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...just because.


- Spike's arrival.

Because suddenly vampires were not angsty gothic people, but would make ridiculous comments about Woodstock and then go watch telly.

And way before that...
- "They can fly??" "They can drive."

It was just so mundane and common-sense-y.


- Crichton's first week in space:
"Get a tractor beam on that shuttle!"
"Tractor beam? What's that?"
"Graviton field. Attracto ray. Superglue. Whatever it is that you yanked me aboard with."
"You mean the docking web?"
"Yeah! Fine! Use it on the shuttle!"

Star Trek really has done a lot for us. Because, despite the fact that none of us have ever seen one in action, anyone who's watched even the slightest bit of television would recognise the draggy laser thing as a "tractor beam".
I loved that Crichton's space-vocabulary was completely different from everyone else's.

- Frag-cannons.
Specifically, the fact that Crichton reacts to the name "frag-cannons" by grinning and looking around to see who else has noticed the silly; and meanwhile, everyone else it taking it totally seriously because OH NOES THE FRAG CANNONS!

Doctor Who

- "Wait! The Prime Minister's an alien! ...nah, that's never going to work, is it?"

Most shows would have either had him continually insisting that the PM was an alien, with an aggrieved why-does-no-one-believe-me air, or else had him try to conceal it from the get-go. This one made a nice change.


- Parker's origin story. With her blowing up her foster family's house to get her soft toy back.
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So, I went a little overboard.

My sister challenged me to find the perfect vid for expressing what I liked about my main ship. And... I've got quite a few of those.

Here are nine fanvids of my ships.

vids... lots of them... )

Questions? Comments?
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So, f'list of mine: where would one find wonderfully shippy moments for Angel/Cordelia?

I'm trying to create a vid, but am being delayed by the fact that I can't rely on my memory as much as I normally do. My general process is
1) think of some theme I'm wanting to go with
2) remember a moment on BtVS that really fits
3) take a few seconds to search my brain, and go "Aha! It's from season 5, episode 19, 2 minutes 33 seconds in, when Tara has just said 'caramel' in a really cute way!"
4) load up the scene, and rip the moment I want.

In this case, though, I am hindered by a few things...

Firstly, I don't know AtS nearly as well as BtVS.
Secondly, I'm not an Angel/Cordy shipper, so I don't have a mental database of every second they're on screen together (in the way I would for Willow/Kennedy or Angel/Darla).

It's all making it a bit difficult to find the scenes I need.

So, for anyone who's ever shipped Angel/Cordy and doesn't mind me making a slightly tongue-in-cheek vid: where are the shippy scenes? where are the nice moments?
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Mark has just started watching Buffy.

Go watch him flail!

He knows nothing about it* and must not under any circumstances be spoiled. NO SPOILING. OR I WILL TAKE AWAY YOUR BUCKETS.

* His list of things he knows about the show include "there's a guy called Angel", and "there are vampires". That's about all...

(...and we've already broken his site through over-commenting. Woo!)
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I saw Fred Clark being a subtle Buffy fan this morning:

“What if I told you it doesn’t help?” the man asks as the woman packs up a truck with supplies for her shelter for at-risk youth. “What would you do if you found out that none of it matters? That it’s all controlled by forces more powerful and uncaring than we can conceive and they will never let it get better down here? What would you do?”

“I’d get this truck packed before the new stuff gets here,” she says. “Wanna give me a hand?”

That scene comes at the end of a very long story. The woman has heard all this before. She’s said all this before. She knows firsthand about “forces more powerful and uncaring than we can conceive” who will “never let it get better down here.” But she’d also met a real hero who’d showed her different and so she changed her name and became a hero herself.

This is what heroes do. They pack the truck despite all the forces that tell them it will never get better down here. They act like it matters even when they’re told it doesn’t matter. They help even when they’re told it doesn’t help — even when, as Dr. Rieux puts it in another story, it means being involved in a “never ending defeat.”

You know, I'd never put that together.

Lily is caught; Lily will never escape; Lily gives in. Lily sits in hell, defeated, knowing that she is never leaving. Knowing that she's trapped - that it doesn't matter what she tries, she can't ever win.

And then Buffy comes in and refuses to give in.

And now Anne, stuck in a crappy world that's always working against her, stands firm and refuses to ever give in. She will not let the world destroy her shelter kids. They have spent their whole lives being stuck in a hell that they can't escape...

...but she is going to stand there and be Anne, and refuse to give in, and show them that there are some things that can be fought.

She kinda rocks.

*needs an Anne icon*
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Yet more proof that Rupert Giles is one of the wisest people in the world:

"Does it ever get easy?"
"You mean life?"
"Yeah. Does it get easy?"
"What do you want me to say?"
"Lie to me."
"Yes, it's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and we always defeat them and save the day. No-one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after."

The more I think about this quote, the more I love it.
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In Glee:
When they're singing "You can't always get what you want", and in the first pretty choral bit, they use American accents for "can't" instead of British accents.
Listen to the original recording, Glee kids! It starts out British - and then switches to American. That's the way it's supposed to sound! And if you can't sing in a different accent, what are you doing in a singing group on tv?

