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No longer being quite so jetlagged, I thought I'd resume my posting schedule.

Germany! Yay!

(Or, alternately, Germany! Grr!, depending on how I'm feeling at the time. Mainly this is connected to how much my ability to speak German is working.)

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How's everyone else going?
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Will spend today driving to the airport, tomorrow on a plane, Wednesday doing MASSIVE amounts of paperwork, and Thursday settling into my new place/country/continent.

Won't have internet all week. Please try not to implode everything while I'm gone.
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One week until we leave, and I'm getting sniffly and wanting to cling to things. Granted, some of these things may be worth clinging to - but some of it is just me being pre-emptively nostalgic.

The Stuff I Have To Put At The Top, Or Else I'd Get In Trouble
- my family
- my nephews
- my niece
- my cat
- my friends

...And The Rest
- my pretty tablecloths
- my zippy car and its loud radio
- being able to order a lemon-lime-and-bitters and have people know what I mean
- my soft toys!
- my ridiculously huge dvd collection
- my under-used sewing machine
- news announcers using the words "breatho", "prang", and "suss" in a serious news broadcast
- my rocking chair
- being able to instantly counter everyone's "it's so cold!" blog updates with my "HEATWAVE!!!" blog updates
- gum leaves
- vegemite
- tap water that's somewhat drinkable
- being able to use the word "paraphernalia" (diary entry from previous trip to Munich, 1998: "Happiness is being able to use the word paraphernalia and having people understand you.")
- making lots of noise in my house without disturbing the neighbours
- wandering outside in a tshirt and bare feet
- magpie song
- spotting the occasional possum running along the powerlines
- my piano
- gas cooking
- proper, Aussie sausages (weisswurst is rather gross)
- my lovely, lovely country, with all its stupid flaws

Of course, ever since I went to Munich, 16 years ago, I've had a little bit of me horribly missing all the things that I loved about Germany. And even though I'll be missing the things on my list like crazy, I'll also be getting to renew my tentative love affair with Europe. Which will be rather excellent.
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My life is currently busy and uninteresting, all at once.

Uninteresting because we've hit the dead period in between finding out about Germany and actually going to Germany. Busy because... well, we're going to Germany.

We are fixing the house like mad, so it'll still be standing when we get back. This involves:
- painting walls
- oiling the deck
- planting a lemon tree
- repotting my tiny parsley plants and hoping they survive
- pruning everything in sight
- clearing gutters

We are preparing our house for our housesitters. This mainly involves writing big lists of explanations on everything they should/shouldn't do to our stuff.

We are mentally packing, in preparation for the actual packing. Our packing categories include:
- clothes
- toiletries
- stuff for the husband's work
- stuff for my work
- stuff to stop me going totally insane (dvds, wool, books, soft toys, instruments)
- touristy stuff

We are hugging the cat at every opportunity, because he's my boy and I'm going to MISS him.

We are practicing language stuff as hard as we can, such as:
- German, since we'll be in Germany
- French, since we're definitely checking it out a few times
- Latin, because I'm not giving up on it now, dammit

We are simultaneously trying to catch up with everyone we know before we leave them for a year, and having to ignore most of the people we know because we're busy getting ready to leave for a year.

We are doing scads of paperwork. (Seriously, moving overseas comes with way too many forms.)

We are still trying to carry on with our normal lives, since they haven't actually stopped yet.

*is nervous, exhausted, and thrilled, all at the same time*
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It's definite.

On the 5th of March, we're flying to Stuttgart. Where we will live, for a year. And whence* we will travel to the rest of Europe, to see old buildings and meet anyone who's interested.

* I have an excuse to use the word whence! I'm so proud!

settling in

Jan. 3rd, 2014 01:12 pm
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Back from holiday with my family, and I'm starting to settle into our new house. (Pics to come.)

Elf has also moved in – as of yesterday – and has now moved from huddling in a corner to wandering around exploring and occasionally meowing indignantly about its failure to be the previous house. I'm having to keep him inside at the moment, which is a bit of a pain, but at least he's got plenty of new stuff to keep him interested.

We're having friends over to dinner tonight, which is nice. So far, I have failed horribly at baking, so my kitchen is currently full of smokey smells and charred ruins of cake. Hmmph. Back-up dessert is in the oven – where I can't see it, and can hence believe it to be perfect for at least another hour.

Travel update:

Still not totally finalised, but...
As of mid-February, we're going to be in Stuttgart for a year. Which will involve lots of seeing different bits of Europe. Yay!

RL update

Dec. 14th, 2013 02:55 pm
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The husband and I are currently dealing with the early stages of moving. Mainly, cleaning and gardening at our old address, so we don't look like horrible slobs and vagabonds to the landlords. And then, in a few days, we'll switch to cleaning and gardening at our new address.

Still not certain, by any means, but I said you'd know when I did, so...

Most likely? Next year we will be living in Germany.
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So currently, we've got this weird thing happening where the husband's job keeps changing their mind on all kinds of things. So, at any moment, I can give you my plan for next year in percentages, like so:
chance I'll be in Michigan - x%
chance I'll be in Australia - y%
chance I'll be in a totally different country - z%
...with x, y, and z changing on an hourly basis.

Next year, I'll be living somewhere, and doing something. It might even be somewhere that I speak the language.

...and you'll know when I do.
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So... a few weeks ago, the husband came home and told me about a new work opportunity.

My initial reaction was to curl up in a ball and cry. But then again, my initial reaction to anything new is to curl up in a ball and cry. Heck, you could offer me sunshine and puppies, and I would still freak out, shriek "No! Change!" and run away.

My second reaction was a bit more positive.

And, three weeks later, we've finally got the details a bit more sorted.


*takes deep breath*

From April 2014 to April 2015, we're going to be living in Michigan.


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