Sep. 7th, 2014

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1) Stonehenge really exists, and is not an elaborate hoax. (Or else a really well-constructed one.)

2) Winchester Cathedral does indeed have a jigsaw puzzle window. One day I will solve it...

3) Walked on top of Jane Austen's grave without realising. Hope she'll forgive me.

4) The white cliffs of Dover are, in fact, white and cliff-like.

5) Stayed in the most adorable attic room known to man. Want to take it back to Australia with me.

6) Ramsgate does exist, but is slightly more modern than Georgiana Darcy would have found it.

7) London traffic is rather horrendous, as expected.

8) Also - have reached London! So far, have only seen our hostel. (And traffic.)
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Seriously, Northern Hemispherites, you guys are missing out on all the good fast food. And the sad thing is, you don't even realise it.

KFC, for example. Their chips here are the same as the Maccas chips - ie, thin and kinda dry. Real KFC chips should be fat, moist, and yummily salty. They're awesome.

And Subway! How is it that none of the European Subways have grated carrot? Or chicken fillet? Or sweet chilli sauce?

You people are DEPRIVED.


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