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Day 1: Favourite Season

I'm going to be a bit unusual on this one. My favourite season is... season 4. *ducks for cover*

Why, you ask?

(Or possibly, why on earth, you ask, in horrified tones and the possibility of sniggering coming up behind the horror...)

Two reasons. One: it's fun. And two: it's all about transitions.

The Fun

Season four is the season when the writers went a bit silly. They have teeny tiny fear demons! They have Spike in a bathtub watching Passions! They have uber-Jonathan! They have Giles on guitar – repeatedly! They have the Cheese Man! And engagement spells! And caveman beer! And Anya!

I just... think it's really fun.

There are other seasons that I watch for great plots, or for deep character moments, or so forth. But I find myself watching season four way more than it probably deserves, because it's silly and it makes me laugh.

The Transitions

This is the season where every character is sitting between High School Them and Later Season Them. Buffy is suddenly an adult, in the not-having-to-ask-mom-for-permission-to-going-patrolling way, but not yet an adult, in the taking-care-of-vulnerable-little-sister way. Willow has left nerd behind, but not yet embraced homicidal dark villainy. Xander is no longer the class clown and not yet the carpenter; Giles has finished librarianship but is pre-shopkeeping; Spike is a former Big Bad and a future good guy; Faith isn't evil but can't figure out how to be good yet; Anya's no longer a demon and hasn't yet found her "place in the world"; the show itself has left behind Monster Of The Week but hasn't yet discovered Multi-Episode Saga.

It's a really interesting character moment that I always enjoy – and here, it's happening to every character at once.

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