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Somehow, in the next few weeks, I have to figure out how to write an essay.

People keep looking at me rather strangely when I say that. (Mostly people from my course - who are all Arts students, and spent their entire uni lives writing essays. They can't quite fathom that Engineering involved repeated maths problems and a complete lack of essays.)

Actually, thinking about it rationally, I should be able to do this easily enough. After all:

- It's only supposed to be 1500 words. In the last few years I've written 16 fanfics that were longer. Most of those only took an afternoon.

- I've written plenty of meta, and other almost-meta-ish stuff. That's basically like writing an essay.

- I wrote essays in high school. (Very badly - but still...)

But I've never written a uni essay before. And I really, really want to do well at this course. It's much more important to me than most of the things I've written - and thus much harder to write.

*sighs* I'll get there. Eventually.

Date: 2010-09-16 10:28 pm (UTC)
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If it helps, remember: Use Passive Voice as much as is feasible, keep your paragraphs at around 100-150w each, Make sure each original thought is fully referenced, and don't cross the streams!


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