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Here's what I want:

I open up my tablet app, and select "make a new map". It gives me a blank grid of squares.

I decide whether the map is inside, in the street, or in the countryside. The app gives me the appropriate terrain types (such as "floor, table, stairs", "building, pavement, wagon", or "rocks, river, grass") based on my choice. Then I select a terrain type, apply it to some grid squares, select another, apply it to some more grid squares, etc.

Finally, I can select any grid square, and give it a label.

Voila! Map!

(Then, at a later date...)

I open up my tablet app, and select "use existing map". It loads the map I made earlier.

I add characters: Rohan the Ranger, Elthreli the Cleric, Snigwat the Fighter, Nora the Rogue, Orc 1, Orc 2, Captive 1, etc.

I can then position the characters on any grid squares I choose, and, at any point, move them from one location to another.

Thus allowing me to run awesome RPGs without constantly having to use a pencil and eraser on the back of an old character sheet.

That's the dream...
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Being in a rather silly mood, I thought I'd classify each of the Farscape characters by their alignment and class. That happened.

Crichton - Chaotic Good Bard
Crichton breathes chaos - so the alignment was pretty obvious. As for the character class: he's very into persuasion, negotiation, and trickery. He'll fight if he has to, but he'd rather look for a clever way around a problem.

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games day

Dec. 29th, 2011 08:09 pm
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There's one thing I really miss about uni. I used to be able to walk into the caf, grab a chair, and instantly join in on a game of some sort. Cards, or board games, or RPGs... you name it, we played it. All day long.

It was wonderful. I'd get to play games with people whenever I want. Whereas, these days, I have to ring all my friends, check when we're all free, set up a time, find some good games, organise snacks, and hope we all want to play the same thing and can hang around long enough to play everything...

I had people over today, for exactly that purpose. It was very fun - and made me miss uni so much.

(Someday I'm going to make some robotic friends, to live in my cupboards and come out to play Citadels with me any time I want.)
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This will probably be of very little interest to anyone who isn't into tabletop roleplaying...

I've been trying to figure out how the heck to turn AtLA into an RPG. The big thing getting in my way is the element-bending.

So, here's what I've come up with.

long discussion of stats and skills )

That's what I've come up with so far.

Questions? Comments?
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There should be an AtLA RPG. (A tabletop RPG, I mean. I don't care about the other kind.)

Seriously - it would be so interesting! And fun!

You could have pre-series campaigns with a couple of Air Nomad refugees fleeing the Fire Nation and meeting up with an earthbender.

Or a post-series campaign with border clashes between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation colonies, with the party having to work out the solution.

Or a pre-war campaign with some firebenders teaming up with some airbenders to explore some exciting archaeological caverns.

Or try to get around the Dai Li.

Or do a dungeon crawl through King Bumi's exciting maze of wonders, in which every single wonder wants to kill you.

Or almost anything.

Wouldn't it be fun?


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