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Plans for Yesterday Evening:
1) Go home.
2) Turn on air-conditioner (it's HOT outside).
3) Do some proofreading.
4) And maybe watch some television.
5) Cook dinner.
6) Restore phone to factory settings and reinstall everything, in an attempt to stop it from suddenly dropping the battery to NOTHING in the middle of me doing stuff.

What Actually Happened:
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Jan. 21st, 2012 07:15 am
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1) This morning will be relaxing.

2) This morning I will put the laundry away, do another load of laundry, drive to the farmer's market and buy some veggies, drive to the supermarket and buy some cleaning products, drive to someone else's house and drop off some of the clean laundry I've just done, make a healthy lunch, pat my cat, empty out one of my cupboards and find some way of organising the whole thing, empty out a second cupboard and find a way of putting everything in it into the first cupboard, watch BtVS, and hopefully find some time to sew a quilt cover.

These are both facts that my brain considers to be true.
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A vivid memory, from when I was (approximately) fifteen...

Mez: "Hey Mum, what do you want for your birthday?"
Mum: "Hmm... a new kettle."
Mez: *rolls eyes* "No, Mum, what do you really want?"

Fast-forward fourteen years, and suddenly the highlight of my week is finding new oven trays. (They're all big and practical! So awesome!)

I really love having helpful kitchen stuff. Like stirring spoons! And ramekins! And oven trays! And a whistling kettle! And a rolling pin! And vegetable peelers! And oven trays!

They're all so brilliant and kitcheny. And can be used to cook exciting things.

And it's funny, because I still remember my mum asking for a kettle for her birthday, and me assuming she was being boringly practical rather than requesting something she really wanted...
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I do find it mildly amusing that, when I ring the real estate agent to complain about a piece of property, and they say "Okay, I'll just ring the landlord to discuss it," I can respond with "Well, actually, the landlord's phone is missing - but she should be home at the moment..."

(Yes, my parents are the landlords. Yes, we still use a real estate agent.)

It makes for some rather ludicrous phone conversations.

fun night

Nov. 27th, 2011 07:12 am
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Had a dinner party last night, with some friends from church. Yay!

We had: lasagne, roast potato and pumpkin, beans, and bread (from the breadmaker - with added cheese, parsley, oregano, and "mixed herbs"). All very yummy. I got to use my lovely crockery, and nice placemats and things.

I love getting to do things like that.

The boyfriend, who is lovely, came early and vacuumed my floor, helped make the meat sauce for the lasagne, remembered that we were supposed to put the lasagne in the oven (while I was busy enjoying Buffy episodes), cleaned up the carpet where Elf had vomited all over it, served the lasagne, poured drinks, took away dirty dishes, served ice-cream, put leftovers in my freezer, soaked the lasagne pan... and at the end of the night, gave me chocolates and told me that I'd done a lot and he didn't really feel like he'd helped much. *swoons excessively*
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The definition of "organised" can be very subjective.

Right now, I have:
- two bills that definitely need to be paid by tomorrow, and definitely won't be paid until Saturday
- three medical receipts that need to be taken to Medicare for a refund (and should have been taken in a few weeks ago)
- a worming medication I should have given Elf three days ago
- two letters that arrived on Monday, and still need to be opened

...and I'm feeling VERY organised. Because I know where all of those things are. Which is such a huge improvement.

*is accomplished*
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Smudge has a security blanket, in the form of one of his favourite toys: a piece of cord from [personal profile] nimthiriel's pyjamas.

[personal profile] nimthiriel (the housemate) and her husband moved out this weekend, and Smudge spent the whole day walking around looking lost and bewildered, carrying the pyjama cord for comfort. He's spending another week with me, and then moving across to their new place. Elf will miss him... and so will I...

Far too many late nights in a row. I keep falling asleep in odd locations.

On [personal profile] dr_carrot's recommendation, I have started using exciting new shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face cleaner, from MooGoo! So far, I'm enjoying it.

It's apparently called MooGoo because it was invented by dairy farmers using an adapted form of the lotion they put on cow udders to keep them healthy...

This weekend, the boyfriend has helped me nephew-sit, lent me his car to get me home early, started a jigsaw with me, moved furniture for my housemates, eaten my cooking and made yummy noises, held my hand, watched ridiculous tv with me, whispered silly comments during church, listened to all my ridiculous blathering, and patted my cat.

He's terrific.

I really will get all those photos up soon, I promise...
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So, I made a cake.

Actually - I made two cakes. Just to make sure that at least one would work properly.

Both cakes are still in my oven, still far more liquidy than they're supposed to be. And the bits of cake mixture that overflowed dripped onto the element in the bottom of the oven, where it stuck, started burning, and then became red-hot coals of burnt cake.

Every time I open the oven, I get hit in the face with clouds of burnt-cake smoke, fight my way through to reach the actual cakes, tap them on the top, watch them slosh around in their cake tins, and then close the oven and go back to feeling morose about my bad cooking.


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Most of this week will be dedicated to preparing for my housemate's kitchen tea.

(For foreigners with different vocabulary: when getting married, women have a hen's night, or a kitchen tea. Some have both. A hen's night is generally wild, raucous, and very silly; a kitchen tea is also wild, raucous, and silly, but involves less alcohol, more cupcakes, and a different time of day.)

I have to:
- make caramel slice
- make brownies
- make butterfly cakes
- buy dip and things to eat it with
- plan three party games
- gather supplies for the party games
- run the party games
- clean Mum's house, pre-party
- clean Mum's house, post-party
- find something nice to wear
- be charming to a dozen party guests, most of whom I've never met before

And in the meantime, the rest of my life will continue to be busy as ever...
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I just bought a Wii-Fit! And a Wii!


