off Electro, been captured by Spiderman, been almost eaten by several hundred zombies, become an internet sensation, looted groceries, and tried to find out why a mysterious evil mastermind keeps trying to destroy his life.

And, to cap things off, the Punisher’s just shot him.

Polarity is a brilliant look at what happens to a supervillain when he’s caught up in a zombie apocalypse and, for the first time in his life, tries to be a hero. It’s long, plotty, and extremely fun.

For those of you who are familiar with the Marvel universe, this fic is very familiar with canon. For those of you who aren’t… you really don’t need to be. While the writer delights in throwing in off-hand references to past storylines, the sum total of what you need to know about Marvel can be summarised as follows:
1) There are superheroes, and supervillains, running around in costume.
2) Spiderman is one of the superheroes.
Everything else will be explained for you.

There are a few unexpected scene changes that appear without warning, and more than a few typos – but honestly, I don’t care. This fic is WONDERFUL in every way, and you should all go and read it. If you like plotty fics, then this one’s for you.

The good news? The exploding truck broke my fall.


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