May. 25th, 2017 10:33 pm
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So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 tonight, and spoilers still use a Walkman )


In other news, I would really like to go a year or two without a family medical emergency, y'all. But with luck I'll be able to make Lance Armstrong jokes with P. for the rest of our lives...
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I should be working on my sci-fi novel, but after writing all day long at work. Just can't. So doing a meme instead. And no, this isn't the same thought process. It's easier somehow, more interactive.

1. Place of Orgin

Illinois, US

2. Where I've Lived

Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York

3. Places I've stayed.or lived for one-two months

Brittany (Bretagne), France, London, England, Wales, Australia

4. Favorite Movies of the 1980s (from memory, don't look them up)

* Dirty Dancing (1987)
* Raiders of the Lost Arc
* Empire Strikes Back
* Pretty in Pink
* Silverado
* Die Hard
* Top Gun
* Risky Business
* Chariots of Fire
* Breaking Away

5. Star Wars or Star Trek

Star Wars


Weirdly? The characters. I just found them to be more relateable and better developed somehow. I'm not really into world-building all that much. Nor do I care about theme. If I did, I'd have chosen Trek. But I'm more character and metaphor driven, also like mythology.

But mainly: I fell in love with Leia, Han, Luke, Chewie, R2D2, CP3O...they lived in my imagination long after the movies ended. There was a richness there that stayed with me years later. It's also the first ones I wrote fanfic about...if only for my own eyes and in my own head.

6. Buffy or Angel


My brother didn't get this -- he thought I'd prefer Angel, because he saw it as more adult. I didn't. I thought Buffy was more innovative and broke more rules. Angel, well, I'd seen it before with Forever Night, Brimstone, Koljak the Night Stalker, and half a dozen noir anti-hero mystery/horror shows. I mean yeah it was different in some respects, but overall, it felt like well-traveled dirt.
Buffy on the other hand surprised me. It basically subverted so many things, including old horror tropes...and high school show tropes. I found it harder to predict, and in many ways more relateable than Angel.

And I liked the characters better. My brother, of course, completely disagrees with me.

7. Favorite 1980s songs/artists...

* The Cure
* Berlin
* Pink Floyd (okay maybe not exactly 1980s, but I saw them in concert in the 1980s)
* Peter Gabriel
* Kate Bush
* Fleetwood Mac -- although more 70s in some respects
* Stevie Nicks

I can't frigging remember song titles. I have no memory for songs, lyrics or tunes. No matter what they are. It's one of the reasons I can't sing to save my life. I might be able to recall half a tune in my head but not enough to reproduce it. I don't have much of an auditory memory -- can't remember anything spoken well either, unless I write it down, and repeat it in my head. This throws off people who do have auditory memories. They just don't get it.

I'm a visual think not an auditory thinker. It's what makes me a good artist. I think in words and pictures and images, not really sounds.

8. Favorite Children's Books that you read as a kid

* Chronicles of Narnia
* Circle of Light books
* Nancy Drew mysteries
* Witches of Worm by Zelphia Keatley Snyder
* The Hobbit
* The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
* Watership Down by Richard Addams
* Are You There God, It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume
* Restoree, Dragon Riders of Pern, Crystal Singer, Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey
* Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
* The Outsiders by SE Hinton

9. Five Favorite Television Shows from 1980s

* Hill Street Blues
* Night Court
* Cheers
* St. Elsewhere
* Dynasty

10. Sunrise or Sunset?


doesn't feel like friday

May. 26th, 2017 08:52 am
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At this point, I don't even know what Friday should feel like.

My week has been crazy busy - or feels that way. And then a group of women from church are apparently doing something tonight and I've been invited.

Tomorrow night, I am ABSOLUTELY STAYING HOME. There will be no stirring. Not the slightest step off the property once I get home from the osteo.


... wow

May. 25th, 2017 03:01 pm
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(x-posting from [community profile] thisfinecrew)

Holy shit:

The Guardian: Republican candidate charged with assault after 'body-slamming' Guardian reporter

The day before the Montana special election (which is today).

