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deird1 ([personal profile] deird1) wrote2013-07-19 08:45 am
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continuity issues in the AtS props team!

The fiance and I are slowly making our way through Buffy and Angel - which meant, for once, I was watching Angel with all my attention on the screen, rather than on crochet or work or similar. Which meant that I noticed a continuity error I'd never seen before.

And a rather unexpected one...

Exhibit A:

Note that the cake says "Benji". Which is incorrect, so they have to change it to...

Exhibit B:

Where it says... "Penjy".

Not only have the worried coworkers managed to quickly transform the "B" into a "P", but the cake, wanting to be helpful, has kindly transformed the "i" into a "y"! Wow!

If you look carefully, you'll notice that the flowers have also changed colour. Which means that the production department either
a) hired a cake maker to produce two identical cakes, one with "Benji" and one with "Benjy", and then smudged the "B" on the second one to fit the smudging in the script,
b) instilled the cake with morphing powers, using magic.

I prefer option b, to be honest...

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