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Suspect is interviewed by the police, speaking with a perfect American accent.

Suspect is revealed to be French criminal in disguise.

Their disguise revealed, suspect now smugly starts declaring that they're going to get away with the crime - in French-accented English.

It's just...


My German accent is very good. And rather Bavarian. I don't go around talking in more Aussie sounding German just so I can tip off all the Germans that I'm a foreigner. Someone who can speak in another language with a good accent isn't going to switch to a clumsy foreign accent just for funsies.*

* Unless you are Hercule Poirot, who does just that.

Date: 2017-03-16 02:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Makes perfect sense to me? Having them lapse into their native tongue would confuse all the non-French-speaking audience, so they have to do *something* to make themselves obviously foreign, now.
And maintaining a perfect accent is hard work, so when there is no longer a need, it's a relief to be able to go all lazy and native-accented. :-)

(Maybe you'd prefer it if the spy suddenly whipped out a beret and started buttering a baguette?
Actually, I'm sure that's already happened in spoofs of spy movies...)


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