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Okay, so the front-line names on Initiative 1552 (the anti-LGBT initiative that puts bounties on the heads of trans students) are three women nobody's heard of being particularly active in politics before: Kaeley Triller, Kristi Meritt, and Cassandra Nelson.

But! Guess what: their domain (justwantprivacy dot org) has a non-concealed owner! And that owner is Joseph Backholm of Lynnwood.

Joseph Backholm of Lynnwood is president of the Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW), a long-time right-wing fundamentalist evangelical political group, and a legally-distinct but nonetheless listed affiliate of the Family Research Council, a decades-old anti-LGBT hate group spun off of Focus on the Family for specifically political actions. (You can find FPIW on FRC's state affiliates page here: )

FPIW were previously behind Referendum 74, which asked voters to reject our then-recently-passed marriage equality laws.

Joseph Backholm himself used to be with the similarly anti-queer and anti-woman's-rights ADF ("Alliance Defending Freedom," formerly "Alliance Defence Fund"), of Scottsdale, Arizona, which may be best known to larger audiences as supporting law making LGBT people illegal.

They also have ties to anti-LGBT/fundamentalist political groups such as the Pacific Justice Institute, the Thomas More Law Center, the Heritage Foundation, and the (dead?) "ex-gay" group Exodus International. The Heritage Foundation also supports states' rights to make LGBT people illegal.

So if, you know, you thought this was anything other than an attempt to peel off layers of the alliance to weaken the entire coalition so they can pick all of us off one layer at a time? It's not. That's exactly what it is.

Registry Registrant ID: CR212357711
Registrant Name: Joseph Backholm
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 16108 Ash Way
Registrant City: Lynnwood
Registrant State/Province: Washington
Registrant Postal Code: 98036
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4256080242
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID: CR212357713

(If you go to Google Maps streetview, you'll find their office, facing the parking lot in back, suite 113.)
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The lovely [personal profile] purrdence  has lent us the next part of Season 1 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and youngest and I (with artisanat in attendance but possibly not actually watching) wasted no time in watching the next episode the moment we both had a spare hour. 

This episode was 'Away with the Fairies', in which a women's magazine editor is mysteriously murdered. In true madcap murder mystery style, everyone in the magazine office has a motive or a secret, the delightful Phrynne just happens to be involved (this time because the co-editors had previously been her teachers), and the season arc subplots (mostly romance) are moved along. 

I love Dot in this episode as she gets to show some of her other skills than being a very competent ladies maid. I also love the bringing in of stories from Melbourne residents who were not of Anglo-Celtic background--the Italian barber who had flown planes in the war, the Chinese woman with strong reasons to not be sent back to China. In particular this last one, where there were some very interesting aspects of Chinese history just dropped in (not mentioning which, because spoilers).

I continue to love the characters. I'm somewhat glad that I haven't read the majority of the books that the stories are based on, because the one that I recognised was so slight in filming that I was disappointed. I'm intrigued by the Protestant/Catholic love story that is being carefully explored, although I'm less interested in the weirdnesses of Phyrnne's love life (I'm not convinced by the pairing being set up). 

So, basically, this episode has maintained my love, without tarnishing it at all. 

good morning, it's 26 february 2017

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:36 pm
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[Posting this a little early to get it done]

White supremacist Steve Bannon brought in Sebastian Gorka to the White House staff. Gorka has extensive ties to anti-Semetic groups back in Hungary. Also in Breitbart alumni, we have a pro-Trump megadonor who is part owner of Breitbart News empire. And Bannon promises daily war against the press and everybody not part of the Trumpian movement.

Fox News has been holding up a convicted felon as some sort of Swedish government security official. He's not. But I doubt that'll sink in - as another story shows, people still mad (at CPAC) over alleged Obama holidays and spending refuse to believe the numbers incurred by Mr. Trump. They just flatly reject the data.

Churches are putting together immigrant protection cells - safe houses, transport networks, etc. A few other immigrant stories, too, including another legal Visa holder ejected at the border.

