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I've been rewatching Castle. Towards the end of each season, they break up Castle and Beckett's friendship in some new way, and send them off to do their own thing. Then, the next season, they repair their friendship, and resume the status quo. Eventually, you get very cynical about the latest kerfuffle: "Oh noes, they're broken up for real this time!!! ...wonder how many minutes this one will last."

I think I've decided it's a problem of having a show that's both character-based and team-based.

Veronica Mars, for instance, is a character-based show. The narrative follows Veronica, and other characters appear or disappear as they become relevant or irrelevant to Veronica. If Veronica had a nasty argument with her best friend, we could be genuinely uncertain as to whether the friendship was over or not.

(But clearly, Veronica won't actually die, or the show would be over.)

NCIS, on the other hand, is a team-based show. The narrative follows the team, and various characters appear or disappear as they join or leave the team. If a character is in danger, we can be genuinely worried as to whether they'll survive or not - because the show will keep going with or without them.

(But clearly, NCIS won't completely disband, or the show would be over.)

And then there's Castle. Which is not only character-based - and about TWO characters rather than one - but also team-based.

So, Castle can't die, or the show would end. And Beckett can't die, or the show would end. And Castle can't leave the crime-fighting foursome, or the show would end. And Beckett can't leave it either, or the show would end.

It removes far too much uncertainty. And the show is the poorer for it.
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I've now reached the end of Leverage season 2, and Castle season 3.

Can anyone explain to me why the season ending of one is so much better than the other? Because I'm slightly baffled.

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I think it's the writing. It must be the writing. But I don't know exactly WHY.
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Here's the thing: I like murder mysteries.

Murder mysteries - you know? Those stories where someone gets murdered, and they have to find out who the murderer is, or maybe they don't even know the death was a murder until the one person who did know tries blackmailing the murder and a second murder happens, and anyway there are only a few people who could be the murder, and the detective is running around trying to figure out who it is, and one suspect is clearly the most likely person so it can't be them, and then someone else gets killed...

Yep. Them.

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I almost went with Glee, but in the end...

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