In BtVS:
When Angel's sick, and Buffy feels his forehead and says "You're burning up." Except Angel, by definition, should be room temperature. By "burning up", does she mean he's now lukewarm, or what?

In House:
When the patient is lying there and says "Oh no! I just went to the bathroom!"
I realise he's using a euphemism, and it sounds more refined than "I just crapped my pants", but really - imagine someone lying in a hospital bed with a worried expression saying "Oh no! I just powdered my nose!" and you'll realise how ludicrous it sounds from over here.


Dec. 29th, 2010 01:40 pm
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Suppose I have a garden.

There's a rose bush, and then some azaleas (aren't they pretty!), and then some lavender. It's so very lovely and fragrant. And then there's a few trees, waving gently in the breeze, and after that a whole bed of daffodils! I love daffodils! And there's a nice bench in the shade, right next to the delphiniums, and some daphne, and perhaps a few carnations just to round things out...

...and then there's weeds.

Weeds. A whole corner of them. All extremely thorny, ugly, and stinky. Right in the middle of my lovely garden.

If I walk around my garden, admiring the roses, smelling the lavender, picking the daffodils, sitting on the bench - and I suddenly come across the weeds... then I'm not going to shrug, say "well, it's time I stopped looking at this garden", and walk back inside.

It's my garden. My lovely, beautiful garden. And one corner of it is all weedy.

I'm going to get out my gardening tools and start weeding. Then I'm going to figure out how on earth it got so weedy in the first place, and take steps to stop it happening again.

"I'm not telling anyone not to post anything. I'm simply trying to understand why they would even want to...
...It was a waste of my time to continue discussing something I disliked and unfair to expect others to want to read all the reasons why I thought the show had failed."

Why are we still here discussing this? Because our show, which we love, suddenly has a corner full of weeds. And we want to figure out what happened - or at least, get out our gardening tools.

If we loved it less, we might be less upset about the bits we didn't like. But this is our garden.
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I've seen a few comments recently on Buffy picking up Olaf's hammer - and how the fact that she could so easily when Spike couldn't lift it shows just how much stronger Buffy is than the average vampire.

Which I'm finding odd, because I always assumed it was because the hammer is a mystical item. So Buffy, as the Slayer, has special picking-up-hammer powers that are denied to Spike. I completely alone in this assumption? Does everyone else in the whole world take it as Buffy being ridiculously strong compared to Spike?

(Yes, she's stronger than him. But not by that much...)

the reboot

Nov. 25th, 2010 12:38 pm
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So, my basic opinion could be summed up by this, but to put it simply:

- I'm a Spiderman fan.
- 2 sets of often-contradictory comic book universes, 3 movies, and at least 1 animated series.

- I'm a Superman fan.
- Lots of comics, several movies - including the movies that ignore those other movies - and at least 3 tv shows.

- I'm a Miss Marple fan.
- 1 set of books, and about 6 different tv adaptions, plus several plays.

- I'm a fanfic writer.
- (Duh.)

I'm used to seeing take after take on stories, seeing tales that contradict each other, and reinterpretations of characters by director after director.
This movie? Sounds interesting.
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This post by [ profile] stormwreath got me back to thinking about something I always seem to disagree with people on.

That being, Potentials, Slayers, and the Watchers Council.

my theory on how this works )

So ends my random thoughts on the Council.

Questions? Comments?
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(a repost from LJ, two years later)

So: you want to write fanfic. And you’re worried that your summary will have too much punctuation. Have no fear! With this quick lesson, you can forget about all the /s, &s, and +s running rampant through your summaries, and instead learn how to craft the perfect smushy name that, with one word, can summarise each relationship in your story.

Xanya, Fresley, and Spinterelle )
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I think I've figured out why I have such a big problem with what happens to Donna Noble: it's because of Dawn Summers.

this might require more explanation... )

Questions? Comments?
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I was talking about Fred over at [ profile] blackfrancine's journal, and (among other things) said the following:

Fred is a survivalist. Utterly. She will do whatever she can to keep herself safe. (Being enslaved in another dimension will do that to you.)
She latches on to the most protective guy. (Starting with Angel, who saved her in Pylea. Then she finds Angel and Lilah together, and Angel becomes unsafe, so it switches to the others.) Seriously - every single time she changes who she's interested in, it's because the Protectiveness Quotient has just changed.

I thought I'd give a brief summary of Fred's relationships, just to show you what I mean.

spoilers, obviously )
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This is a vid about Buffy. It was created for [personal profile] angearia.

under here )
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This is a vid about the whole of BtVS.

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This is a Willow/Xander vid, from the early seasons. It was created as a present for [personal profile] lily_lovely.

under here )
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This is a vid about the Buffybot.

under here )
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This took me a while to decide. But in the end...

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Master List
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Was there even any doubt what I'd be doing for this?

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Master List


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