Things consumed April 2017

Apr. 27th, 2017 01:46 pm
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Long list of stuff I have read and played etc!

Note that almost all the tv and movies are on Australian Netflix.
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Buffy Season 11 #6 Thoughts

Apr. 26th, 2017 10:34 pm
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Oh wow. I have a lot of thoughts about Buffy Season 11 #6. A mystery is peeled back to reveal a real challenge that will take team work to overcome, and the way the story is going, it feels very much like a return to early seasons of BtVS: everyone pulling in the same direction.

Life imitates art, part II

Apr. 27th, 2017 07:34 am
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OK, you know how the Buffyverse has the occasional reference to Very Old Things in California, predating any known Native American settlement?

Scientists find evidence of possible human activity in San Diego 130 000 years ago

The fact that they may have been Denisovans just adds to the synchronicity.
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Mush up Pirates of the Carribean with the original Guardians of the Galaxy in a blender with some cheese, and give it a flouro 80s candy coating, and you get this movie. If you can turn your brain off and enjoy the silliness and explosions it's pretty fun. Not very deep and mostly about A Man And His Father Issues but gives the female characters more to do than the last movie. The perfunctory attempts at a Peter/Gamora romance are ineffective but also pretty easy to ignore (I usually like that kind of pairing but this one doesn't work for me) and the Gamora and Nebula sister relationship gets the exploration that was missing from the original. I feel like they sanded off the unhealthiness of Peter and Yondu's relationship for convenience, but otherwise enjoyed the story, which is all about family. Mantis's character felt like a bit of an Asian stereotype but her arc was ok. None of the female characters get sexualised very much and Chris Pratt is super pretty.

Things that make me go hmmm...

Apr. 26th, 2017 09:49 pm
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1. After reading x-college boyfriend's post regarding which bands he didn't see in concert (apparently he saw all of them), I realized something...every guy I've either dated or spent a lot of time hanging out with is an insane music nerd. (ie. like the guy in High Fidelty, yes, I've dated the guy from High Fidelty.)

What is up with that?

Because I'm really not. And I find it annoying.

I can't remember the names of songs or the people who play them. Nor do I care. If I like the song, cool.

Not a fan of live concerts, only enjoyed one that I've been to possibly two. And while I love music, prefer listening to it or watching it without the insane feedback, where the lyrics and sound is completely lost. Never quite understood why it matters if you see it live or not.

Maybe all guys are like this? No, my father doesn't appear to be nor is my brother. They like music, but they aren't music nerds.

Very odd. Apparently I attract music nerds. Which, again, odd. I'm nerdy about a lot of things, but not music.

2. This is...


It's a ted talk by Pope Francis, which blew me away.
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Wed Reading Meme

Apr. 26th, 2017 06:27 pm
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1. What I Just Finished Reading

* Royally Screwed by Emma Chase -- which reminded me of why I'm generally speaking not a fan of contemporary romance novels. This was recommended by the ladies at SmartBitches and on sale for $1.99 which is how I got suckered into grabbing it. Also I thought I needed to read it to appreciate the sequel. (I really didn't.)

For review?

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase )

* Royally Matched by Emma Chase

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I won't be reading any more by her. They were okay. But not worth spending more time or money on. Flirted with "The King's Bought Bride" but once again, same trite tropes...broke elementary school substitute teacher/art gallery temp is hired by rich prince to pose as his wife for one year, in exchange for paying off her brother's debts and drug rehab. I found the set-up somewhat interesting, but the writing didn't work for me in the sample and ...I wanted a stronger heroine.

2. What I'm Reading Now

Witches of Karres by John Schmitz -- I think. On Kindle, I was reading Kerrigyn Byrn's The Highlander. But I think I will attempt Witches instead, if I like it, I might buy on Kindle. I don't like reading paperbacks, I find them tough on the eyes.

Also I'm hard on books and I'm borrowing this one from a co-worker.

I don't know what I'm reading next.

