Dec. 6th, 2010

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This was written for [ profile] dreamincolor, who requested something set a few years after Small Spaces. You don't actually have to have read Small Spaces to understand this, but it'll certainly help.

Title: Waiting Game
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3580

Summary: Dawn has something she needs to do.

Five years later... or maybe just two... )
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This was written for [ profile] still_grrr’s month of happiness.

Title: Really Truly
Rating: PG
Word Count: 280

Summary: Buffy finds out that Spike is alive.

finding out )
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When it comes to fictional detectives, you have:

Miss Marple ("it's just not what he'd do...")
Rick Castle ("this would be a bit more likely - and would make a much better story")
lots of detectives in the middle who are too non-quirky to discuss
Hercule Poirot ("logically, this alarm clock could only have been heard by someone inside the room - so she must have been lying")
Sherlock Holmes ("ahah! footprints! which proves that the crime was committed by a Bolivian man with red hair, money troubles, and a savage history")

Miss Marple is practically using intuition (as well thought-out as her deductions generally are) - and then the continuum goes on into more clue-based territory, putting more and more importance into finding the facts... until we're up to Holmes, who is almost using intuition again.

(Seriously - I read a Sherlock Holmes story once. He found some footprints, measured the distance between them, and spied a gold wedding ring that someone had dropped. From this he deduced forty pages of the villain's personal history. And he was right about every bit of it.)

I tend to prefer my detectives from the Marpleish end of the spectrum. (Although the occasional clue-heavy mystery can be fun.)

Of course, there are also Nancy Drew clones: where the detective runs around speculating wildly until the villain kidnaps them, tells them the whole plot, and then leaves them to get rescued.
They're... kind of strange.


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