Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:47 am
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I have a house. :) How cool.

We've been househunting for several months now, and my standard experience is of going to a house inspection, looking around, and thinking "Hmm... three bedrooms, one cracked window, and good cupboard space." Basically, a big mental checklist.

With the few-and-far-between houses that we've actually offered for, though, it's been a bit different. Those are the houses where I walk in the front door and start mentally arranging my furniture and deciding who I'm going to have over for coffee. (This has nothing to do with the presentation of the house. One house was dropping plaster off the walls as we walked through the badly lit leaky kitchen – and I kept picturing us renovating like crazy and having friends over to help us pull the bathroom to bits.)

With this our new house?

I walk up the front steps, and picture myself on the verandah, sipping lemon squash and crocheting something.
I enter the front room, where we could sit in front of the fire, reading books contentedly.
The kitchen makes me think of muffins, cheesecake, and roast dinners.
Going upstairs to the "parents retreat" actually does feel like I'm retreating to a private, quiet space. (A space with an enormous freaking shower where I'm so going to end up having a water-fight with the husband.)
I walk out to the deck, and plan our first barbecue, down to the snags, pavlova, and massive amounts of plastic bottles to be chucked in the recycling.
The garden is magical, and takes me back to when I was ten and still believed in fairies.
As for the bedrooms... well, I already know which one is the guest-bedroom-slash-potential-nursery, and which one is the sewing room.

The endless hope-and-rejection cycle was getting me down, slightly. It's rather nice having a house I can allow myself to fall in love with.
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