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NCIS is still annoying me with its abuse of Latin...

Rewatching season 6, and once again gritted my teeth at the following exchange:

Abby: "Gibbs! Primitus Victor*? It's Latin. It means 'first victim'."
Gibbs: "Yeah. I know, Abbs."

* from a message the killer left them


No. No it does not mean that. It does not mean anything of the sort.

'Primitus victor' is indeed Latin. And it means 'first winner'. 'First victim' would be 'primitus victima'.

I understand why they did it. They thought "victor" sounded cooler, and didn't think anyone would notice. But that's no excuse for doing it wrong.

*is petty and pedantic*
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Deep Impact really did get screwed over.

Not only did it have to deal with the reaction it was always going to get ("Typical disaster movie. Eh."), but being released at the same time as Armageddon gave it an extra reaction to contend with ("I've just seen Bruce Willis do this. Why bother seeing the Tea Leoni version?"). So hardly anyone actually saw it.

Which is a pity, because it's kind of incredible.

And while it might technically be a disaster movie - given the whole comet-wiping-out-all-life-on-earth thing - it's certainly not a traditional one. In traditional disaster movies, the hero runs around dealing with the disaster and its consequences in a very heroic and manly fashion. In Deep Impact, the disaster only hits in the last few minutes of the movie - and most of the main characters aren't remotely concerned with trying to stop it.

Instead, the point of the movie is that the comet has been announced, and the main characters are concerned with:
- surviving the comet's impact
- dying with dignity
- coping with military rule
- presenting a brave face to the country, in hopeless circumstances
- blowing up the comet before it hits Earth (okay - a few of the main characters are doing disaster-movie stuff)

It's basically a study of humanity and what we would actually do in this kind of situation. And it makes me cry every time I watch it.

Pity that no-one else ever saw it...
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By the age of 12, Aang had defeated the Fire Nation.

By 18, Harry had stopped Voldemort.

By 22, Buffy had created an army of Slayers.

By 28, Emma had broken the Witch's curse.

By 30, Sarah Connor had killed the Terminator, given birth to the leader of the resistance, learnt several languages, blown up several buildings, broken out of an insane asylum, and killed another Terminator.

By 31, I will... have achieved world domination. But I'm not allowed to talk about that.

many things

Feb. 5th, 2013 08:51 pm
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Quiet evening at home. Hurrah! Haven't had one of those in quite a while.

TV I am watching
Recently, I have been re-watching episodes of:
- Sarah Connor Chronicles
- the Lizzie Bennet Diaries
- Once Upon A Time
- My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- Leverage
- Yes Minister

All of them are very awesome, but in very different ways.

...will start in about a week. In previous years, I have done many different things, including giving up chocolate, television, and unnecessary spending. The unnecessary spending worked well; the chocolate less so. It's not that I can't give up chocolate - but instead of making me focus on God, or on how little I need possessions, or on more spiritual things, it just makes me focus on how much I love chocolate. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

This year, I'm being a bit restrictive: I'm sticking to only fair trade tea and chocolate. Inconvenient? Focusing on other people in financial difficulty? A good discipline? Yep, yep, and yep. We'll see how it goes.

(One year, I'm so going to give up electric lighting. But that will not be this year.)

My washing
I just did it. For the first time in a month.

I can tell this, because my clothes-horse is now holding 25 pairs of undies. I didn't even realise I had 25 pairs of undies...

iPad Apps
There are so many.

Just about anything you could ever think of trying to plan - seriously, anything - will have an app already waiting, with in-built checklists ready to go. Very helpful. (Except that the app will be totally convinced that no-one could ever colonise Mars without inventing faster-than-light travel first, and will keep putting little "remember to install your FTL drives!" reminders in your to-do list, even though you have no intention of doing anything of the sort. Kind of irritating - and makes me feel like I'm terribly untrendy because I'm not fixated on conquering hyperspace and just want to get to the fun part of the Mars colonisation project*.)

