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bad day

Boyfriend broke up with me today.


Hugs and prayers will be gratefully accepted.
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Oh noes.

*sends many, many hugs*

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:: huggles you ::

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I'm so very sorry.

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Well, that was certainly unexpected! :(

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*hugs* I'm so sorry.
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Oh no! I am so sorry.
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Oh no! :( MANY MANY HUGS. /cuddles


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Oh no - I'm so sorry.


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Managed to fight my way here - I had to so that I can give you a hug.

Love and prayers are with you.

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Oh, hon. I'm so sorry. :(

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Oh no!

Love, hugs, prayers. I'm so sorry to hear this.

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You know it's his loss, right.


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I'm so, so sorry.
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Oh, honey. Thoughts, hugs and prayers are coming at you, along with a boatload of double chocolate fudge ice cream!
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Aw baby. Hugs.
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Oh, sweetie. I'm so very sorry. *hugs*
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I'm so sorry.


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All of my huggy icons are over on LJ, but know that I am thinking of you today.


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I said a prayer for you this morning. I'm sorry. *hugs*
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I'm really sorry. That's really kinda not fair.
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No! I'm so sorry to hear that.

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*ginormous and copious hugs*

I am so incredibly sorry, honey. If it helps, it makes no sense to me at all. You're so awesome.

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I'm so sorry, Deird. You have my sincerest sympathies and lots of virtual hugs.
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Awww, I'm sorry! Lots of hugs and ice cream.
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How horrible. All my sympathies.
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I'm so sorry, hon. *hugs*

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Bugger. *bighugs*

What a silly man.

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Hugs and prayers - with all my heart

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and from me xoxo
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I'm really sorry.


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That sucks :(

I'm sorry to hear that. Really.


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Oh, hon, I'm so sorry. I'm sending you lots of hugs and will definitely be keeping you in my prayers.

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*sends good 'n warm thoughts*
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:( Hugs

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*hugs hugs hugs*

(Let me know if you want to get a coffee - I can promise to talk about nothing but House and BBT the whole time if you like... :) )

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Oh, I am so sorry. *hugs*
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I hope you're coping okay. Remember that you're awesome and you always will be. That's the most important thing. Hugs for you.

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But...but....why? Silly, silly boy.

Thinking of you. (Let me know if/ when you want that SGA marathon...)
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So sorry to hear that, hope you are ok.