Jul. 2nd, 2014

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...I'm seriously stuck.

I've had a lot of work suddenly due all at once, which is a problem because I'm not good at tight schedules at the best of times, let alone when I suddenly need to throw up or lie down at random intervals. But I've been tackling it valiently.

I have three things due by next week. Last night, I finished number 1! Go me!

Sent number 1 off with a triumphant "finished!" email, and felt very relieved that I only had to cram 2 and 3 into next week.

Just woke up to an email of "you can't be finished, because there's more to part 1 and it's not due to reach you until tomorrow".


...why on earth didn't they send me that bit with the rest of it? And what the heck do I do now?

Not sure what to do about letting them know my scheduling issues. Especially since 2 and 3 both go to different people (1 and 2 are to the same person), and neither of them really values the other person's project. Hence the freaking out.

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Something I've been curious about for years, and never been able to get a satisfactory answer to? What it feels like when a baby is kicking you. So, now I'm here to enlighten those of you who've also wondered this for years.

I'm only at 22 weeks, so, for the record, we're not talking the standard movie kicking, where the pregnant lady grimaces, holds her side, and mentions how much they're kicking again. This is... slightly less dramatic, and slightly weirder.

There are currently three kicking stages.

Stage 1: Wizz-Fiz

Aussies will be familiar with Wizz Fizz. For the rest of you: it's a really fine sherbety powder that's insanely fizzy and makes your whole mouth feel like it's full of tingly foam.

Picture that, but in your intestines.

Stage 2: Random heavy heartbeats

You know how, sometimes, your heart will start thumping really dramatically and you can feel it pounding in your chest?

A couple of beats of that, but again - somewhere south of your navel.

Stage 3: Shifting body parts

I am currently sitting on a couch. A few minutes ago, my belly suddenly moved a good inch to the right, without warning me about it. I just... felt things decide to move and settle in a different location.

Imagine your breasts suddenly arranging themselves in a different position to how your bra normally holds them, and you'll sort of get the idea.

The thing with this is, it's not like you spend a week at stage 1, then a week at stage 2, and so on. A few weeks ago, the most dramatic karate kicks this kid could do were only going to register as stage 1 from my perspective. Now, huge kicks are more of a stage 3 thing, nonchalant poking is stage 2, and the tiniest fidgets are stage 1.

...and occasionally they settle down and I go back to being a totally normal human being who happens to have an enormous tummy.


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