Sorry about the absence

Apr. 26th, 2017 10:51 pm
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Not here much, due to a parental invasion.

I shall leave you with the Cherub's Last Supper (made as an Easter decoration out of an egg box):

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NSFW Apr. 26th, 2017 04:40 pm

UK general election stuff

Apr. 26th, 2017 06:15 pm
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If you're not registered to vote, or know people who aren't, or simply wish to spam your social media with this handy link to register:

You have to be registered by the 22nd May to vote in the election on the 8th June.

A lot of people, especially young people, seem to be registering. This is a good thing.

Bates Motel: Season and show finale

Apr. 26th, 2017 04:45 pm
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"I lingered round them, under that benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath, and hare-bells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth."

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Drive-by vid rec

Apr. 26th, 2017 09:03 am
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Especially if you love Yurio like I love Yurio.

Gotta go teach, but thanks to [personal profile] naraht I've been watching this vid almost non-stop, and I thought I needed to share the awesome.
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When I made my first Case for remaking What Dreams May Come, Antigone10, a commenter over on the Slacktivist Blog where I shamelessly promote my blog, commented that she and her husband both thought that the premise deserved a remake. Her husband had thought for a more spiritual take with a better message (which I think I addressed in my first and continuing Case), but she had her own idea that merits its own Case. She thought about a story in which the main character, Chris Nielsen, is dreaming and/or hallucinating.

Normally, I'm fairly against "It was all a dream" stories. As a fan-theory it can be slightly amusing. Perhaps I need to watch more David Lynch, who's filmography tends to take from dreams and dream logic and put it to good use.

So, hey, maybe we have a fantasy director for this project.
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Apr. 25th, 2017 10:34 pm
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1. Read reviews on Good Reads of "Witches of Karres" and...apparently the romance is between a 26 year old man and a 14 year old girl, and the plot is basically a precursor to Star Wars. One reviewer goes so far to state that Lucas more or less ripped Star Wars off of it. (LOL!) And, it's sort of a YA book that is cobbled together from various novellas the writer wrote, doesn't really have a cohesive plot, and very surreal reminiscent of Terry Prachett and Hitchkiker...hmmm...

2. I want a smutty Prince and Commoner story....and can't find one that looks appealing. I'm sure it is out there somewhere. I also want a smutty Scott Summers (aka Cyclops)/Ms. Frost or Scott/Jean Grey story...and can't find one. This is my difficulty with fanfic...plenty of slash fic, but very little canon. And I'm not really into slash, not that there is anything wrong with slash -- I am totally in favor of it. No judgement. I've even tried to explain it to folks outside fandom...and gave up. You either get or you really really don't. (I shipped Angel/Spike and Spike/Xander for a there's that. Also, Dru/Darla, Faith/Willow and Faith/Buffy...worked for me. As long as it furthers the characters...and seems logical or reasonable. I could even see Wes/Angel and Giles/Ethan. The Buffyverse lent itself to slash more than anything else...because the writer liked to play with subtext.) But most things, I tend to go canonical.

3. Am bored. Projects in stasis at work, waiting on lots of things. So email three different novels I'm working on to myself.

* The Flamenco Dancer (contemporary romantic family drama/mystery/corporate/legal thriller)
* SOW (post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure story)
* Tattoo (science fiction space opera/noir mystery gender bender novel)

All three have LGBT or Gay supporting and major characters, along with heterosexual and bisexual leads. Are multi-racial. And gender defying -- the female characters often have traditional male roles. Mainly because I like to write diverse characters that reflect people I've met in my world. And apparently I have this need to subvert and break established tropes.

(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2017 09:08 pm
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1. The "kitty porn" on FB has gotten out of hand. I want a kitty. I can't have a kitty. No time or knowledge or patience to take care of kitty. This has got to stop. FB seems to be either "kitty porn" or ...Doofus/aka the 45th or You Know Who.