And it was caught on audiotape and witnessed by a Fox News team also present who wrote this about (avid Trump supporter) Gianforte's alleged attack on Ben Jacobs:

Jacobs persisted with his question. Gianforte told him to talk to his press guy, Shane Scanlon.

At that point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, "I'm sick and tired of this!"

Jacobs scrambled to his knees and said something about his glasses being broken. He asked Faith, Keith and myself for our names. In shock, we did not answer. Jacobs then said he wanted the police called and went to leave. Gianforte looked at the three of us and repeatedly apologized. At that point, I told him and Scanlon, who was now present, that we needed a moment. The men then left.

To be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see Jacobs show any form of physical aggression toward Gianforte, who left the area after giving statements to local sheriff's deputies.

Fox News: Key Montana newspapers pull Gianforte endorsement after incident

Here's [personal profile] colorblue's post on the Montana election:

Action: Montana Special Election

If you are a US citizen, you can still donate to the last-minute get-out-the-vote effort for Gianforte's opponent, Rob Quist, and he currently has 5X matching:

ActBlue page for Rob Quist (thanks to [personal profile] loligo)

Fan, fan, fannity fan

May. 24th, 2017 12:09 pm
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Whaddyaknow? Yesterday was my 9th fanniversary! And [personal profile] herself_nyc's birthday, not entirely coincidentally. She encouraged me to jump into this fic thing, way back when, and here I still am.

Things in RL have been super busy, so my online life has been curtailed a bit, although I'm still reading most every day. I did start a new WIP for the most recent round of [community profile] seasonal_spuffy , which means I've now got 3 WIPs over there, about which I should really do something. Anyway, here's where that is:

Title: Buffy and the Bloodmobile
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2115
Setting: During an alternate S5, after the altercation with Glory in “Blood Ties”.
Summary: Property damage has consequences.

The judge glanced at Buffy...

I've been traveling a lot, mostly for non-fandom purposes... )

Last weekend, I went WhedonCon 2017, just for meeeeeeee! )

More LInks Than A Bag Of Sausages

May. 25th, 2017 03:11 am
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GeekedOutNation reviews Season Eleven, Issue No. Seven .
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Title: Detour
Author: LizBee
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters and Pairing: Lin/Tenzin
Rating: All-ages

Summary: A few months ago, Lin was a promising young police officer. Now she has to find a new path.

Notes: Set in the same AU as "Avalanche". It's called the President Beifong AU on AO3, even though I haven't really gotten to any of the presidential stuff yet. This fic comes with thanks to multivitamins and praticamente-innocua, which between them gave me the strength to start recovering from The Cold I've Had Since March.

While the welcoming party's attention was on the Avatar, Lin climbed gingerly down from Appa and all but collapsed in Tenzin's arms. )


May. 25th, 2017 01:35 pm
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I may have missed some posts in the last few days. DW had logged me out and I didn't notice because my wrist has been playing up and I have very limited typing ability so I wasn't trying to post or comment on anything...

Tried taking off his collar today

May. 25th, 2017 12:31 am
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Nothing doing. I think poor Finn might be stuck in that stupid collar until a full ten days has passed, given how he dove right for his stitches and started to nibble.

Edit: Also, he's making a weird noise in his sleep. He's burping or hiccupping, I don't know, but it sounds like the sort of bubbles you'd hear popping in an old video game. It is super adorable.


