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1) I bought honey, pear juice, and cat treats at a farmers market. I also saw a multi-coloured dog (by which I mean pink, blue, yellow, green...).

2) My "favourite" nephew is invariably "the one I'm speaking to right now". Last night, it changed rapidly from Josh (saying silly things loudly in an attempt to get my attention so we can share a grin), to Michael (wriggling his legs excitedly while I changed his nappy), to Josh (eating ice-cream and getting it EVERYWHERE), to Alex (snuggling up next to me to read a story), to Caleb and Nathan (NOT currently chucking a tantrum about having to go to bed).

3) This week I start two part-time writing/editing jobs. Fairly nervous - what if they expect me to actually be competent, or something?

4) Owing to new-job-starting, I have the next two days off. Wonderfully relaxing.

5) I have discovered Portal, which is far too addictive. I'm not brilliant at the current level, though - I keep flinging myself into acid...


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