Ironically, I've given up "unnecessary spending" for Lent. But despite it being shiny and exciting, I decided this was definitely necessary spending: I've been considering it for months, and am making a Long Term Investment In My Fitness. Or some sort of thing like that.

The way I figure it, I'm
1) ultra-competitive
2) way too lazy to go outside if it's cold, or raining, or dark, or if I just don't feel like it.

Thus I get no exercise. But this is right there, not in the cold dark rainyness, only takes ten minutes at a time (unless I feel excited), and also records my high scores. And since my high scores are currently... well, rather low... my competitive instincts kick in every time I look at them, thus motivating me to keep on exercising! I will get really fit!

See? Necessary spending.

(I did, however, pass up the opportunity to buy many exciting console games, as well as a Wii-Party, on the grounds that they were clearly unnecessary spending. And I'm doing my whole Lent thing, despite not being Catholic.)

But anyway - Wii-Fit! Woo!

I've created a little "Mii", who looks just like me, and has already improved her tennis scores...
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Watch in awe, young sewers, for I have scaled the heights of fabric, battled the flaming monsters of unpicking, and conquered the realm of completed products!

WOOOOOO! *does excited victory lap around the house*

It probably would have been less frustrating to get things right the first time, but when you've unpicked and then unpicked again, thrown the whole thing across the room, screamed in annoyance at the one millionth mistake... it really is so satisfying to finish the damn thing.

And this? This is incredibly satisfying. :D

(The object in question is a pillowcase. A big triangular one with a ruffle along the edge - so slightly more complex than "pillowcase" would tend to mean. And really hard to actually sew from scratch.

But my big triangly pillow is finally covered and back in service! I get to sit up in bed again! Yay!)

*is terribly accomplished and oh so pleased*

*is also slightly smug*
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Recipe #1 is in the slow-cooker, waiting to be eaten this afternoon. It's "Veal and Rosemary Stew" - and looks rather yummy.

In other news, I'd like to propose a vote of thanks to the inventor of the bandaid, who helped me out once again today, mid-onion chopping.

I already have two scars across my thumb that I use as my "this is why I no longer use Stanley knives" reason; if I ever stop chopping vegies, I'll be able to use the brand new scar on my ring finger as my proof that I should never be allowed to hold sharp things.

cake fail

Dec. 30th, 2010 09:49 pm
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This is why I should never be allowed to cook things:

Note how half the cake is out of the tin, and the other half is still inside...

Last time this happened I had to dig out the remaining chunks, stack them on top of each other, and call it "tumbled butter cake" to fool people into thinking it had been intentional.

Not sure what I'll do this time.



ETA: How the heck do you get photobucket photos to not take up way too much room on the screen? I resized it and everything...
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Isn't it WONDERFUL when you dream about what you're going to do the next day, and it's utterly dreadful - and then you wake up and it hasn't happened, and you feel fantastic because no matter what happens that day it can't go as badly as it did in your dream?

For the record, today will go something like this:

Early morning - have leisurely breakfast, shower, dress, solve world peace, stuff like that.

Then - realise how late it is, shriek and rush around like a mad thing. Try to absolutely make sure the house is tidy, because there won't be time to check again.

Morning - go to boyfriend's sister's house, where there will be much presenty Christmassy festivey excitement. Try to join in and be lovely to everyone.

Lunchtime - have lunch. Hopefully relax for a few seconds.

Afternoon - entire family coming to my house, where there will again be lots of Christmassy excitement, of a port-drinking, mince-pie-eating, party-popper-popping, lucky-dip-dipping, overwhelmed-children-crying-loudly variety.

Late afternoon - wave goodbye to family, and then frantically clean up house so that housemate can have lots of people over again tomorrow.

Evening - collapse.

Wish me luck!


Dec. 5th, 2010 06:46 am
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Bought a carseat. I can now drive nephews around! Hurrah!

Left Chadstone (big shopping centre) at 11, when all the parking spaces had filled up and people were starting to be willing to fight to the death over the chance to park their car. Three people converged on my parking spot the moment I left it - and a huge beeping of car horns erupted behind me...

Did gardening, in a vain attempt to make it possible to walk through my garden without getting smacked in the face by branches. I now have a massive stack of greenery on my lawn, and nowhere to put it for two weeks until the green bin gets emptied (and instantly filled again). It's an endless cycle.

Went to an afternoon of fruit platters, pink champagne, and buying jewellery for charity. Fun!

Went to a Carols by Candlelight in Knox, with the boyfriend. Arrived on the tail-end of the kids part: with Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends singing manic songs about Santa and dancing frenetically. Stayed for lots of carols, Kate Ceberano, and pretty fireworks.
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1) Bathed my cat this morning, then helped my housemate bath hers. Elf shrieked and wailed like a mad thing; Smudge started to freak out, and then realised that the water was comfy and warm, and tried to get as wet as possible.

2) Last night, I made scotch eggs - which are yummy and delicious, but far too complicated to make more than once every three years. We have leftovers in the fridge, and I'm trying to devise a way to reheat them without putting them in the microwave (which would make the eggy centre explode).

3) Got introduced to about 30 people today, all of whom have known the boyfriend for many years, and all of whom wanted lots of details on how we got together...

4) The church had its AGM this evening, which was rather fun. (My old church had AGMs in boring businessy style, that went on forever. My current church has a big dinner, and carries out the official business in between courses.)


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