The White House told DHS to justify Trump's travel ban - their report did the opposite. So it was suppressed, then leaked.

Where is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson? He's been invisible. Particularly to the press.

Kansas is having an intra-Republican fight over the fiscal implosion caused by the polices Trump and Ryan intend to implement nationally. It's blown the budget and job growth fell and is below national averages. Governor Brownback doesn't care and is fighting the hardliner side; they fell three votes short of overriding his veto.

Trump is reportedly going to throw out more anti-environment EOs this coming week; targeting clean water rules, in particular.

This is what passes for a quiet day these days.

It's February 26, 2017; this is the news )
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Made for Festivids 2016

Fandom: Attack the Block
Music: Invincible by OK Go
Summary: 'When they come to destroy the Earth, they'll have to go through you first.'
Moses, his friends, and the monsters they face.

AO3 | tumblr | youtube | DW

Title: Little Wheel Spin and Spin
Fandom: Strange Empire
Music: Little Wheel Spin and Spin by Buffy Sainte-Marie
Summary: Kat and Janestown.

AO3 | tumblr | youtube | DW


Feb. 25th, 2017 09:59 pm
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\o/ Computer is back and chugging along nicely! \o/ Cost just under $40, which is a small miracle. I'll see about getting caught up on things this evening; however, if I missed something major I should know about, drop me a line.

I cleaned my whole 'desk' and re-routed cords, etc. And vacuumed. Now, to try to keep it nice... Though I should put my Rescue Bots Chase figure back where he was chilling.

In the interim, I also cleaned up my workdesk a bit - fixed a Ryuna (Shining Tears) trading figure that's been broken for years, painted my mini-nukes for the diorama project, and built the HG 1/144 GM that's been waiting forever. It will be time to do a kit poll, shortly. But first I want to fuss with basically everything else around the desk, inventory paint, and do some general cleaning. ^^;;

I dug out some 1/144 No-Grades and found a built G-Gundam kit that must've come from one of the times I bought someone's old collection to experiment on. ^^;; Not sure what I'll do with it... aside from being a pretty basic kit with really bad stickers, it's not actually badly built.

Also, hello new folks just stopping by~ It's nice to meet you~! ^_^
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Especially after the last episode, I feel the need to give a thumbs-up to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. once more -- Season Four has really been firing on all cylinders. Robbie Reyes' arc was a great kick-off; this second half is different but just as intriguing. The show has flaws *coughCoulsonscentralitycough* but continues to surprise and delight me with its major storylines.

I made a STRONG STATEMENT in this little thread on Twitter about AoS. ;) (I know. It's unfortunate to use a microblogging service for macroblogging.)

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Title: Shock To Your System
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Music: Shock To Your System by Tegan & Sara
Summary: Gregorio's chemistry with ladies in general and Percy in particular

AO3 | tumblr | youtube | DW

My subconscious is not subtle

Feb. 25th, 2017 11:56 pm
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This morning I overslept, which means I was late feeding and medding Dreadful.

The last dream I had before I woke up was that I'd overslept and was late feeding Dreadful. In the dream I was woken up by Marna and Ian standing at the foot of my bed holding Dreadful and looking at me reproachfully. So, I got out of bed and started getting Dreadful's meds together and then things took a weird dream-like turn and I realized I was dreaming and actually woke up.

At which point I discovered that I'd started my period in the night and bled on my sheets. Today was...a day.

(but I did eventually feed the cat)

The results on my Dreadful ridiculousness poll indicate that the yawning picture is a clear favorite, followed by "Oh god, oh god, don't make me choose" and the glitterball in third.

Also, there was one vote for "I'm immune to cat photos", but that was Ian, who is totally lying, so I'm ignoring it.

2/25/17 link roundup

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Activism / Resources (To Do)
* In a chaotic presidency, Civics 101 is giving listeners a reintroduction to how the U.S. government works (Nieman Lab). Civics 101 podcast!