Learning to read as an adult might change the way your brain works

Evolution Runs Faster on Short Timescales

Reinventing high school

Male Fish Borrows Egg to Clone Itself

Taiwan is closer to being 1st Asian place to allow same-sex marriage

Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations

'A Kingdom On Wheels': The Hidden World That Made The Circus Happen

Last show for Ringling: Why it’s not really the end of the circus

Scientists Hunt Hard Evidence On How Cop Cameras Affect Behavior

Hundreds protest over minimum wage at McDonald's stockholder meeting

Why Colleges Already Face Race-Related Challenges In Serving Future Students

How a Professional Climate Change Denier Discovered the Lies and Decided to Fight for Science

8 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey

Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth

Doctors Once Thought Bananas Cured Celiac Disease. They Saved Kids' Lives – At A Cost

There Aren't Enough Slaughterhouses to Support the Farm-to-Table Economy

The struggles of war babies fathered by black GIs

Why Black Lung Disease Is Deadlier Than Ever Before

Border Walls and Biodiversity: New barriers, new horizons

Trump Wants Families On Food Stamps To Get Jobs. The Majority Already Work

How the Right Is Perverting Religious Liberty

Trump's budget means deep cuts for health care safety net

In Trump's America, Infrastructure Is Not for the People

I read Trump's budget with an expert. His take: it's cruel and based on phony assumptions.

SMBC: Marine Biology (This is not a funny comic.)

New police taskforce to target Indonesian gays

Army trucks roll deeper into Philippine city that is under siege while thousands flee

The Americans 5.12

May. 25th, 2017 06:48 am
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Which had two ZOMG moments for me. One of which expected but one not.

Read more... )
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1. Lucifer -- this week's episode was even better than last weeks. I laughed throughout. Also found it oddly cathartic.

Really going to miss this during the summer. Why is it the shows that I like have less episodes?

spoilers )

2. Wed Reading Meme

Read an interesting bit in an Amazon review of the novel "The Romance Reader's Guide to Life". A romance novelist was reviewing the book and stated that it was obvious that the writer of the novel was a literary writer who'd never really read romance novels until she'd become an adult, and just picked one randomly off the shelf. As a result, the novel she'd written was not an accurate take on the romance genre and a somewhat insulting view or romance reader's in general. Her review reminded me a little of my reaction to another literary novel/best-seller, the name of which I've managed to completely block ...the Marriage Arrangement? Contract? Can't remember. I was written by the same guy who wrote Middlesex and the Virgin Suicides, but whose name escapes me for some reason.

At any rate, I agree with the reviewer to an extent. And decided to skip the book, because it most likely would trigger me right now. (And I'm avoiding triggers as much as possible or at least until I survive my current work stress situation. My boss and workplace has become increasingly absurd, anal, illogical and irrational, and it's driving me crazy.) She makes an excellent point on why it is not a good idea to write about what you don't know. If you've never read any mystery novels, or have only read a couple here and there, and have little knowledge of the genre, it's probably not a good idea to write a critique of it or a commentary on it, fictional or otherwise. Nor do I think you'd get away with it in the same way literary writers get away with besmirching the romance genre. The mystery genre is more respected. But my point is -- people shouldn't bash a genre they don't know. Or write about a genre they don't know.

Also, it's probably good to keep in mind that every genre has good and bad books in it. Which are good and which are bad is largely subjective and often a matter of opinion. And all books have merit, all have something to someone.

It irritates me when people bash genres I enjoy. Considering I enjoy all the genres...this poses a bit of a problem. Also, since I have enjoyed and read all the genres...I figure I have the right to be critical of them. LOL!

Anywho..What I've finished reading?

The Smoke Thief by Shannen Abe -- which I bought on Amazon for .99 cents. It was dirt cheap when I bought it. It's sequels weren't, damn it. I don't think Kindle e-books should be more than $5.00. Mine (as in my independently published novel) is $4.99, although I'm considering trying to take it down to $2.99. To be fair, for the expensive books on Kindle, sometimes that's the publishers not the writer's idea.

It was good. I rather adored it. It's a 1700s historical paranormal romance about a female thief who turns into smoke and into a dragon. She uses disguises to infilterate the homes of the well-to-do, then turns into smoke to steal into their quarters and steal their jewels. She has an affinity for jewels because drakon (dragon folk) can hear and feel them. The love interest is the head of drakon or dragon people in GB, he lives in Scotland, and tracks the theif to London, but he doesn't know it's a woman. Much chaos ensues.

