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1919, and everyone seems to think that the primary purpose of a car is to go for a scenic drive and enjoy travelling really fast.

The characters all laugh affectionately over someone who hates cars unless she actually has to travel somewhere.

Also, there's this:
"We're going to England, you and I, Dad."
"And me," said Wally, cheerfully disregarding grammar.

I have seen similar sentences in dozens of books from the era. Everyone who wrote then was well aware that "it is I" was the grammatical way to say it - and equally aware that no-one with the slightest grasp of English would say anything of the sort.

So instead, they all write
"It's me," said Sarah, ungrammatically.

and get on with the story.


Had a picnic last night. It's so nice finally having lovely spring weather so that picnicking in the evening is pleasant rather than ludicrous.
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Here's the thing: I like murder mysteries.

Murder mysteries - you know? Those stories where someone gets murdered, and they have to find out who the murderer is, or maybe they don't even know the death was a murder until the one person who did know tries blackmailing the murder and a second murder happens, and anyway there are only a few people who could be the murder, and the detective is running around trying to figure out who it is, and one suspect is clearly the most likely person so it can't be them, and then someone else gets killed...

Yep. Them.

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The dedication at the front is:
To Punkie
who likes an orthodox detective story ...

Given that Roger Ackroyd is famous for being a very unorthodox detective story (and for redefining the entire genre), I like to imagine Agatha Christie writing this dedication with a wry smile.

The woman likes her twist endings.
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They screwed up Robyn's character.

(Preliminary note: I did actually enjoy this movie. Quite a bit, in fact. Given that this is going to be a post almost entirely made up of complaint, I should probably start with that.)

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