* This, for the record, is the bit where we discover the ruins of the ancient Martian civilisation underground, and decipher the codes for creating wormholes using Martian technology...
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The more I see of the Terminator sequels, the more I appreciate the original.

Not in the way that I'd say "Ugh. The more I see of the Jurassic Park sequels, the more I appreciate the original. After all, that one didn't suck." No - the reason I love Terminator is because of Sarah Connor.

Sarah Connor. Unrepentant badass. Most hardcore chick ever. Whose current reaction to scary situations is... to sit there and cry.

She's Sarah Connor. SARAH CONNOR. Seriously. And yet, this is Sarah Connor in her pre–Sarah Connor state, where she drops things, freaks out at danger, shrieks, cries, screams, wails, and generally has no idea what to do.

And we get to see the exact moment when she goes from cute little civilian girl to Sarah Connor, bitches. It's AWESOME.

An added bonus is seeing her interacting with Kyle Reese, who is encountering a clueless civilian for the very first time in his life. A clueless civilian who happens to be the most kickass woman in the universe - or at least, she will be, if he can get it through her thick skull...

Yep. Liked this movie the first time I saw it, but having now seen two (*coughs*) sequels and a tv series, I like it so much more.
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I have finally seen that scene from Two Cathedrals in its proper context.


It is, in fact, a stellar episode, rather than just a stellar scene.

Hurrah some more!

random bits of reaction )

This is going to be one of those shows I end up fangirling over, isn't it?
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My brain has a weird relationship with tv split-screens.

Every time I watch The Parent Trap, I spend half the movie trying to figure out what Hallie and Annie's distinguishing features are - before once again realising that they're both Lindsay Lohan and by definition have the exact same face.

And tonight? I was rewatching Doctor Who, when Amy and Amelia got together and started talking... and I spent far too long wondering what kind of split-screen they were using. And then realised that, even though they're playing the same person, they're two different actors. They're obviously two different actors. Who couldn't possibly be mistaken for the same actor. And yet...

Like I say. My brain has not yet learned the difference between fiction and reality. One of these decades I'll figure that out.
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Watching tv last night, I decided that when I become a mob boss, I'm going to institute a very generous retirement program.

Almost every mob boss I've ever seen on tv has had their downfall arrive via a mob guy who "just wants to get out of the game", but knows that "get out of the game" is pretty much the same as "get horribly slaughtered by my former employer", and is thus desperate enough to hand said employer over to the cops.

Hence, during my reign as mob boss extraordinaire, I will greet anyone wanting to "get out of the game" with encouragement and understanding. I will then provide them with a generous sum of money (based on their years of service) and with the full use of their limbs. Provided that they never open their mouths about their time in my employ. And also that they don't steal from me on the way out the door - another common problem.

I will then make it clear to them that, should they feel the need to break our agreement about the not-talking and not-stealing, I will also feel duty-bound to break my agreement about the full use of their limbs.

I think it's a workable plan.
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My iPhone now has its own "geeks" playlist, featuring such songs as "Re: Your Brains", "Let's Go To The Mall", "Do You Want To Date My Avatar", "Mandelbrot Set", "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit", and "I'm The One That's Cool".

*hums happily*

new show

Aug. 24th, 2012 06:58 pm
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Flist, I need to be stern with you.

*looks stern*

I rely on your wondrous wisdom in finding me new television. In the past, you have been very helpful in this regard. You have led me to many new shows, such as Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Warehouse 13, Dresden Files, Avatar, Battlestar Galactica, Community, Castle, and Leverage. This has been a valuable service, and I appreciate it.

So. WHY did no-one mention the Murdoch Mysteries? Not once have I heard effusive praise, episode reviews, or even icon posts! What is going on?! Why haven't you mentioned this spectacular dream of a show to me???

*looks stern*

*tries not to squee*


*gives up on sternishness*

So... Murdoch Mysteries. Best crime show this decade, or best crime show ever?