The dialogue/banter is fun and made me laugh. And the writing is well a style I happen to enjoy, simple, clear, poetic, and not jarring. So many writer's styles are jarring to my inner ear.
Just a fun book all the way around.

Will the word Alpha is said a lot, and the hero and heroine are continuously referred to as Alphas.
So if that bugs you, you might want to skip. Also, they are very strong willed people and described as breathtakingly beautiful, so if that bugs you, best to skip. There's also a young boy/thief who is great with animals named Zane, featured in the novel.

The Dream Thief is what I'm reading now. It's the next in the series. It's about their daughter, and the thief, Zane. He's grown up, as is she. And they are hunting a magical diamond, which allows the holder to control the drakon people. Zane is not drakon. Lila their daughter has been dreaming that he takes the diamond and uses it to control her and destroy her family. Her dreams often come true.

There's a legend behind it about a Princess who was stolen by a peasant along with the diamond and who used the diamond to do just that.

Probably will read Queen of the Dragons next which is about Lila's brother and the Princess Mari, who is introduced in the book I'm currently reading.

3. Dirty Dancing The ABC movie version appears to an adaptation of the West End and Broadway musical. It works and it doesn't. Very different than the original in many ways. The plot has been changed in places. Some things work better, some really don't. Also, I'm not sure there would have been mixed races at a resort, in 1963, in upstate NY. I asked my mother, and she said, no, they wouldn't have hired black dance instructors to work at a white resort in the early 60s. This was the start of the Civil Rights Movement. And the presentation has black dancers and dance instructors. While the original film just had the black band conductor. So, not sure about that.

Also...they changed it so that instead of Johnny reluctantly teaching Baby to dance so that they can do this Tango entertainment dance at another hotel as the entertainment. If they don't do it, Johnny and Penny lose their bonus and any chance of performing or getting a gig for next summer as dance instructors -- since it is part of their contract. Anyhow, instead of doing that...Baby pays the $250 for Penny's abortion in exchange for Johnny giving her dance lessons. So she can dance in the final talent show. This just doesn't work. The other plot point worked better. But they must have found it to be too confusing...and simplified it.

Haven't seen all of it yet. I recorded it. Too frigging long.

huh, imzy is closing down

May. 25th, 2017 12:06 pm
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Apparently they couldn't find their niche.

imzy and me )

I'm sorry for the people whose style of social interaction/internet presentation Imzy suited, but it wasn't for me.

more promotions

May. 25th, 2017 09:27 am
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The [community profile] wipbigbang is still looking for artists. There's a whole range of stories that are looking for artists, whether graphics designers or fanmixers or illustrators.

(Yes, I'm in there; I don't know if I'm still waiting for an artist, I haven't checked. I'm a little iffy about whether or not I'll be finished in time, but I'm damn well going to try.)


And then [community profile] seasonofkink is starting up again from 1st June.

Rules | FAQ | Kink Prompts

Treat Yo Self!

May. 25th, 2017 09:04 am
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A way to finish your stories? (Heaven knows I have plenty of those.)

[community profile] treatyoselfcomm is an exchange designed to reduce your backlog. Creators signup with works that they want to work on, and then are matched to someone who is interested in helping them. You create for six weeks, and then the archive is revealed with your work(s). Simple!



I'm interested, certainly, because having people to kick me along is always useful, but...I don't know. I won't have much time for the next month since I'm trying to finish the quilt I'm making for the show, and the timeline is pretty short for any of the longfics I have sitting around.

I'm debating whether or not to sign up for Marvel Bang this year, for much the same reason. Last year I had a lot more time b/c of project downtime. I don't expect the same this year. (I might end up with it if this 6 week contract isn't continued. I guess we'll see.)

Class... <3

May. 24th, 2017 09:46 pm
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For those watching now, I keep forgetting to link to my Class tag:

On LJ: here

On DW: here

I have written posts up to and including episode 6. No spoilers.


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