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deird1 ([personal profile] deird1) wrote2017-03-16 01:07 pm

a TV thing that really annoys me:

Suspect is interviewed by the police, speaking with a perfect American accent.

Suspect is revealed to be French criminal in disguise.

Their disguise revealed, suspect now smugly starts declaring that they're going to get away with the crime - in French-accented English.

It's just...


My German accent is very good. And rather Bavarian. I don't go around talking in more Aussie sounding German just so I can tip off all the Germans that I'm a foreigner. Someone who can speak in another language with a good accent isn't going to switch to a clumsy foreign accent just for funsies.*

* Unless you are Hercule Poirot, who does just that.

(Anonymous) 2017-03-16 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
Makes perfect sense to me? Having them lapse into their native tongue would confuse all the non-French-speaking audience, so they have to do *something* to make themselves obviously foreign, now.
And maintaining a perfect accent is hard work, so when there is no longer a need, it's a relief to be able to go all lazy and native-accented. :-)

(Maybe you'd prefer it if the spy suddenly whipped out a beret and started buttering a baguette?
Actually, I'm sure that's already happened in spoofs of spy movies...)

(Anonymous) 2017-03-16 04:38 am (UTC)(link)
Their voice changes so it's bleedingly obvious that they're foreign.
- Maybe it's so non-English speakers can clue in better, or because humans are wired to notice changes in accent even if we may miss the clue in the storyline (e.g. find it hard to concentrate on plots, etc).
Can't say I've ever minded it, when I do notice it. Bad guy turns out to be foreign bad guy with accompanying change in accent? I accept and keep enjoying the show. It's just television, not worth getting annoyed about or reading too much into. Stick to books, if spoken accents distract you too much.... :-)

PS- am curious- why do you say Poirot "switch[es] to a clumsy foreign accent just for funsies"? He speaks with an accent all the time, as far as I know? No putting-on of a foreign accent that I'm aware of.