Date: 2016-07-05 12:00 am (UTC)
megpie71: Simplified bishie Rufus Shinra says "Heee!" (Ha ha only serious)
From: [personal profile] megpie71
My considered opinions, as an Aussie, on the whole mess:

1) It's a known thing about double dissolutions that they can come back and bite you in the bum. Particularly when you call this double dissolution over a minor piece of industrial relations legislation which never gets mentioned again, despite the fact it was apparently So Important to the government that they were willing to go to a double dissolution over it. So there's that.

2) The Medicare thing may have been a lie. But it was a believable lie, because the Liberals have long-term form for wanting to destroy our public health system. They tried under Fraser (bringing in Medibank Private to let people with private health cover opt out of paying for the public system while still being able to use it). They tried under Howard (bringing in the Private Health Care rebate on the Medicare levy to let people with private health cover opt out of paying for the public system while still being able to use it). They tried under Abbott (GP co-payments; need I say more?). And they were trying under Turnbull because the task-force which had been called was originally called under the heading of privatising the whole Medicare system, not just the back office processing side of it (with all its lovely personal data that the big companies aren't just salivating to get their greedy mitts on). So it's a "lie" with a bit of historical force behind it.

3) By now the Liberals have to be realising that "Malcolm" is an inauspicious name for a leader.

4) The main people who find hung parliaments and minority governments troublesome are a) factional apparatchiks in the major parties; and b) political journalists in the mainstream media who spend most of their time cultivating said factional apparatchiks. The factional bosses find it annoying because all of a sudden they're not in a position where they can really wheel and deal all that effectively. The journos find it annoying because all of a sudden there's these crucial newbies to the Canbrrra scene who Don't Know Who They Are, and who won't give interviews nearly often enough to justify the journo's expenses budgets.

5) The real electoral curiosity at this particular poll was the number of near-identical right-wing parties which sprouted up like mushrooms.
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