For those of you who have failed to encounter this gem - and hence failed to enthuse at me (I haven't let you off the hook yet) - it's a crime show, with a Canadian detective and a forensics team, solving murders throughout Toronto... in the 1890s. When forensics involves this newfangled invention called fingerprints, and even the occasional telephone call!

It's so much fun.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a whole lot of tv to watch.
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You know what's really irritating about living in the 21st century?

There are many things in fiction that I go rather nuts about. Like... spaceships that are alive. Or superheroes who don't particularly want to be.

Which - yay! I get to have plenty of stories about them! Woo!

BUT. One of those things is arranged marriages.

I love fictional arranged marriages. I go totally nuts about arranged marriage stories. Or at least I would - if there ever were any.

Sadly, I live in the 21st century. Which means that every arranged marriage story rapidly turns into an I-thought-I-had-to-marry-you-for-reason-X-but-instead-I'm-going-to-change-the-law-and-abolish-reason-X-because-marriage-should-only-be-about-love-after-all-this-is-the-21st-century story. And the arranged marriage doesn't take place, all the characters cheer... and I go home and sulk because once again my narrative kinks have been thwarted. Hmmph.

(This post has been brought to you by rewatching Princess Diaries 2 and wishing, once again, that she would stick with the nice guy she's not that interested in and have her awesome insta-wedding...)
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Been rather MIA lately. This is because I've been busy...

...watching Leverage seasons 3 and 4. Which means, for the first time in living memory, I'm up to date with American tv and can read websites without worrying about spoilers. For at least the next week or so.

...cuddling nephews. Gotta say, even though it was annoying having Nathan so upset that I had to sit there and cuddle him for two straight hours, it was also kinda lovely. I've had to deal with wailing, tears, and fretting from each of my nephews - and it's something I treasure even if it's a pain.

...trying to find a job. My current one is almost certainly going to disappear soon (widespread redundancies, and my role's expendable), and despite my limited experience I'm pretty good at this whole editing thing, so there's got to be someone out there who'll hire me. Right?

...making fun things from wool. Crochet is ADDICTIVE. I've finished my beginners book - and am now trying out some of the trickier patterns. (The easy tricky patterns, though. I'm not confident enough to try the truly diabolical ones.)

...missing the boyfriend, who is still in Europe. *pines*

...teaching Sunday School. With lots of seven year olds who can run riot quite effectively. This week, I have to tell the story of Ruth. Which will be difficult.

...reading books I've read before. Murder mysteries are my comfort food.
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So, a few months ago, Australia's cinemas looked at the upcoming releases, thought "Horror movie by that Whedon guy? And starring that famous Aussie actor who's just been in some blockbusters? Eh - no-one'll watch that..." and decided that we could all wait for the dvd.

Guess how well that went down with the Browncoats?

...which is how I ended up in a packed cinema last night – the only cinema showing the movie in the whole of Victoria – watching Cabin in the Woods with a bunch of obsessed Joss Whedon fans.

brief movie spoilers )

I am now busily tracking down all the conversations I missed back in April...
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I'm watching season one of Heroes, now that I've managed to forget about season two*, and it's really quite good.

Weird, though - because in the mean time I've watched a whole lot of other stuff. And now Claire's best friend is John Connor, Spock has gone insane and is killing people, Forrest is walking through walls, Lancelot is a painter, one of the Cordettes is working for a mob boss, Kate Bennett has left NYPD and started talking to people through computers, and Hiro's father is George Takei (who might not be a fictional character, but heck, it's George frigging Takei).

* Technically, Heroes only has one season. It's like this whole thing.


Apr. 29th, 2012 07:43 am
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Over the last three days I have seen:

- Ruddigore (Gilbert & Sullivan), with [personal profile] vass. She was my first internet meeting, and was very nice.
Not my favourite G&S, but it was performed very well. The man playing Despard was wonderful.

- The Avengers! Extremely Avengery - and Joss clearly had a lot of fun with Iron Man's dialogue.

