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Here are a whole lot of miscellaneous Buffyverse drabbles, and one double-drabble, mostly featuring OCs.

Do I Like Shrubs? )

The Next Morning )

Funds )

Begin Again )

Concert )

So Much Potential )

Holiday Season )

Misquoted )

Stretching The Truth )

Ruination )
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This was written for the “friendship” free-for-all at [ profile] still_grrr.

Title: New Strategy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 660

Summary: One of the… lesser known friendships of the Buffyverse.

bribery and corruption! )
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So here's a vid. :D

I hope you like it...

fame and fortune )
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This was written for the prompt of “Tears Down My Cheeks” at [ profile] still_grrr. (This is what happens when I watch You're Welcome and A Hole In The World back to back.)

Title: The Event Entire
Rating: PG
Word Count: 330

Summary: Death is a part of being a hero. Usually the last part.

almost a poem )
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This was written for the prompt of “Literature”, at [ profile] still_grrr.

Title: Speak as Liberal as the North
Rating: PG
Word Count: 140

Summary: A short poem (of sorts).

Fred, Gunn, and Wesley )
deird1: Gunn in a suit, holding a shotgun, with text "Charles Gunn: attorney at law" (Gunn with gun)
This was written for [ profile] still_grrr, for the prompt of “Mary-Sue”.

Title Infestation
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1000

Summary: The Fang Gang track down some very malevolent creatures…

eight loose in L.A. )


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