Jan. 20th, 2012

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"I just did ten minutes of bike riding, and felt like I wanted to die. Hurrah for fitness! *is exhausted*"

"You know, you should really push through the wanting to die bit if you want to get fit."

"Yes, I did. Which is why I kept on going for a whole extra bit."

"Well, I mean - instead of just ten minutes, you should be trying to do twenty minutes."

"How about, instead of doing five minutes, like I did yesterday, I could push through the pain and get it up to ten minutes? LIKE I JUST DID."

"Yes, but you need to be riding for longer."

*narrows eyes*

I realise they were trying to be helpful and advisey. But honestly - just because my Steps To Fitness are teeny and pathetic, doesn't mean they're not HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS as far as my body is concerned.

(I can now go up teeny little hills without falling off my bike! Yay me!)
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A vivid memory, from when I was (approximately) fifteen...

Mez: "Hey Mum, what do you want for your birthday?"
Mum: "Hmm... a new kettle."
Mez: *rolls eyes* "No, Mum, what do you really want?"

Fast-forward fourteen years, and suddenly the highlight of my week is finding new oven trays. (They're all big and practical! So awesome!)

I really love having helpful kitchen stuff. Like stirring spoons! And ramekins! And oven trays! And a whistling kettle! And a rolling pin! And vegetable peelers! And oven trays!

They're all so brilliant and kitcheny. And can be used to cook exciting things.

And it's funny, because I still remember my mum asking for a kettle for her birthday, and me assuming she was being boringly practical rather than requesting something she really wanted...


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