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The kidlet has now been around for one week (minus a few hours). So far, he's pretty cute.

The birth was fast - and painful. I was induced, which I find means that you go from nothing to IN LABOUR in a ridiculously short amount of time, and your body tries its best to compress all the attending pain into the shortened timespan.

I went from 1cm to 9cm dialated in about 2 hours. It hurt.

The hospital was rather awesome. I had a spa bath, and a big beddish-tableish thing, and a whole lot of other things I could have used if there had been time. They were clearly happy for me to do my thing in whatever way I wanted.

...what I wanted? No idea. What happened? Mostly me sitting up and SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. I literally could not stop myself from yelling, mid-contraction, unless I was allowed to push. (My voice took a few days to recover.)

The kidlet, meanwhile, decided that the best pose for giving birth was "The Superman": one hand artistically placed over the head. While I applaud his heroic ambitions, I am less appreciative of his timing; he got stuck halfway down the birth canal, and had to be vacuumed out.

He was awfully cute, though, so I didn't really mind.

I really do have the cutest son.

So far, he spends most of his time sleeping, pooing, eating, and wailing about wanting to do one or all of the above. We're gradually getting the breastfeeding down - already dropped from a one-hour latching-on time to about ten minutes - and improving at not getting unexpectedly wee-ed on, mid-change.

We took him to get his passport photo yesterday (for our trip home), and the photo guy pointed out that official passport photos of infants need them to have their eyes open. Those of you who are experienced wranglers of children will appreciate the difficulty involved in trying to get a sleeping (ie, eyes closed) baby to awake and happy (eyes open), without accidentally landing on grumpy (eyes closed). And then in holding him upright to have his photo taken without any of our fingers ending up in the photo...

He hates wearing mittens and hats. This morning, we took him out for a walk in the nearly-winter weather, and naturally dressed him in both. He quickly figured out how to remove the mittens, and then tried repeatedly to remove the hat - but instead kept pulling it forward over his face, and then getting rather confused.

Currently I am watching his daddy hold him, as the kidlet drifts slowly off to sleep. If you'll excuse me, I have some photos to take...
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