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Dear Mr Abbott,

Your website says that you lead "an accountable and open government".
However, you seem to be somewhat remiss with following through on this
commitment when your government is asked about asylum seekers. I was
particularly upset when I heard your most recent comments, calling the
concerns of those who wish to keep our government accountable "idle

It is not idle curiosity when I take an interest in my country's immigration
policies. It is not idle curiosity when I have concerns about my country's
record on human rights. It is not idle curiosity when I seek to make sure
that my government is helping the world more than it hurts.

How can you consider your government to be "accountable" while calling
attempts to keep it accountable "idle curiosity"?

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Dear Mr Morrison,

I was disturbed and saddened to read about your instructions to your staff to call asylum seekers "illegal" arrivals.

It may have escaped your attention, but it is not illegal, either under domestic law or international law, for a person to claim asylum in Australia.

Why is this government so eager to run a smear campaign against refugees? Do people asking for help scare you so much?

Please reconsider this dehumanising policy. It is beneath you.

sincerely, Mez

book rec

Feb. 15th, 2013 09:13 pm
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Read a book today. A whole book - in one day. Not unprecedented, but it only happens with books I'm utterly fascinated by. And this book was, indeed, fascinating.

The book in question was Torn by Justin Lee, who runs the Gay Christian Network. I've read a number of posts, interviews, and articles by Justin over the last few years, and have always been very impressed with him. He is committed to following Jesus no matter what trouble it gets him into - and it shows.

If you're a Christian, I recommend you get a copy of Torn, and read it. If you're not a Christian... get a copy of Torn, and read it. Cause seriously, guys, it's awesome.


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