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The more I see of the Terminator sequels, the more I appreciate the original.

Not in the way that I'd say "Ugh. The more I see of the Jurassic Park sequels, the more I appreciate the original. After all, that one didn't suck." No - the reason I love Terminator is because of Sarah Connor.

Sarah Connor. Unrepentant badass. Most hardcore chick ever. Whose current reaction to scary situations is... to sit there and cry.

She's Sarah Connor. SARAH CONNOR. Seriously. And yet, this is Sarah Connor in her preā€“Sarah Connor state, where she drops things, freaks out at danger, shrieks, cries, screams, wails, and generally has no idea what to do.

And we get to see the exact moment when she goes from cute little civilian girl to Sarah Connor, bitches. It's AWESOME.

An added bonus is seeing her interacting with Kyle Reese, who is encountering a clueless civilian for the very first time in his life. A clueless civilian who happens to be the most kickass woman in the universe - or at least, she will be, if he can get it through her thick skull...

Yep. Liked this movie the first time I saw it, but having now seen two (*coughs*) sequels and a tv series, I like it so much more.


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