* Interactive Maps: Estimates of Enrollment in ACA Marketplaces and Medicaid Expansion (Kaiser Family Foundation). See also this spreadsheet (linked in the sidebar) that gives % enrolled and # enrolled in each congressional district in the country. Very useful info for calling your congressperson!

News / Analysis (To Read)
* How Voter ID Laws Discriminate (Atlantic)

* First-Ever Tracker Of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Launched (NPR)

* Why Tim Keller, Max Lucado, and Hundreds of Evangelical Leaders Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban (Christianity Today)

* FEC commissioner: 'I will not be silenced' (The Hill)

* Proposal to increase Nevada minimum wage packs hearing rooms across state (Las Vegas Review-Journal).

* One month in, anti-Trump movement shows signs of sustained momentum (Arab News)

* H.R. McMaster Breaks With Administration on Views of Islam (NYT)

* Dismal Voucher Results Surprise Researchers as DeVos Era Begins (NYT)

* Hansen wins, preserves Dems' control of Senate (Delaware Online). There's some more context for the Dem effort in this election here and here (Joe Biden!).
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[personal profile] stardreamer is posting the story "Birthday Surprise," of which the first three (of planned four) chapters are up.  Stan takes Lawrence out for a very special  day.  And night.  :D  As far as I know, this is canon, although it's a bit later in the timeline than what I've been writing so far.

It is just a house, not a home.

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:48 pm
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Tonight, people thought I was part of the show. I didn't intend for that, and it's still how it came out. I don't know if I broke any rules, and I don't regret doing so.

Tonight I'm two-for-two with New York Theatre Workshop productions on getting a drink of wine during the show. First was some champagne during Hadestown, and tonight was a couple of sips and the end of a bottle of South African Chenin Blanc at The Object Lesson.

People thought I was part of the show because when the bottle came out, I said, "Please pass the wine." And the whole theater laughed at the fine joke I'd made. And the main actor laughed, too, saying we'd been in here for minutes and she should have a drink, and shortly after asking if the lady had gotten to try the wine yet. He'd been unearthing memories of his time in France, eating bread and goat cheese and drinking wine, and all those foods were pulled fresh from a box and passed around the audience. Because you can do that, when you're putting on a play.

The Object Lesson is, in and of itself, an object lesson in the full understanding of the nature, constraints, and possibilities inherent within a given medium and the power that comes from embracing all of those: the main theate space was transformed into everyone's waking dream of an attic-garage-basement-back closet storage space, a card catalog, lamps and found objects, boxes upon boxes stacked four and five and six deep from the floor to the ceiling, every one of them containing something - one was labeled "air guitars" and had tennis rackets - with a boat and a bicycle and bolt of chairs and a canoe hanging from the ceiling. The story, such as it was, consisted of one person's examination of a few memories, a handful of moments, and a contemplation on life as it goes from beginning to end. Not much to it, really. But it was the use of space that stood out.

Pulling objects from around the room and out of boxes to create a little living room-type speaking-space. Climbing up the boxes to unearth a traffic light and turning off everything else in the room to let the audience watch it go from red to green to yellow and red and through again. Two audience members on different sides of the theater space each naming objects they'd brought with them, pulled in as part of the show. A strange dinner date with someone else from the audience, tap-dancing in ice skates to make a salad. And finally, channeling the spirit of Harpo Marx to pull a bathroom, an office, and a lifespan from a single small cardboard box. There were some astonishing things done with light and dark, and sound. And space. Because the actor ran around the room, climbed up and down, tossed stuff around, and in some very controlled movements he managed to fold time into itself: being very careful, recording himself and people around him as one half of a conversation, then playing it back to provide both halves at once.

To have that unfold in front of you, the craft and honest trickery of it, was nothing short of amazing.

If you have the ways and means, go see it.