Also a lot on 13 Reasons Why -- which I have decided should be boycotted. Or watched with extreme caution. I feel for parents now days...our media is scary.

2. Too many tv suggestions?

And how do you do polls on DW?

Here's the television shows I want to know if it is worth trying or continuing with:

* The Class (co-worker keeps bringing it up, but he says it is very gory and scary...hmmm. Also been canceled, so hmmm. And I missed the first two there's that.)

* Wynnona Earp (Netflix)

* The Son (have three episodes saved -- haven't watched yet, should I bother with it?)

* Shadowhunters?

* Big Little Lies (HBO Now)

* The 100 (have 8 episodes saved for this season)

* Star (back half of this season saved)

* When We Rise (4 episode miniseries -- is it worth it)

* The Expanse (last 8 episodes)

* Once Upon a Time (last 8 episodes)

* Fargo (S3)

* Iron Fist (Netflix)

* Fortitude (Amazon)

* Luke Cage (Netflix)

* Sense8 (Netflix)

* OA (Netflix)

* To Walk Invisible...the Bronte Sisters story on PBS

3. Rain, rain,'s pouring outside. At one point there was a screeching cat fight, then it poured, really poured, and the cat fight became more...well cats screaming about it pouring it outside. Not pretty. Made me feel sorry for the kitties. I'm a cat person. Somewhat ambivalent when it comes to doggies, but kitties tug at my heart-strings. I stop when I see them. Cats make sense to me, they want to be left alone for the most part, and take their time to get to know you. They are the introvert intellectuals of the animal world.

Frigging tired of the rain. We've had one day of sunshine in 10 days. If I wanted that, I'd be living in Oregon or Washington.
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where war is no more Chapter 1 of 3 (753 words) by silveronthetree
(Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008). General Audiences. Obi-Wan Kenobi/Satine Kryze, Luke Skywalker. AU. Satine lives AU)
Obi-Wan needs a disguise and Satine just wishes he would smile again.

AU where Satine survives and Obi-Wan goes on the run with her and Luke after Order 66.

I posted a story that isn't for a fic exchange! I believe the last time I did that was back in 2012. It's technically my first wip, although I think this bit also works as a standalone.

FMK #9: Second Books

Apr. 25th, 2017 07:07 pm
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Note to self, things your circle is v. interested in: Library classification. Canadian art.

So, back on the wagon with FMK! I posted about Growing Up Weightless yesterday and I am very nearly done with Snow Queen. After that Electric Forest should be quick and then I will be caught up! Except the six library books! But we aren't talking about those!

Fewer of you than I thought voted that you change your poll answers after reading the comments! I am apparently in the more easily swayed group. :P

This week's theme is I Read the First One And It Was Good But For Years I Could Never Find The Next One But Then I Did So Here It Is Yay

(In a it's the first one I couldn't find instead of the next one, but close enough.)

How FMK works, short version: I am trying to clear out my unreads. So there is a poll, in which you get to pick F, M, or K. F means I should spend a night of wild passion with the book ASAP, and then decide whether to keep it or not. M means I should continue to commit to a long-term relationship of sharing my bedroom with it. K means it should go away immediately. Anyone can vote, you don't have to actually know anything about the books.

I pick a winner on Friday night (although won't actually close the poll, people can still vote,) and report results/ post the new poll on the following Tuesday, and write a response to the F winner sometime in the next week.

If you want to be extra-helpful, bear in mind that it may have been two decades since I read the first on, and note whether I need to re-read that one first.

Link to long version of explanation (on first poll)

Poll: Adams, Cherryh, Ellis, Gibson, Handeland, ab Hugh, Jones, Kotzwinkle, Lackey, Monette, Snyder, Watt-Evans, White  )


Apr. 26th, 2017 09:33 am
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Looks like I'm being dropped back to Team 3 in hockey. I hope it's not skill related - I know I'm better skill-wise than Team 3, but...

I always seem to be the person dropped a grade when it comes to these things, and it's frustrating.


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