May. 23rd, 2013

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I have this hobby. Just inside my head - but a hobby, nonetheless.

There's a group of streets near my house that are all Camelot-themed. Street names like "Camelot", "King Arthur", "Chivalry", Excalibur", and so on.

So - when I'm bored, I pick a fandom, and then start naming streets.

I try to see how many street names I can come up with before it becomes blatantly obvious what I'm doing. The trick is to keep it subtle, while still getting as many character names in there as possible.

For instance:
Summers Drive, Harris Street, Willow Road, Rupert Avenue, Dawn Road, Finn Street, Calendar Close, Chase Avenue, Angel Street, William Drive, Master Court, Wilkins Crescent, Adam Avenue, Glory Road, First Street, Osbourne Drive, Jenkins Lane, Tara Road, Faith Court, Joyce Street, Wells Road...

Potter Street, Granger Drive, Ronald Road, Owl Court, Albus Grove, Minerva Avenue, Twin Crescent, Ginevra Street, Griffin Road, Serpent Grove, Badger Crescent, Raven's Claw Road, Riddle Court, Auror Avenue, Ruby Road, James Drive, Lily Street...

I think it's rather fun.
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This was written for the Sunnydale High School 10 Year Reunion Anniversary Comment Ficathon, for [ profile] daria234, who gave the prompt of "10th Annual Slayers Convention".

Title: The 10th Annual Slayers Convention
Rating: G
Word Count: 677

Summary: Slayers can create a lot of paperwork.

a convention )


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