Oct. 9th, 2011

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I spent several days being sick. I am now not sick, but have absolutely no voice left as a result of having coughed so much. Hopefully no-one will urgently need me to tell them things for the next few days...

Went to a wedding on Saturday. They had activity bags for the kids who came to the reception - which included colouring pencils, stickers, bubble mix, lollies, and disposable cameras with a "scavenger hunt" list of photos they should try to take during the evening. Such a good idea! First reception I've seen that had kids and didn't have extremely bored kids wailing to go somewhere else.

Tangled is still a wonderful movie of brilliance. I now have icons.

My cat missed me while I was away (the wedding was in Adelaide), but he also missed being outside. He's spent the last few hours meowing desperately to be let outside because he hasn't seen outside in days, and then instantly meowing desperately to be let inside because he hasn't seen me in days. Maybe I should have just gone outside with him?

Much unpacking still to be done. It'll have to wait until tomorrow: I am hereby allowing myself a relaxing evening of doing nothing much.


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