- Episode four of ALoK. In which Korra wears formal clothing, and looks gorgeous.
I am yet to decide whether my favourite character is Tenzin or Bolin. (But then, last week it was Mako - so it's possible I'm just indecisive and Naga will be my favourite by the next episode...)

Yay for new things to watch!
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For those of you reading Mark Watches... check out today's comments. REALLY.

Half the commenters are freaking out because Buffy suddenly has a sister; the other half are wondering what all the fuss is about, because she's always had a sister, and don't they remember her being in previous episodes? and it's nice that she's around again after being away for most of season 4, but let's hope her acting's improved now that she's growing up...
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Lego is annoying me.

I remember, as a kid, a heck of a lot of lego that I wanted to have but couldn't convince Mum to buy for me. And I remember it well. There was (among others) pirate lego, space lego, and medieval lego.

Nowadays, there isn't pirate lego: there's Pirates of the Caribbean lego.

The difference is as follows.

Pirate Lego!
Buy a pirate ship, filled with exciting pirates!
Buy a teeny rowboat, with one pirate and a matching shark!
Or a treasure chest, and three pirates with spades!
Or a dungeon, with skeleton pirate (still with piratey hat)!
Get two pirate captains (identifiable by the big feathers on their hats) to fight sea battles!

Pirates of the Caribbean Lego!
Buy the scene on the island, with Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann, drinking rum!
Buy the scene at the mill, with Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Captain Norrington, all fighting on the big spinny wheel thingy!
Buy the Black Pearl, with Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew!
Buy the Navy ship, with Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, off to save Elizabeth Swann! (Elizabeth not included.)
Buy the wedding scene, with Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner!

If I were to buy lots of Pirate Lego, I'd end up with a lot of fun and exciting pirates. If I were to buy the Pirates of the Caribbean Lego, I'd end up with no sharks, no row boats, no treasure, no generic pirates... and goodness knows how many identical Jack Sparrows.

I just want to buy generic fun lego! What's so wrong with that?
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...just because.


- Spike's arrival.

Because suddenly vampires were not angsty gothic people, but would make ridiculous comments about Woodstock and then go watch telly.

And way before that...
- "They can fly??" "They can drive."

It was just so mundane and common-sense-y.


- Crichton's first week in space:
"Get a tractor beam on that shuttle!"
"Tractor beam? What's that?"
"Graviton field. Attracto ray. Superglue. Whatever it is that you yanked me aboard with."
"You mean the docking web?"
"Yeah! Fine! Use it on the shuttle!"

Star Trek really has done a lot for us. Because, despite the fact that none of us have ever seen one in action, anyone who's watched even the slightest bit of television would recognise the draggy laser thing as a "tractor beam".
I loved that Crichton's space-vocabulary was completely different from everyone else's.

- Frag-cannons.
Specifically, the fact that Crichton reacts to the name "frag-cannons" by grinning and looking around to see who else has noticed the silly; and meanwhile, everyone else it taking it totally seriously because OH NOES THE FRAG CANNONS!

Doctor Who

- "Wait! The Prime Minister's an alien! ...nah, that's never going to work, is it?"

Most shows would have either had him continually insisting that the PM was an alien, with an aggrieved why-does-no-one-believe-me air, or else had him try to conceal it from the get-go. This one made a nice change.


- Parker's origin story. With her blowing up her foster family's house to get her soft toy back.
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This will probably be of very little interest to anyone who isn't into tabletop roleplaying...

I've been trying to figure out how the heck to turn AtLA into an RPG. The big thing getting in my way is the element-bending.

So, here's what I've come up with.

long discussion of stats and skills )

That's what I've come up with so far.

Questions? Comments?

GOOD movie

Sep. 23rd, 2011 05:30 pm
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The problem with the movie Tangled is that every time I get to the end of it I want to rewind back to the beginning and watch it all again.

Sometimes I get impatient, and start rewatching it when I'm only halfway through...


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