And don't forget to ask to be passed the wine.
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Concrete things done today: I slept until I woke up without an alarm (in practice, I slept badly and not all that late), took an accidental three-hour nap in the afternoon (with weird dreams and some discomfort), watched two episodes of The Good Place (three left), and watched the two episodes it took me to catch up on The 100. Technically those things were all on last night's modest to-do list for the weekend, plus while it's too soon to know if I'll catch what [ profile] scruloose has, at least today it seems clear that he's got another cold, not flu or something. Now if it'll just be (MUCH) easier on him than the one he had recently. >.> And I still hope to not come down with it, but at least I'm not mildly freaked out by the prospect like I am by the thought of flu.

Additional small accomplishments: we cut both cats' claws (hey, I said "small accomplishments") and I put a good dent in my email inbox.

Things I did not do at all: Work. Write. Read fiction. I would've liked to read, but I suspect I would've just fallen asleep again. It's the failure to get any work done that stings, though; I probably needed the day off, but ugh.

I feel like some of the day is unaccounted for, but really I think that's just the amount of time that vanished into clearing out a bunch of links I'd favorited on Twitter, which is in keeping with the sense that my brain never quite engaged today. :/

We have a rainfall warning for tonight, and sometime in the last hour the rain started in earnest; I can hear it on the window, which is pleasant but not as lovely as hearing it on a rooftop (which our place doesn't allow for).

Hopefully it'll wash a ton of snow away. We live on a loop, and the stretch of road linking the loop to the main street beyond is still over a third full of snow, although the drain and fire hydrant are plowed out (and the path carved to them through the snow encroaching on the street is somehow more imposing to me than the snow itself). So walking to and from the bus stop involves basically walking down the middle of the road and hoping no drivers turn off the main street too fast to look and see if anyone's walking there. -_-

Full day

Feb. 25th, 2017 09:42 pm
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Here's hoping I can actually get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight, as I seem to have conked out on the couch for a good hour or so in the middle of the Pens/Fliers stadium series game. 

This morning I finished chapter two of my Access course; in the next chapter I start learning about queries.  I've had some ideas about some data at work that is currently being tracked via Excel that might be more useful in database form, but I'll have to think about it and run it by some other people (and probably get a little further into the course, so I can implement it myself). 

Despite the cold and high winds, Husband and I went out this afternoon to hunt Pokemon together.  We were very successful, and I think I added about six new types to my Pokedex today, including the last Gen 2 starter!  I also caught a really good Cyndaquil, which is now my buddy for lack of any better options.  There are just so many Gen 2 mons that don't have any evolutions, which is a little disappointing. 

The other thing we did today was go to see Get Out, which was really, really good.  Based on this movie and Keanu, I think Jordan Peele has a real talent for making movies that are highly entertaining, have moments of great comedy, and are still really emotionally weighty with something important to say.  The other people in the theater definitely seemed to enjoy it as well and applauded when the end credits rolled.  I'm still turning it over in my head even now, which is typically a mark of a good film.  Bottom line: I very much recommend it. 

(no subject)

Feb. 25th, 2017 08:11 pm
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DNC elects Perez, chases away millions more young left-leaning Americans.

That's okay.

The Democratic Socialists of America open our arms in welcome. 🌹

Reading, listening, watching

Feb. 25th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Recently read: an advance copy of Cory Doctorow's Walkaway which I enjoyed -- talky like always with Doctorow but ~400 pages of "yeah this feels like a plausible future that I could belong in" with a lot of camaraderie and tradecraft. In a similar vein: "The Revolution, Brought to You by Nike", a short story by Andrea Phillips.


What We Pretend We Can't See (131279 words) by gyzym
Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley

Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.

Heartwarming, funny, great unreliable narrator, touching.

I'm listening to some Decemberists and I listened to the most recent series of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme with joy.

Just saw Get Out tonight -- I rarely see horror movies and it will take me a while to calm down from this one! Funny, scary, thought-provoking, good pacing. I feel justified in my decision to watch it and feel a renewed will to chase down and watch Keanu.

I've now seen the first episode of Jane the Virgin and am a bit miffed that I didn't hear earlier that it would be particularly appealing to Arrested Development fans; I intend to catch up, albeit slowly.


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